Free Internet Tips For Nigeria 2023 - Zero-rated Website For Nigeria

Nigeria's zero-rated website. If you are a Nigerian looking for free internet connection, then using zero-rated websites may be the ideal solution.
zero-rated website for nigeria

 Nigeria free internet tip 2022 - Nigeria's zero-rated website. If you are a Nigerian looking for free internet connection, then using zero-rated websites may be the ideal solution.

We've sorted and listed several working Nigeria Zero-rated websites for free internet.

We also mentioned zero-rated websites in an article on how to identify SNI bug hosts for free limitless browsing. We've prepared a list of similar sites for a variety of countries below. Check it out and begin free browsing right away.

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What are  Zero-rated Websites?

Zero-rating is the practice of giving free Internet access under certain restrictions, such as restricting access to specific websites, financing the service with advertising, or exempting specific websites from the data allocation.

So, zero-rated websites are those that are available for free through a local ISP. Some of these zero-rated websites are supplied by educational institutions, health ministries, or local ISPs in numerous countries. The following are the most popular sorts of zero-rated websites:

Ministry of Health/Department of Health SNI Bug Host

These are free-to-access websites offered by the Ministry of Health in countries to inform the public about specific pandemics (for example, Coronaviris) and how to prevent them.

These websites are accessible for free on networks in supported countries without the requirement for users to have data on their SIM cards. Then, using any of the free Internet VPNs that allow SNI tunneling, one can exploit them and utilize them as SNI Bug Host.

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Zero-rated Department of Education websites

Aside from the Ministry or Department of Health, some countries provide zero-rated websites that students can visit for free to acquire the most up-to-date educational resources.

As a result, the astute can take advantage of these free websites by using them as a Bug Host for HA Tunnel Plus or any other SNI Tunnel enabled VPN.

Again, COVID-19 portals are free to use in many countries. So, if you live in such a country, you can take advantage and obtain free internet connection.

Many educational institutes, particularly during this Covid-19 catastrophic period, have free-to-access websites where online classes are offered. You can also utilize them if they exist in your country.

Nigeria free internet tip 2022 – Zero-rated website for Nigeria 

Networks: Airtel, 9Mobile, Glo, and MTN

How to use the zero-rated websites?

As the name implies, these are websites that can be accessed for free via your local IPS. Because these websites are free, you can take advantage of them by using them as an SNI host or HTTP host for VPNs such as HA Tunnel Plus.

You can bypass your local IPS and surf the entire internet rather than only the zero-rated website by using free internet VPN software.

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