HA Tunnel Plus Free Internet HAT Files and Configs for All Countries [Updated Daily 2023]

Download the latest and updated HA Tunnel Plus config files for free internet with any network in any countr
a tunnel plus free internet hat config files

Looking for HA Tunnel Plus Free Internet Config Files and settings for your country? Then you are at the right place. Today I will provide you with HA Tunnel Free internet tricks for some countries. This article contains many free internet trick files for networks in all countries of which Jamaica, South Africa, Nigeria, Qatar, Singapore., United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Saudi Arabia and many more.

Before we head on to the files, we want to thank AiM Tutorials for allowing us to share these daily updated HA Tunnel Plus files for all networks.

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What is HA Tunnel Plus and How Does It Works?

Art Of Tunnel created HA Tunnel Plus, which came before the well-known tunnel application (AnonyTun). This VPN tunnel works similarly to AnonyTun, but with a minor distinction. Existing connection protocols, such as SSH2.0, are used by HA Tunnel Plus. With SSH2.0, all traffic between the client and the server is encrypted.

To connect to the server, the application assigns each user a randomly created ID.

The developer of this software created it so that he could quickly control a flood of servers and have full control over them rather than clients, allowing him to safely limit client access. As a result, we may conclude that the creator had a clear vision when creating HA Tunnel Plus.

How To Use HA Tunnel Plus for Free Internet

HA Tunnel Plus, like other VPN applications, is simple to use, and if you've used other VPN apps like HTTP Injector before, you'll have no trouble learning how to use it.

You'll need a working SNI bug host or a working Payload that you can inject for free internet connection to use HA Tunnel Plus properly. That's the nature of the game.

Download HA Tunnel Plus Free Internet Hat Config Files for All Countries

It is definitely possible, and even simple, to create a free internet config using this HA Tunnel Plus, despite what some may say. The most critical aspect of this application to comprehend is the Realm host and how it functions. The developer just modified this functionality and transferred it to a new Realm host.

We have just decided to release free internet hat files for HA Tunnel Plus for the purpose of all, so that most countries can benefit from these free internet tricks.

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Requirements to Download HA Tunnel Plus Files for All Countries

  • Any SIM cards of the network mentioned with zero data and call credit
  • An Android device.
  • Your Ha Tunnel Plus VPN app
  • The configuration files

Downloading The Ha Tunnel Plus Unlimited Free Internet Files for All Countries

Below are the configuration files for all countries. If your country isn't listed on this list, then you can follow this blog to get updated whenever we add your country to this list.

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Note: This post is for EDUCATIONAL purposes only! You are responsible for your action and usage of it. Entitled Knowledge only posts such to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities.

Argentina HAT File (Updated - New)

Argentina-Free-Internet(latest).hat 960 B
Argentina(Prepago)-Free-Internet.hat 1.29 KB
Argentina(Prepago2)-Free-Internet.hat 1.31 KB
Argentina-Free-Internet(latest).hat 1.31 KB
Argentina-Free-Internet.hat 984 B

Bolivia HAT File

Bolivia-Free-Internet.hat 981 B

Brazil HAT Files (Newly Added - Updated)

Brazil(Tim)-Free-Internet.hat 1.84KB
Brazil(Vivo)-Free-Internet.hat 1.17KB

Colombia HAT File (New - Updated)

Colombia(Tigo)-Free-Internet.hat 1.73KB
Colombia(Wom)-Free-Internet.hat 1.40KB
Colombia(Tigo)-Free-Internet.hat 1.38KB
Colombia(Tigo1)-Free-Internet.hat 1.25KB
Colombia-Free-Internet.hat 1.25KB

Egypt HAT File (Updated - New)

Egypt-Free-Internet.hat 1.94KB
Egypt(WiFi-WE)-Free-Internet.hat 1.29KB
Egypt-Free-Internet.hat 980 B
Egypt-Free-Internet.hat 982 B
Egypt-Free-Internet(latest).hat 960 B

France HAT Files (Newly Added)

FR(SFR)-Free-Internet.hat 1.44KB
FR(Laboste)-Free-Internet.hat 1.48KB
FR(Reglo)-Free-Internet.hat 1.48KB
FR(SFR)-Free-Internet.hat 1.48KB

Germany HAT File (Updated - New)

Germany(Aldi-Talk)-Free-Internet.hat 1.44KB
Germany(Rain)-Free-Internet.hat 2.04KB
Germany(Aldi-Talk)-Free-Internet.hat 1.65KB
Germany(Ortel Mobile)-Free-Internet.hat 1.81KB
Germany-Free-Internet.hat 1.2KB
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Ghana HAT Files (Newly Added - Updated)

