How To Get Free Internet Using Hidden CDN SNI Hostnames

Read this article carefully to know how to get free internet using hidden CDN SNI hostnames. Follow the guides carefully as mention in the article.

How To Get Free Internet Using Hidden CDN SNI Hostnames

 On our ISP network, we are constantly looking for fresh approaches to providing free internet access. However, many people have always had trouble locating the best SNI hosts or bug hosts that will work for their VPN Tunnel software over the long term. The most popular SNI hostnames are the ones that are most likely to be identified and finally blocked. But don't worry, I'll show you how to use secret CDN SNI hostnames on your ISP network to access the Internet for free in this post.

then, here we are. More on content delivery networks (CDN) SNI hostnames will be covered in today's post, along with an explanation of how to use them to produce Ha Tunnel Plus files or a functional configuration for your preferred VPN tunneling program.

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How To Get The Internet For Free 

There are several ways to acquire free Internet, as I constantly mention. Either a data cap or unlimited Internet access is possible. The fact that you are not charged for the Internet connection unites the two.

In contrast to the majority of the free Internet tutorials on this website, this article will demonstrate how to create a non-working SNI hostname that will grant you free access to the Internet as well as how to create a configuration file that will simultaneously function in multiple locations and across multiple networks. 

Universal Working SNI Hostnames For Free Internet:

I refer to an SNI host that will provide free Internet access across multiple networks when I use the term "universal functional SNI hostname." In other words, as long as a few resource record matches together, a configuration file that was created for MTN South Africa will also work for MTN Uganda, Ooredoo Myanmar, and Digicel networks in other countries. It worked when we tested it in various nations.

Many Techfoe readers have been asking me for "Cloudflare zero-rated websites" so they can use the CDN host strategies described in this post for their free Internet connection as a result of this article.

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How To Make Non-working SNI Hostnames Give Free Internet Access:

There are lots of free SNI hosts and zero-rated websites that can be browsed without using any of the data on your ISP's network. However, utilizing them in any VPN tunneling tool to get free internet doesn't work when you attempt.

I am aware that you had once experienced this problem on a VPN tunnel app. We all did, really. But what if I told you that those hosts you labeled as "useless" or "non-working" zero-rated sites could actually be valuable to you in coming up with a successful free Internet trick?

Okay, so when you want to build free Internet, these kinds of free hosts might not be directly utilised in your Psiphon VPN, Ha Tunnel Plus, or the VPN tunnel program of your choice. However, they do assist in providing some crucial information that will lead to a functioning host for free Internet.

Consider one example. Let's imagine your SIM card doesn't have data and there is a free host on your network that is accessible for free without data. I normally advise getting a SIM card without data. The site has also been entirely filtered by your network provider, so no matter how you try to use it as a free bug host or SNI hostname, your VPN tunnel software won't connect to it! We must be missing something, though.

Some online sources are crucial to the operation of a website. However, such resources are whitelisted even though your network provider has filtered those free hosts to stop them from being utilized for unrestricted Internet access. And by "whitelisted," I mean that these resources have been granted access on the network provider's system, which enables data-free access.

A CDN network is one illustration of such.

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In case you're still unclear, when I talk about free hosts or free sites, I mean those that you can visit on the network of your carrier or ISP for free even when you don't have data on your SIM card.

What is a CDN Network?

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. 

How Do Content Delivery Networks Work?

A CDN is a highly spread platform of servers that works to shorten the physical distance between users and servers, hence minimizing the amount of time it takes for web page contents to load.

A CDN enables the rapid transfer of resources necessary for loading content, such as HTML pages, javascript files, stylesheets, pictures, and videos, according to Cloudflare. A CDN increases the effectiveness, speed, and security of a website.

Today, CDNs are widely used for hosting by businesses all over the world. In reality, CDNs serve more than half of all global online traffic today, including traffic from well-known companies like Facebook, Comcast, Amazon, Netflix, Yahoo, and others. Furthermore, by 2022, CDNs are anticipated to handle 72% of all Internet traffic worldwide.

Network providers for CDNs

There are numerous different content delivery networks, some of which include:

Cloudfront CDN, Cloudflare CDN (do not mix this with the first guy), Fastly CDN, Akamai CDN, Imperva CDN, Microsoft Azure, Verizon EdgeCats CDN, Stackpath CDN, Rackspace CDN, CDN77, etc. are some examples of content delivery networks. These are the greatest content delivery networks, even if there are many other CDN networks available.

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How To Get Free Internet Access Using Content Delivery Networks

I'll be making use of an Airtel Nigeria free host to demonstrate how this works. Be aware that we tested this on all Myanmarn networks before publishing this and it was successful (we will later talk about that a little bit). As well as Digicel, Glo, MTN, Tigo, and a few more mobile networks, we tested this technique on them and it was successful. We are also aware of other additional scams that employ similar technique.

