Top Best Tunneling Apps for Free Internet Connection [Android, iOS, PC]

Check in this article the Top Best Tunneling Apps to get Unlimited internet connection and as well other related articles as to boost your IQ limit.

Top Best Tunneling Apps for Free Internet Connection

 As time passes, more people are looking for this thing called free internet. Some people refer to it as "free net," while others just refer to it as "free internet." Whatever you call it, it means the same thing, and we're talking about the same thing.

Well, free internet is a big topic, and in order to discuss it, we must first explain that there are two forms of free internet. There are two types of free internet: legal and illegal. The term "free legal internet" refers to getting free internet connection without your ISP being aware that you are browsing for free. If your ISP gives you 500MB of free data to browse with, that is what we refer to as Legal Free Internet.

Illegal free internet is when you use an SNI Bug Host and a Tunneling program to aggressively breach your ISP's security and bring out free configs that you can surf for free. Consider acquiring a file from one of our articles, such as Free Hat Files or Free EHI Files, for free internet. If you use it, it will be considered illegal free internet because your ISP will not validate it.

Many people who have been using the free internet for a long are aware that there are now various tunneling programs that users use to browse the internet for free. And, further down, we'll distinguish between these tunneling apps, compile the best list for you, and show you the "best tunneling apps for free internet connection right now."

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Best Internet Tunnelers For Free Unlimited Internet Access

What is Free Internet?

Those who are still interested in learning more about the "free internet trick," The settings you employ on your ISP (Internet Service Provider) network with (or without) the help of a tunneler to acquire free internet access without paying for data or other services are known as free internet tricks.

The amount of time you have access to the internet is either limited or unlimited. The internet is available for free. Free limited internet is any internet connection that has a specific validity, whether legal or illegal. For example, if you are granted free internet access for a week and are provided 500Mo, you are using yet free restricted internet that will expire on a specific day.

Free limitless internet, on the other hand, is the most researched free internet. It is free internet that does not have a bandwidth limit and is good for a set number of days. For example, if you download one of our Free internet config files from (Free Unlimited Internet Tricks), you will be able to access the internet for as long as the config file still has internet access and your ISP does not identify the Bug host and restricts access. 

We've been discussing Bug Hosts, and some folks may not be aware of what we're talking about when we say bug hosts.

What are Bug Hosts?

A bug host on the free internet is one with open gaps or ports, sometimes known as loop holes, that could allow a direct conduit to the data stored on the host.

Bug hosts can be developed by ISPs who have recently announced a new package or bundle. As a result, they make the ports available to anyone who has purchased the package. In the case of social bundles, this is true.

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Bug hosts, on the other hand, are most often obtained from Zero-rated websites. (Zero-rated Websites are those that are usually set up by the government and are accessible without an internet connection.) You may learn more by reading on, and you can even get your own free Zero-rated website for free internet in your nation. 

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With these considerations in mind, obtaining your best Tunneling apps will be easier because you will be aware of what you can expect from these free best tunneling apps.

What is a Tunneling App and what is it all about?

A tunneler is a VPN or SSH (Secure Shell) that uses our injection (configuration) to break beyond our ISP firewall and then tunnels our connection using the available mode to hide our traffic like surfing, large downloads, and other online activities.

A tunneling program intercepts or hijacks a secure connection between the host and its server, routing the hijacked connection to its secure servers and allowing internet access to the host device (client initiating the connection). The bandwidth of the connection is entirely decided by the host and VPN server.

Benefits of Using Tunneling Apps

Talking of the advantages we can get after using these Tunneling apps, They are;

  1. Free internet connection is available at all times.
  2. Turns off your ISP's tracking of your online activity.
  3. Allows you to stream indefinitely and download at high speeds.
  4. Most torrent sites track your IP address; using a VPN disables these trackers.
  5. Allows you to access sites and apps that are normally restricted.
  6. Most projects benefit from assistance.