Ghana(MTN)-Free-Internet.hat 1.77KB
Ghana-Free-Internet.hat 2.09KB

Guatemala HAT File

Guatemala(Tigo)-Free-Internet.hat 1.63KB
Guatemala-Free-Internet.hat 1.0KB
Guatemala(2)-Free-Internet.hat 1.1KB

Haiti HAT Files (Newly Added)

Haiti(1)-Free-Internet.hat 1.81KB
Haiti(2)-Free-Internet.hat 1.79KB
Haiti(3)-Free-Internet.hat 1.81KB

India HAT File

India-Free-Internet.hat 1.3KB

Jamaica Free Internet HAT File (New)

Jamaica(Digicel)-Free-Internet.hat 1.25KB
Jamaica-Free-Internet.hat 1.63KB

Kenya HAT Files (Updated)

Kenya(Safaricom)-Free-Internet(latest).hat 1.67KB
Kenya(Safaricom)-Free-Internet.hat 1.40KB
Kenya-Free-Internet.hat 980B
Kenya-Free-Internet(test).hat 960B

Kyrgyztan Hat File

Kyrgyztan-Free-Internet.hat 1.2KB

Lesotho HAT File

Lesotho-Free-Internet.hat 1.2KB

Malawi HAT Files (Updated)

Malawi-Free-Internet.hat 1.1KB
Malawi-Free-Internet(2).hat 1.2KB

Malaysia HAT File (Updated)

Malaysia(Umobile)-Free-Internet.hat 1.31KB
Malaysia-Free-Internet.hat 902B

Mexico HAT Files (Newly Added - Updated)

Mexico(Telcel)-Free-Internet.hat 2.09KB
Mexico(Todo)-Free-Internet.hat 1.42KB

Nigeria HAT File (Updated - New)

Below, you can find updated ha tunnel plus hat files for Nigeria (MTN, Airtel, NTel, Swift, Smile, Glo) which you can download for unlimited free internet access.

Nigeria(MTN)-Free-Internet.hat 1.70KB
Nigeria(MTN)-Free-Internet.hat 1.40KB
Nigeria(Airtel)-Free-Internet.hat 1.87KB
Nigeria(Ntel/Swift/Smile)-Free-Internet.hat 0.91KB
Nigeria(Allnet)-Free-Internet.hat 1.79KB
Nigeria(Airtel-Social)-Free-Internet.hat 1.98KB
Nigeria(MTN)-Free-Internet.hat 1.65KB
Nigeria(Ntel)-Free-Internet.hat 1.84KB
Nigeria(Airtel)-Free-Internet.hat 1.67KB
Nigeria(Airtel)-Free-Internet.hat 1.36KB
Nigeria(MTN)-Free-Internet.hat 1.25KB
Nigeria(Airtel)-Free-Internet.hat 1.31KB
Nigeria(Airtel)-Free-Internet.hat 1.2KB
Nigeria(MTN)-Free-Internet(latest).hat 1.2KB
Nigeria-Free-Internet(latest).hat 1.2KB
Nigeria(Glo)-Free-Internet(latest).hat 1.2KB
Nigeria(Airtel-Unlimited)-Free-Internet.hat 1.17KB
Nigeria(Airtel2)-Free-Internet.hat 1.19KB

Peru HAT Files (Newly Added)

Peru(Claro)-Free-Internet.hat 1.29KB

Philipine HAT File (Updated)

Philipine(Latest)-Free-Internet.hat 1.61KB
Philipine-Free-Internet.hat 1.2KB

Portugal HAT Files (Newly Added)

Portugal(Nos1)-Free-Internet.hat 1.38KB
Portugal(Nos2)-Free-Internet.hat 1.38KB

Qatar HAT File (New - Updated)

Qatar(Ooredoo)-Free-Internet.hat 1.38KB

Saudi Arabia HAT File(Updated - New)

SA(mobily)-Free-Internet.hat 1.84KB
SA(Moktv-mobily)-Free-Internet.hat 1.42KB
SA-Free-Internet.hat 979B

Singapore HAT File (New - Updated)

Singapore(StarHub)-Free-Internet.hat 1.3KB

South Africa HAT File (Updated - New)

Below, you can find updated ha tunnel plus hat files for South Africa (MTN, Vodacom, Telkom, CellC, Salt) which you can download for unlimited free internet access.