This host,, which is a no-cost host on the Airtel Nigeria network, will be used by us. Use your own free host, please. That host is designed to show how this strategy functions for Nigerian residents. (Nigeria readers of Techfoe assisted me with testing and other related tasks.)

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As we previously covered in our guide on using a reverse proxy for free online, your tunneling app can utilize or any other free host that is currently operational as a host or SNI hostname.

However, if the aforementioned host or any other hosts you have don't work for you, you can check your free host(s) on yougetsignal and Reverse IP Domain to see the websites hosted on the same server. You can configure your tunneling software to access those sites for free if they are whitelisted or freely available on the network of your network provider. However, this approach is not why we are here. We have a brand-new item.

We won't be using or any other hosts that you have directly on your tunneling app for free Internet access because most free hosts do prove difficult to use or easily get blocked when used for that purpose. Instead, since your network provider typically whitelists requests from their CDN provider, we will be utilising CDNs on your free hosts (s). It will be simpler to get over their firewalls or DPI using this.

But consider this. One CDN host will be assigned to several domains because a CDN is a big network. Additionally, the majority of the domains behind that IP and connected to that network will also be whitelisted if your network provider adds that CDN server to its whitelist. Let's now examine how to locate the CDN network suppliers for your free host.

How To Find The CDN Network Used In A Website (or free host)

Finding the CDN network utilized by your free host is simple. Either you can obtain it directly from the source code, or you can do it online (if you have data). But keep in mind that some websites utilize multiple CDN networks, while others may not. Let's examine the two approaches.

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 Source code Method:

This approach functions offline. To achieve this, you don't require data; all you need to do is the following as long as the host is free. For Airtel Nigeria, I'll be utilizing

1. Visit your free hosts by launching the browser on your computer or mobile device. Personally, I'll be going to

2. After the free website has fully loaded, right-click and select "Page Source" or a similar option. Since there is no right-click on a smartphone, individuals who might be testing this out should just add "view-source" to their free host. My point of view is available at

3. If there is a "Line wrap" option, select it from the top left corner of the screen.

4. As seen in the screenshots below, the CDN network(s) are often located at the head and foot part. If necessary, feel free to look into the code from every possible aspect.

5. List the CDN hosts that you have learned from the source code now.,,, and are the domain names I received.

Online Method:

In order to check for the CDN online using this method, you must type in your free host URL. Without WiFi or data on your SIM card, you cannot complete this. There are two methods to go about this.

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 (i) CDN Planet:

1. Click here to visit CDN Planet

2. After the website loads, enter your CDN hostname in the box provided, select "Website," and then click "Run CDN finder." Your results should appear. Here is my own.

How To Get Free Internet Using Hidden CDN SNI Hostnames

3. List the CDN hosts now. However, the source code approach will provide you with a lot better outcome than this.

(ii) DNS Watch:

1. To access DNS Watch, click here.

2. When it opens, click "Resolve" after selecting "A" under Type in the space provided. You ought to see something like the screenshot shown below.

How To Get Free Internet Using Hidden CDN SNI Hostnames

Only employ this technique if you are confident in your ability. If not, pls employ either of the two approaches described above.

After listing our CDN servers, the following step is to analyze them to determine whether we can reach them without using any data at all. As a result, you will need to utilize a SIM card without any data or airtime. As for me (I tested the hosts by giving them to a few Airtel consumers), these are the outcomes I received;

At, it is open at no cost. It opens for free, although it's a little slow. Failed to load (but can also be made to work for free net) It was closed. (It is unnecessary here anyhow)

You ought to have acquired those who are joining for free by this point, in my opinion. Internet access is what I mean by connecting. Expecting to always see a gorgeous website is unrealistic. On sometimes, you can receive a "Error 1001" or a "DNS resolution error" in reply (which is still good). 

Your tunneling app(s) can currently take advantage of some of these CDN sites to provide you with cost-free, limitless Internet access. However, some of the hosts could be a little challenging to connect to, which brings us to the following action.

CDN Host Query:

For further information, we will ping those free CDN hosts. Observe the steps listed below.

1. Visit Securitytrails, paste the CDN host address into the box provided there, and then click the arrows button. Make sure to use yours since I will be using

2. Click on your A records after copying the IP address from the result and running a reverse IP domain check.

3. When they do. The hosts can be manually checked to see which ones allow free connections.

I checked a few and found the following hosts to work for free:,,,,,, and more. Do the same and write the working hosts down.

Important Note: 

There are a few things you should be aware of to aid you with your connection before configuring your free host on the tunneling app of your choosing.

Firewalls and network security are set up differently by each ISP and carrier. When you use an IP address in your tunneling app on some networks, the connection bounces and won't establish a connection since the connection is limited to hostnames only. Use of the free host is required in order for it to function.

The same is true if your ISP limits connections to IP addresses only; hostnames won't function unless an IP address is used instead. When one fails to connect, always try them both to avoid such problems.