Top 10 Best Tunneling Apps for Free Internet [Android, iOS, PC]

There are numerous Tunneling apps available now, and we've mentioned them in many of our Free internet articles. Today, we'll rate these Tunneling apps and present you with the top 10, which you can trust and use without hesitation.

1. HA Tunnel Plus

Tunneling programs should be your first choice if you've been looking for a technique to acquire cheap internet connection for a long time. And when it comes to tunneling apps and what they offer their consumers or users, HA Tunnel Plus is the best example we can give.

Art of Tunnel, the same firm that launched the well-known AnonyTun VPN, which has been functioning as a free internet VPN for more than four years, debuted HA Tunnel Plus on February 1, 2021.

Using current connection protocols such as SSH2.0, HA Tunnel Plus secures every communication generated between the client and the server.

The HA tunnel Plus interface is also very user-friendly and straightforward. As a result, whether you're a beginner or not, HA Tunnel will be simple to use and understand.

Because it focuses on a more enhanced and secure connection protocol, SNI, which is not well-known by many ISPs at the moment, HA Tunnel Plus stands out as the best VPN app for free internet tricks these days. This connection method is highly encrypted, making it difficult for many ISPs to close the loophole or bug.

Fee: Completely Free


  • Android
  • iOS - With Android emulator for iPhone
  • PC - With Android emulator for PC

2. Http Injector

This tunneler is regarded as the boss of the majority of the tunnelers. HTTP injector encrypts your connection better than most tunnelers, thus free internet tricks created with it last for a long time.

HTTP Injector is a professional VPN solution that integrates multiple protocol and tunneling methods into a single program to allow you to access the Internet safely and discreetly.

It works as a global VPN (SSH/Proxy/SSL Tunnel/DNS Tunnel/Shadowsocks/V2Ray) client, encrypting your connection and allowing you to browse the internet safely and anonymously. It also lets you visit websites that are blocked by a firewall.

HTTP Injector, unlike HA Tunnel Plus, provides a variety of connection options as well as the possibility to add your own server to the app for greater speed and bandwidth.


  • Change the requests that are coming in.
  • When sending a request, you can utilize a different proxy server.
  • Versions 2, 3, and 5 of Android are supported.
  • Allow for the modification of headers and the removal of headers from http responses.
  • SSH Consumers should be built in as a generator of payloads (Similar to Bitvise).
  • A root is not required.
  • Data compression is the process of compressing data.
  • Among other things, change the buffer length.
  • DNS Proxy is a service that lets you connect to a Route depending on your IP address.

Provider Mode

  • Create a personalized note for the buyer.
  • Encryption is enabled in the export configuration.

Fee: For Free


  • Android
  • iOS - With Android emulator for iPhone
  • PC - With Android emulator for PC

3. NapsternetV

NapsternetV is a VPN client for V2ray and Psiphon that lets you to access the internet anonymously, securely, and uncensored.

It supports the V2ray protocols vless, vmess, shadowsocks, trojan, and socks.


4. Http Custom

HTTP Custom is another amazing tunneling app with more intriguing options to use. It has a lot of the same features as HTTP Injector, but it seems to be a little more advanced. The app is familiar to residents of most countries because it offers them with unlimited free internet access.

You may tweak your setup and add custom servers for faster speeds and bandwidth using HTTP Modified, an SSH and VPN client with unique HTTP request headers for secure browsing.

HTTP Custom is a simple tool for modifying requests and accessing banned websites behind a firewall. Get a free unlimited VPN server that doesn't require a username, password, registration, or a bandwidth cap.

Like HTTP Injector, the software does not constantly bombard the user with intrusive advertising. The software is quite easy to use, and anyone may soon become accustomed to it.

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  • Secure surfing using SSH and VPN
  • Custom request header
  • Free VPN server
  • DNS Changer
  • Share your SSH/VPN connection (Hotspot or USB Tethering)
  • Export config
  • No root needed 

Fee: Completely Free


  • Android
  • iOS - With Android emulator for iPhone
  • PC - With Android emulator for PC

5. Psiphon Pro VPN

Psiphon Pro VPN was the first free internet access tunneling tool. Despite the fact that several of its competitors provide superior connection ways, it is the oldest of all the tunneling programs available, and its services are still top-notch today.

