How to Unlock/Sniff Into Any Locked config file of any VPN Application [Ultimate Guide]

Below, are various steps to unlock locked config files using telegram group. Remember, the procedure is not a difficult task so, follow it carefully.

how to unlock/ sniff into any locked config file of any vpn application

It is quite easy to unlock any config file using Telegram group. This actually is easy only if you follow the procedure rightly. Take note the group is placed on a specific focus that is Unlocking HA Tunnel Plus Files But can unlock HTTP Injector, HTTP Custom, OpenTunnel, NapternetV, TLS Tunnel, and so many other config types as well. This sounds interesting Right? 

If actually you are looking for means to unlock HTTP Injector, HTTP Custom, OpenTunnel, NapternetV, TLS Tunnel and other configs Then you are in the in the right place for this is your final bus stop.

Lets take for instance the case of The HTTP Custom, it appears as one of the best VPN to use I can guarantee you that this is thanks to its Numerous tunneling modes. In the case of other VPN like HA Tunnel Plus and HTTP Injector, you will have to pay a greater attention to some Key aspects. What am I try to specify here? That is the bug host, the server and the Tunneling mode. Here, the Tunneling mode is mostly of great importance because it is thanks to it that the VPN is directed to the right route to access a successful connection.

Lets see the case of the HTTP Injector, to see the host, payload, that works in your Country, as everyone knows this data is very important to connect to a VPN application. Like http injector, kpn tunnel revolution, apk custom, eproxy, anonytun, etc. To have free internet on our mobile device.  

Lets check out some of the requirements to Unlock HTTP Config files. You must have the tPacketCapture application, you must have the ES File Explorer File Manager application, you must have the ehi server, which you want to decrypt.

Take note that these methods greatly effective in unlocking with HA Tunnel Plus Locked configs

What is sniff?

Sniffing attack or a sniffer attack, in context of network security, corresponds to theft or interception of data by capturing the network traffic using a packet sniffer. When data is transmitted across networks, if the data packets are not encrypted, the data within the network packet can be read using a sniffer.

What are the various types of config Sniffing?

Actually there are three types that exist that is Sniffing or Decrypting using a mobile application, Sniffing or Decrypting using a website and Sniffing or Decrypting using Telegram Bots and Groups

Read More: The various types of config sniffing and how they work

Below, are various steps to unlock locked config files using telegram group. Remember, the procedure is not a difficult task so, follow it carefully.

  • Firstly, Click Here to join the Ultimate Config Unlocking Telegram Group. The group is private so you need to join from its direct link here. If in case the group link is revoked, we will update its access for everyone from here.
  • Secondly, Once you must have joined the group, upload a config file (hat, ehi, hc, tnl, sip, asht etc). Immediately you upload the config to the group, a unique unlock code will be generated automatically with a unique link where you will have to place the code to get the SNI bug host and payload.

How to Unlock/ Sniff Into Any Locked config file of any VPN Application
  • Thirdly, as you click on the link, you will be taken to a website. then click on the hamburger icon of the website as shown in the image below.
    How to Unlock/ Sniff Into Any Locked config file of any VPN Application
  • Furthermore, Now click on GetCode2021 as shown in the image below
    How to Unlock/ Sniff Into Any Locked config file of any VPN Application
  • Then next, you submit your code you copied earlier on Telegram and you will be shown the config full payload with all the tweaking instantly. You can see an example of how the payload looks like in the image below.
    How to Unlock/ Sniff Into Any Locked config file of any VPN Application

  • Very well done, so in unlocking your locked config file. You can as well use its info in creating your own personal files.

 Why You Should Decrypt/Sniff/Unlock Locked Config Files?

The reality is there are so many reasons why you might want to unlock config files and some might be for no reason, some as well might be for fun but below are the 2 main reasons why you should unlock locked config files.

Firstly, To Avoid File Expiry: To get it all right, you do not want the file to expire why you are using it and so, you want to have a backup method if the file expires.

Secondly, Because you might want to create your own files: Note that if you don't have a bug host, then you cannot create free internet files, so to create your own files from no starting point, you need to sniff into already made files that work to get the payload and host used.

How to Get Free Internet in Any Country with the Concerned VPN Apps

To begin lets first of all know what internet is. How can we define this?

Internet, a system architecture that has revolutionized communications and methods of commerce by allowing various computer networks around the world to interconnect. Sometimes referred to as a “network of networks,” the Internet emerged in the United States in the 1970s but did not become visible to the general public until the early 1990s. By 2020, approximately 4.5 billion people, or more than half of the world.

What is Free Internet?

Free internet is an art of browsing the internet freely without paying penny or anything. Free internet can be gotten by many ways. You can get free data from your ISP when they celebrate an occasion. Also, we find many countries whose ISP and government, provide free internet for students especially during the COVID 19 pandemic.

You can definitely get free internet with any of the VPN whose file can be unlocked and that is  by creating your own file from the information gotten from the decryption details. Therefore, you will some how need some guides that will walk you through the process. just get a view from below.

Check Out: How to Create HTTP Injector EHI Config Files for Free Internet in Any Country

Also you can check out this 

Check Out: MTN Ghana Free Unlimited Internet Trick Via HTTP Injector [Open Payload Revealed] 

Check Also: Top 5 Best Free Internet Tricks in Any Country Using VPN 

However, the above method is not that difficult but if should in case you find it quite challenging or difficult I recommend you to other methods which you need to follow in Aim Tutorials.

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