ZA(CellC)-Free-Internet.hat 2.04KB
ZA(Rain)-Free-Internet.hat 2.04KB
ZA(Telkom)-Free-Internet.hat 2.04KB
ZA(Vodacom)-Free-Internet.hat 1.52KB
ZA(MTN-Unlimited)-Free-Internet.hat 1.81KB
ZA(MTN-Unlimited)-Free-Internet.hat 1.31KB
ZA(Telkom1)-Free-Internet.hat 1.79KB
ZA(Telkom2)-Free-Internet.hat 1.79KB
ZA(MTN-Unlimited)-Free-Internet.hat 1.81KB
ZA(MTN)-Free-Internet.hat 1.40KB
ZA(MTN-1GB)-Free-Internet.hat 1.79KB
ZA(MTN)-Free-Internet.hat 1.81KB
ZA(MTN1)-Free-Internet.hat 1.81KB
ZA(Vodacom)-Free-Internet.hat 1.79KB
ZA(CellC)-Free-Internet.hat 1.48KB
ZA(MTN)-Free-Internet.hat 1.92KB
ZA(MTN)-Free-Internet.hat 1.42KB
ZA(CellC)-Free-Internet.hat 1.48KB
ZA(Telkom)-Free-Internet.hat 1.56KB
ZA(MTN)-Free-Internet.hat 1.34KB
ZA(Salt)-Free-Internet.hat 1.48KB
ZA(Vodacom1)-Free-Internet.hat 1.17KB
ZA(Vodacom2)-Free-Internet.hat 1.56KB
ZA(Vodacom)-Free-Internet.hat 1.29KB
ZA(Telkom1)-Free-Internet(latest).hat 1.29KB
ZA(Telkom2)-Free-Internet(latest).hat 1.59KB
ZA(Telkom)-Free-Internet(latest).hat 1.27KB
ZA(CellC)-Free-Internet(latest).hat 1.42KB
ZA(MTN)-Free-Internet.hat 1.4KB
ZA-Free-Internet.hat 1.2KB
South-Africa-Free-Internet.hat 960B
South-Africa-Free-Internet(New).hat 1.25KB
South-Africa-Free-Internet(New).hat 1.88KB

Tajikistan HAT Files (Newly Added)

Tajikistan(Tcell)-Free-Internet(New).hat 1.17KB

Turkey HAT File (Newly Added - Updated)

Turkey(Turkcell)-Free-Internet.hat 1.84KB
Turkey(Turkcell)-Free-Internet.hat 1.63KB
Turkey(Turkcell)-Free-Internet.hat 1.13KB

United Arab Emirates HAT File

UAE-Free-Internet.hat 1.1KB

United Kingdom HAT Files (Newly Added - Updated)

UK(ASDA/GiffGaff)-Free-Internet.hat 1.40KB
UK(GiffGaff/Smarty/Three)-Free-Internet.hat 1.59KB
UK(AllSIM)-Free-Internet.hat 1.77KB
UK(AllNet)-Free-Internet.hat 1.88KB
GB(AllNet)-Free-Internet.hat 1.88KB
GB(GiffGaff)-Free-Internet.hat 1.17KB
UK-Free-Internet.hat 1.81KB
UK(AllNet)-Free-Internet.hat 1.61KB
UK(EE)-Free-Internet.hat 1.79KB
UK(GiffGaff)-Free-Internet.hat 1.61KB
UK(O2)-Free-Internet.hat 1.61KB
UK(Three)-Free-Internet.hat 1.61KB

USA HAT Files (Updated)

US-Free-Internet(latest).hat 1.2KB

Uzbekistan HAT Files (Newly Added - Updated)

Uzbekistan(Ucell)-Free-Internet.hat 1.27KB
Uzbekistan(Humans)-Free-Internet.hat 1.38KB

Vietnam HAT Files (Newly Added)

Vietnam(viettel)-Free-Internet.hat 1.52KB

All Net HAT File (Updated - Newly Added)

All-Net(Latest)-Free-Internet.hat 1.79KB
All-Net(Latest)-Free-Internet.hat 1.79KB
All-Net(Update)-Free-Internet.hat 1.4KB
All-Net-Free-Internet.hat 1.4KB

Conclusion on HA Tunnel Plus Free Internet HAT Files and Configs for All Countries

The above will greatly be of help to you on  if you HA Tunnel Plus Free Internet HAT Files and Configs for All Countries. follow it rightly so be wise. Just as said above this article is meant for EDUCATIONAL purposes. Do not use it for illegal activities. For you will be responsible for your actions and usage for it. That says, share this post to your friends, family and other members so as to help them and also, click on the button below to join us on telegram for more tutorials

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