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How To Configure CDN Host To Give Free Unlimited Internet Access

Once you have functional hosts or SNI hostnames, you can use a variety of techniques to make it work. The Ha Tunnel Plus VPN app is currently one of the greatest tunneling apps available.

I'll demonstrate how to use the CDN host(s) I obtained to join the Ha Tunnel Plus VPN. Then, we'll look at using SSH and V2Ray to tunnel these CDN hostnames. 

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 How To Tunnel CDN SNI Hostnames On Ha Tunnel Plus

I won't be using the host in this Ha Tunnel Plus VPN portion. I'll be using, a CDN host, as well as, which I discovered using a reverse IP domain check.

See how we used the CDN hosts in the Ha Tunnel Plus app in the video down below. In the interim, our comprehensive tutorial will show you how to use several techniques to generate a functional Ha Tunnel Plus file for unrestricted Internet access.

How To Get Free Internet Access Using V2Ray CDN WebSocket:

We talked about leveraging CDN WebSocket to get free, limitless Internet connection last month. I went over the benefits and why it's superior to the typical technique utilized for free Internet trickery.

Your typical approach of free Internet surfing occasionally runs across obstacles of all shapes and sizes. Your ISP or network provider is aware of all those techniques, after all. CDN WebScoket was created expressly to assist in getting over DPIs (Deep Packet Inspection), firewalls, captive portals, and other security measures.

Few people are familiar with this new methodology. When employing V2Ray over CDN WebSocket, the server is concealed behind a content delivery network and a web server while also facilitating communication over a WebSocket stream.

Now that the requests are coming from a whitelisted server, which is your free CDN host, your free Internet trick connection won't be blocked at your Internet service provider's firewall or DPI's end.

How To Get Free Internet Access Using SSH CDN WebSocket:

This approach is comparable to V2Ray CDN WebSocket. The distinction is that this employs SSH and the other V2Ray.

It doesn't matter if you create an account using SSH WebSocket, SSH CDN, or SSH Over WebSocket CDN Cloudflare.

Applications like HTTP Injector, KPN Tunnel, Wireguard, One VPN, eProxy, xSocks Injector, etc. can be used for this approach. 

You can register for accounts on websites like the ones below:

1. SSHocean

2. AkunSSH

3. FastSSH

4. LionSSH

5. SSHstore

6. VPNhack

7. HideSSH and more

How To Use One Free Internet Trick Configuration For Different Countries:

We're finally here. I highlighted how many businesses use CDN networks now to provide Internet traffic globally while talking about content delivery networks. That is, CDN network providers handle more than half of the daily web traffic.

For instance, the Akamai CDN service is used by more than half of the Fortune Global 500 corporations. Over 20% of all global online traffic was hosted by Akamai content delivery networks as recently as a year ago. Understand what that means? This simply implies that there is a 20% chance that both your network and networks in other nations are utilizing Akamai's CDN services.

Another person serving many businesses is Cloudflare CDN. According to Cloudflare, their online traffic is greater than that of Twitter, Amazon, Apple, Instagram, Bing, and Wikipedia all together! Can you even picture that! Once more, this merely indicates that there is a very high likelihood that both your network provider and those in other nations may be utilizing the same content delivery network provider.

Again, this means that there is a good possibility that all of the CDN servers will be whitelisted if two networks are utilizing the same CDN network. I have to put this into practice even though I know some people wouldn't agree.

On Telegram, I messaged a few of my readers and gave them two IP addresses to check out to see if they can access them for free. These are the two CDN hosts: and

The two CDN hosts open for free on MTN Uganda, MTN Nigeria, MTN Ghana, Orange Botswana, Safaricom Kenya (Opens but not proper), and Zamtel Zambia. The responds more. 

Below is an example of the result you get for when you type it on your Chrome or Firefox browser on any of the above networks.

How To Get Free Internet Using Hidden CDN SNI Hostnames

And this goes for

How To Get Free Internet Using Hidden CDN SNI Hostnames

Wait a second! Some people seem to be speculating that this only functions on African networks. No, this holds true for networks everywhere. The identical situation, for instance, occurs with networks in Thailand, Myanmar, and many other countries. The same is true for networks in North and South America, as well as Europe.

I just named a few since, everytime I ask users to message me on my Telegram channel, I receive a flood of messages and am unable to respond to all of them.

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Conclusion on How to get free Internet using Hidden CDN SNI Hostnames

I appreciate you reading this article and I welcome any questions that you will have at the end of it. Please share the tutorial on your various social platforms and join us on our Facebook Page, and our Telegram Channel for more tutorials like this

Also, I'm kindly asking those that will re-publish this tutorial somewhere on the web to please leave a link referring back to this post. The same goes for those that want to might make a video out of it. I appreciate your support in advance.

We will let our audience choose what we will cover in our upcoming free Internet tutorial. This conversation will happen on our Telegram channel. Keep an eye out for updates like these on our website and social media.

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