How To Get Free Bug Host/SNI For Free Unlimited Internet Access On Any Network

However, there are many working hosts on your ISP network that can be used to get free Internet access without difficulty.

How To  Get Free Bug Host/SNI For Free Unlimited Internet Access On Any Network

We have discussed multiple ways to get free unlimited Internet access on your ISP network these include: using free hosts (free sites on your ISP network), open ports, proxy servers, and many other methods.

However, the host method is also known as the domain, free site, or bug method is the most common and simplest way of accessing free Internet. The reason why this method is very popular and well known is due to the fact that it can be configured in multiple ways for free net surfing. You can configure a working host alone, or use it with a working proxy server, point it to a DNS, or use any of the many methods out there for it.

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Just as I explained in our previous post that teaches how to get free internet access, a host is a website or URL that can be accessed on your ISP network for free even when you have zero data balance. These hosts come in different forms. They could be your ISP websites, promo links, trial subscription links, links with educational info, or any URL that can be accessed without data.

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However, there are many working hosts on your ISP network that can be used to get free Internet access without difficulty. The difficulty here is that getting those hosts involves some tricky methods that requires patience. 

So In this post, I will be showing you guys how to get a working host for free Internet access on your internet provider’s network. Mind you, this isn’t just limited to one region alone. You can find host networks in Myanmar, India, South Africa, Zambia, Uganda, Philippines, Jamaica, Kenya, Nigeria, and, many other areas.

How to find free hosts:

  1. Click here to go to
  2. You will find different hosts that haven’t been revealed totally. Right-click on all of the hosts and open a new page.
  3. When they do, tick on “I’m not a robot” and then perform a robot check and then click on “Find SNI”
  4. By now the host should be displayed for you.

 The Hostname section includes the domain which is the host (, while the IP Address contains the IP address of the host. Response Code contains the port that the trick runs on which is (80, 443) and as well the status.

Howdy provides VPN services and so it’s easy for them to scope out these hosts which people use as SNI (Server Name Indication) to surf for free net. Most of the hosts provided here are SNI which means you need apps such as HTTP Injector, OpenTun, TLS Tunnel, eProxy, etc, that support SSL/TLS/STUNNEL for the free net trick.

Check out these apps here

You can also use the hosts on VPN apps that support protocols such as TCP, HTTP, UDP, and so on for the trick too and it will work. Click here to download the free VPN apps.

1. Here’s an example of some working hosts alongside their country domain extensions, though I won’t mention their network’s name.

2. However, there are some hosts that are .com which works for free without data and as well, provide Internet access when used in a tunneling app. For their safety, I won’t be mentioning their region or network Here are a few instance:

3. Also, there are a few hosts that appear there but are hosts that require some sort of package for it to work. Examples:

Note: While most of the SNI hosts on Howyd are active, a few aren’t. While going through them, always check the Response Code section to ascertain the status of the last person that used the trick. There’s also a “full information” section below to access the full information.

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Best way To Get Free Bug Host/SNI For Free Unlimited Internet Access On Any Network

Let’s say that you are solely interested in searching for SNIs with Nigeria’s Internet code top-level domain (.ng), all you have to do is click on the filter for Nigeria.

This update will prevent you from going through hundreds of pages just to get Nigeria’s country-code domain. Also, while this new update makes it easy to filter your search, have it in mind that there are some .com SNIs being used in different countries which give free Internet access as well.

If you decide to filter your search for SNIs you might miss out on the real. Don’t get me wrong, those SNIs with .ng, .gh, .my, .ke, etc works too. In fact, they will help save you much stress.

So now, let’s say that you are interested in getting SNIs for Jamaica alone, maybe because you are on Digicel and want free Internet access. All you have to do is click on the Jamaica tag (do so for Kenya, Nigeria, Philippines, etc if that’s what brought you).

Futher, click on any of the Jamaican SNIs, prove that you are not a robot and there you have your SNI bug host.

Have in mind that  Just because you saw that SNI doesn’t mean that it’s working. The 200 OK Status is great news for you but that doesn’t mean that it is working presently, though there’s a high chance that it is still working.

Also, it might end up not working for you if you don’t configure it well. Overall, it’s a good find.

There are up to 99 pages that contain multiple hosts on Howdy. However, if you check well from the tutorials above, you will see that there is a fast-forward icon instead of an icon that takes you to the next page. That is, there is no way to go to page 6 when you get to page 5.

However, you can go to any page by changing the last digits to anything from 1 to 99 in the URL as shown here

Let’s say you want to visit page 88, change the last digits to 88. Example To visit page 62, do the same as seen here

However, You can check out our next alternative on How To Find/Scan Working Host For Free Internet

Today I wanna go to share my personal experience with ISP Hacking Tips. We use different types of method for hack it. But, You must know How to find a host for free internet. It's very hard work to find and working host.

About Method Of VPN:

These are some VPN apps you can find in APK Premiumz. Local ISP( internet service provider) firewall fraud direct connection to the server with a net connection. Because of which we are basically free can use the internet. Why we use VPN. Most of the time we use two because of 1. hide internet activities from ISP 2. Use free internet. A tunneling apps can bypass your ISP firewall to gain free unlimited internet. Basically, A VPN software can provide our security and internet at any cost.

For Instance: Droid VPN, Your Freedom VPN, Atom VPN, Express VPN(paid VPN)

Currently, Free internet access one of the methods is the bug host use free internet. How to find out the bug host and whether the host has bug active. The host of any sim operator's bug to find out before you need to know the different server addresses of this sim of ISP. Imagine, Your country has 5 ISP or Sim operator company. They provide you different types of offer, promotion and also provide the free access website. They also give facility. So How to scan those servers.

  • All of the seams are an official website example(, You must know about all official link. To find bug host for your sim company servers, You need help with At Same IP the website.
  • Cutting the search box desirable seams official website of sim company.
  • Copy all the server from here and note it
  • Now find out from here to browsing this link at any cost or no access data charge. If That have no charge you will get good news for scan bug host.
  • Now You need to install HTTP Injector 
  •  click the tools. After going to Host Checker.
  • In the free space enter your address that was browsed. Example
  • Then, You see HTTP response code what is working and what is not working
HTTP/ 1.1 301 Moved permanently
Connection : Close

It shows up this host will not work free internet.

HTTP/1.1 200 Ok
Connection: Keep-Alive

There is a chance of running free internet.

You must be sure before whether if the browser of the site is free. If A server is free for a while, after running the free internet. The company picked up it drop and remove this bug from this server. So this time the free net is not working.

So after, The server finds out and must check different software. I recommended web tunnel. 

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