Psiphon is a free and open-source tool that combines secure communication and obfuscation methods to get around Internet restrictions (VPN, SSH, and HTTP Proxy). Psiphon is a single- and multi-hop performance-oriented network of thousands of proxy servers that is centrally managed and geographically diverse.

Unlike other tunneling tools, Psiphon Pro does not support hosts, does not require a premium membership, and does not require a lot of configuration to get you online. To become connected, simply download the app, make any necessary settings (depending on your ISP), and then click Start.

Psiphon Pro is one of the few VPN tunneling applications for free internet that works on multiple platforms, including Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad), and PC.

Psiphon, on the other hand, has just released Psicash, a cryptocurrency that can be used within the software. You will be able to use the app at top speed once you purchase it. You have more Psicash the longer your fast speed lasts.

If you want infinite Psicash to speed up your internet connection, you may acquire free Psicash right now and browse quicker with Psiphon.


  • Thousands of servers and several entry points make up a global network that keeps you connected at all times.
  • There is no need to register; simply download and connect for free.
  • Our global Psiphon server network provides unprecedented access to everything on the Internet, with a wider selection of protocols than a VPN.
  • Stats on how much time people spend in the app
  • Configuration options – tweak Psiphon's proxy settings to create it your own VPN.
  • Select the apps you want to keep out of the VPN tunnel.
  • It's open-source, peer-reviewed, and reliable. More information can be found at, and a full audit can be found here:


  • Android
  • iOS
  • PC

5. TLS Tunnel

TLS Tunnel is a free VPN that aims to let users circumvent internet service provider and government hurdles while maintaining their privacy, freedom, and anonymity.

The official servers use TLSVPN, a proprietary technology that protects the connection using TLS 1.3 (and optionally TLS 1.2) and a self-signed certificate validated at the time of connection to prevent interception.

TLS Tunnel is a fantastic tool that has been around for a while and provides a more secure connection (TLS v1.x)—it supports SNI host, so you can use it for your various free internet projects to provide a more secure connection.

Official servers allow any IPv4 protocol to get through, however SSH connections to private servers only allow TCP. On private servers, UDP will only be available if the server is running a UDP Gateway, such as badvpn-udpgw; without UDP, you won't be able to play online games or access specific services.

The official servers also allow you to communicate with other users connected to the same server via the generated IP; other users will be able to access your IP, and you will be able to reach other users; by default, this feature is disabled to prevent security concerns.

Remember that TLS Tunnel is completely free, but if you don't have your own, the Private Server option allows you to pay for access to third-party servers. Keep in mind that TLS Tunnel is not responsible for private servers; if you have any problems with them, you should contact the server's owner.

6. Droid VPN

DroidVPN is a user-friendly VPN program for Android cellphones. Our VPN service can help you unblock regional internet restrictions, web filtering, bypass firewalls, and browse the web anonymously by tunneling all of your internet traffic from your android device to our servers.

DroidVPN is different from other VPN apps in that it may use ICMP to tunnel your traffic (IP over ICMP). This means that even if you are only allowed to send ping queries and your firewall bans you from doing so, you can still browse the internet.


  • Allows you to travel at your own pace
  • Unblocks websites and encrypts your internet traffic
  • IP traffic is tunneled using ICMP or UDP.
  • It is possible to connect to paid hotspots for free on occasion.
  • Data compression reduces network traffic.
  • Blocks annoying ads all over the web

Requirements to download App

  1. Rooting is required for Android versions below 4.0.
  2. You'll need a working tun.ko for your Android phone if it's older than 4.0. DroidVPN account (look for our "TUN.ko installer"). Click here to sign up for a free account:
  3. There is an active internet connection. DroidVPN is not a substitute for your Internet service provider.


