How To Recover Locked Amazon Account

This article discusses how to easily regain a locked Amazon account, whether it belongs to a merchant or a customer.

How To Recover Locked Amazon Account

 This article discusses how to easily regain a locked Amazon account, whether it belongs to a merchant or a customer because a closed Amazon account is useless.

You cannot place or receive orders from Amazon if your customer account is locked. You can even lose access to services like Fire and Kindle. Up until you unlock your account once more, this has an impact on your sales as a vendor.

Fortunately, you can always unlock an Amazon account that has been locked, depending on the infraction you committed or the reason Amazon restricted the account.

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Common reasons your Amazon account is locked

At least according to the reports we have seen, Amazon does not accidentally lock accounts. Security-related issues are frequently the cause. Amazon will lock a seller's account or a customer's account if they see suspicious activity.

The following list explains why your Amazon account is locked: 

1. Increased number of orders

If there is an unexpected spike in orders for a new Amazon account, Amazon's anti-fraud system may block your account if it suspects even the smallest involvement. In the initial weeks after opening the account, you can avoid this by limiting the quantity of daily orders.

2. Logging in with different IPs

The systems will assume that your Amazon account has been compromised or hacked if you log in using an excessive number of IP addresses from various places, and they will block subsequent login attempts.

If you recently relocated or frequently switched locations, this might be the case.

3. False signup information

Your Amazon account may be locked if you gave fraudulent information when registering. Your name, billing address, shipping address, and other crucial information will all be checked by Amazon. The account will be locked for verification if there is a mismatch.

4. Excessive number of returns and refunds

Amazon locks you out of your account if there are many refunds and returns for products. Like many businesses, Amazon is customer-focused and will work to lower the amount of item refunds.

If you use the Amazon exploit refund feature too frequently, Amazon will lock your account.

5. Suspicious gift card activities

If Amazon notices any questionable gift card activity, the account will be locked. Because Amazon's gift card restrictions are normally strict, you risk being banned for violating them.

Additionally, you cannot trade or sell your Amazon gift card. If Amazon is able to identify this misuse, they have the right to lock your account because it violates their gift card policy.

How to recover locked amazon account

Amazon typically explains why your account has been locked when it happens. The best way to demonstrate that you done nothing wrong is to check your registered email address for Amazon's message.

Here are the procedures to unlock your locked Amazon account in the interim:

1. Contact Amazon by email

Check your registered email address for an Amazon notification if you discover that your Amazon account has been locked. You might be able to unlock your account by responding directly to Amazon with proof.

Email if you want to get in touch with Amazon. Make sure to include any supporting documentation and additional material for review.

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Make sure you are logged into the correct email account before continuing if there is an Amazon message about your blocked accounts.

As an alternative, you can go to Amazon's website and select "need help." Click "I cannot sign in to my account" under Account & login issues. You will be asked to write an email to Amazon asking them to unlock your locked account. 

2. Use Amazon live chat to contact support

Use the online live chat feature to contact Amazon support. After signing in, click the Contact Us option on the Amazon account page.

Select "Start chatting now" and provide a message describing the issue and the time it happened.

In order for the account professional to help you unlock your locked Amazon account, you will typically need to provide verification information.

You can type in the box any necessary information, like numbers. You might be given a link to upload additional files or to email an attachment.

3. Reach Amazon by phone call

Call 1-888-230-4331 to speak with Amazon. When the machine responds, choose the appropriate number. Then, you might need to justify why locking your Amazon account was a mistake.

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You may be required to provide additional documents or information like:

  • Gift card receipt
  • Amazon account number
  • Bank statement with the credit or debit card used for the applicable payment. Should include your billing address.
  • Shipping address proof like water or electricity bill.

4. Recover Amazon account through ID verification

To regain access to your Amazon account, upload attachments directly through the designated page on Amazon. Your name, billing address, shipping address, and any other personal information should be displayed on the documents you submit. For identity verification, Amazon typically requires a scanned or photographed copy of a government-issued identification document.

Go to the recovery upload page for Amazon first, then upload the file there.

The paperwork issued by the state or country should clearly display your name and address. Sensitive information, such as account or identity numbers, might be covered, hidden, or removed.

The time it takes to finish this identity verification process ranges from one to two days. Once Two-Step Verification is turned off, Amazon will send you an email asking for your confirmation. Now that the account has been unlocked, you can input the proper password.

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How can you stop Amazon from locking your account?

When your account is hacked and signed into from a distant location, simply adhering to Amazon's policies may not be sufficient. To prevent Amazon from locking your account in the future, take the following actions:

1. Use a VPN when in a new location

If an unusual login happens, Amazon will lock your account. Usually, this means that you can be accessing the account from a different nation. To prevent your information from being stolen, Amazon has locked the account because they believe it to be compromised.

Utilizing a VPN is the answer. Let's say you relocated to the UK from the US. To access your Amazon account, you need a US VPN. No suspicion from Amazon because the IP address is still US-based.

This does not imply that Amazon won't lock your account if numerous US IPs attempt to access it.

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2. Reduce your spending amount 

Orders over a particular amount for a new account may normally be reviewed. Amazon will lock the account if they believe the credit or debit card is compromised.

Carders typically try to quickly deplete the victim's account balance, forcing them to open a new account and place orders for goods totaling $500 or more, which results in a check.

3. Minimize the rate of returns and refunds

Let's say you manage an Amazon seller account. Amazon doesn't want your customers returning items regularly and asking for refunds. Amazon will freeze the account to verify ID if the volume of returns and refunds in your account is excessive due to frequent causes like things not arriving or not being what the buyer purchased.

Amazon will put your account in check if your buyer account has a lot of refund requests.

Your buyer account will be locked if they have any reason to suspect that there have been fraudulent refunds made from it. Even after supplying your ID, it happens frequently that you are never able to regain the account.

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