  • Android
  • iOS - With Android emulator for iPhone
  • PC - With Android emulator for PC

7. AnonyTun VPN

AnonyTun provides a high-speed VPN connection that allows you to access any geo-restricted service from anywhere in the world. This free VPN (Virtual Private Network) program establishes a secure connection to preserve your privacy and anonymously bypass firewalls so you can access any website or app without limitations.

AnonyTun is a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to access a secure connection through SSL Tunnel, HTTP Tunnel, or TCP Tunnel by just pressing the Connect button.

Those wishing for more complex options can use the Stealth Settings to adjust the Connection Protocol, Connection Port, allow the ability to connect via parent proxy, create custom TCP/HTTP Headers, and enable and edit advanced SSL settings.

So, whether you're a beginner seeking for a quick, secure, and free VPN program or a seasoned pro looking for a free tunnel app with extensive features, we've got you covered.

Why is Anonytun different from other tunnelers?

  1. You don't have to register to use this free tunnel software, and it's absolutely free.
  2. It's dependable, and you won't be disconnected thanks to the various proxy servers.
  3. It's quick, and you won't notice any change in speed while the service is active.
  4. It's limitless, and there's no limit to how much bandwidth you may use.
  5. Pushing a single Connect button is all it takes to get started.

AnonyTun Main Features

  • Clean and neat design with super user-friendly
  • NO registration needed
  • NO ROOT required
  • It’s fast, free and secure
  • No Bandwidth limitation (Unlimited Bandwidth)
  • SSL Tunnel, HTTP Tunnel, and TCP Tunnel
  • Bypass any type of restriction
  • It’s FREE


  • iOS - With Android emulator for iPhone
  • Android
  • PC - With Android emulator for PC

8. Open Tunnel

Open Tunnel is another another fantastic platform that is extremely user-friendly and simple to use when compared to other tunneling apps on the market. The software is well-received in the Android market, with top tunnelers praising its user-experience.

With SSH tunneling, Open Tunnel allows you to evade censorship filters and improve your connection. Direct SSH, SSH + Proxy, SSH + SSL, and SSH + DNS are the three ways to connect to Open Tunnel.


  • Android
  • iOS - With Android emulator for iPhone
  • PC - With Android emulator for PC

9. Your Freedom VPN

When someone doesn't want you to have an Internet connection, this all-in-one VPN tunneling, firewall & proxy bypassing, anonymization, and anti-censorship solution enables you set up a working and unrestricted connection. It protects your privacy when you use unencrypted public hotspots and allows you to choose which country you appear to be in by connecting to one of our numerous VPN gateway servers located all over the world.

All of this, and more, is available to you through your Freedom. It bypasses censorship, encrypts all of your traffic, hides your location and identity, and simply makes things work that wouldn't otherwise. This app is all you'll need. There is a free service (named "FreeFreedom") available to anyone who simply need sporadic access and minimal bandwidth on a permanent basis. If you require further functionality, you can always upgrade later - once you have determined that it addresses your problem and you require more than FreeFreedom gives.

10. SocksIP Tunnel

SocksIP Tunnel is a free internet access tunneling utility that operates as a basic VPN HTTP (SocksIP Protocol) SSH / SSL / HTTP tunnel. SocksIP is the way to go if you're searching for a tunneling program that focuses entirely on HTTP IP tunneling.

SocksIP is an HTTP tunnel that allows you to create a VPN using this protocol as a transport, allowing you to freely navigate on sensitive networks where some content may be blocked in your country of origin, but which you can access using SocksIP.


  • iOS - With Android emulator for iPhone
  • PC - With Android emulator for PC
  • Android

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Conclusion on the Top Best Tunneling Apps for Free Internet Connection

The top tunneling apps that you will find are listed above. Since this is a rating based on our preferences, not everyone will have the same list as me. However, our top tunneling apps stand out among all of them. That is, we will take HA Tunnel Plus, Http Injector, and Http Custom as the top programs.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we hope you found it useful. If it was, please help us spread the word about this post, and then join our telegram channel for more free internet content updates.

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