Top Ways To Bypass PayPal Phone Verification [Updated Content]

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Top Ways To Bypass PayPal Phone Verification

 So, while PayPal is one of the best ways to receive money from all over the world, they frequently make mistakes. After a period, they may request phone verification as one of the ways to luck your account. Your money and account are gone if you don't have the phone number. However, I'll teach you how to get around PayPal's phone verification in this post article. Perhaps the phone number you provided to register the account is no longer valid.

If you're still overly reliant on PayPal as your sole means of receiving funds, keep in mind that there are other options. I've talked about how to open a Cash App even if you don't live in the United States.

PayPal has around 15 million registered members, but only about 3 million are active, according to my knowledge. This is the outcome of PayPal suspending an account on a regular basis. So, assume you've received FREE and EASY PayPal money as described above, and PayPal then disables your account — that stings, right?

Phone Verification is one of the most common ways PayPal suspends accounts. So, let's look at how to go around PayPal's phone verification so you can get back into your account. But, before we go into the solution, let's look at why PayPal requires phone verification.

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Why does PayPal demand Phone Verification?

PayPal requires phone verification for security reasons. I'm sure you don't want to log into your account and discover that your money has vanished. This is why, if PayPal detects that your account has been hacked, the account is locked and thus, the verification of the ownership is required.

So, what behavior raises a red security warning for PayPal? Let us now consider these; 

top ways to bypass paypal phone verification

Trying to log in from a New Location

Let's imagine you created your account while visiting New York; when you try to log in from London, PayPal security flags you.

They'll question why you're trying to log in from an unfamiliar location. Because PayPal has no way of knowing who is who, your information would be used as proof.

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Signing-in from a New Device

So, PayPal appears to be aware of the traditional devices you use to access your account. It's a security red-flag if they detect a new device attempting to access your account.

If you don't want PayPal to ask for phone verification, always sign in with a single device.

When you log in after a long while

If you decide to log into your account after a long time, PayPal will almost certainly ask you questions. The verification questions would be in the form of phone calls or messages.

If you don't have proof of account ownership, only log into PayPal on rare occasions.

When trying to carry out a significant transaction

If PayPal discovers that you wish to make a major transaction, they may require you to verify your account. This is not always the case. The majority of consumers rarely use PayPal for major financial transactions. They simply want to ensure that you are the account's owner.

Now that we know what causes PayPal account phone verification, let's look into how we may get around it.

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Best Ways to Bypass PayPal Phone Verification

I'll be honest with you: we'll look at other options for avoiding the PayPal phone verification challenge. However, keep in mind that these may work for some people but not for others.

If the "Not Now Button" isn't present, you can try my ways instead — after all, what have you got to lose? So here are some other options:

Download and Log-in from a PayPal App

To be honest, this should work, and I've tested it multiple times. I don't click anything else once PayPal asks for phone verification. This is what I do:

  • I go to the Google App Play Store right away.
  • The PayPal application is downloaded.
  • I fill up my information and BOOM!!! I've regained access to my account.

Clear Your Browser History

You may also try clearing your browser history or phone cache and history and logging in again. If that doesn't work, we'll try another approach.

Use Incognito Browser

PayPal should presume you are a different individual because the incognito browser allows you to modify your system's IP address. Using Incognito browsing to get around the PayPal phone verification barrier and gain access to your account may be possible.

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Use another Device

If you're still having trouble with the options above, consider switching devices. One of the methods I've tried to get around the PayPal identification confirmation task is to switch devices.

This idea came to me when I conned PayPal into giving me free money and they demanded phone verification. I believed they'd responded to me. Then I tried another device, and voila, it worked. 

However, if none of these work, you can try what I've described below as a final resort.

Call PayPal Help Desk on Phone

You have no choice but to pick up the phone and telephone PayPal's customer service hotline. But, before you do so, make sure you have a complete phone number on hand, whether it's real, phony, or virtual. You must have it because they will ask for the phone number.

Your justification would be that your phone was stolen and you lost your number as a result. Remind them that someone may be attempting to restore your account using the phone number right now. Inform them that you must update it right away!

Here's an example of a call to PayPal to avoid phone verification:


My name is Tebid Beltus, and I am calling because I can no longer access my account because of phone verification. My phone was stolen on the 10th of  March 2022 alongside my number which someone else is using.

I guess he’s trying to recover my PayPal account and confirm it using the number. Is there a way you can help me? I don’t want to lose my money – please.

Thank you.

Following that, the PayPal customer support team will ask you a few questions to see if you are the true owner of the account.

  • Date of Birth
  • Password
  • Username
  • Security questions like “which town was your father given birth in.”

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Make sure you have access to all of these; else, you risk losing your account forever.

If you give the correct information, they will temporarily unlock the account. You can then immediately update your phone number to a current one. This is due of the possibility that they will lock it again. 

Video Guide

How to Avoid Problems of PayPal Phone Verification

So, in order to bypass PayPal's phone verification issues, there's only one thing you need to do.

Register with a US number

If you don’t know how to get a US number, check in this article.

Make sure to use a US phone number when creating a new PayPal account. They'll issue you an OTP and you'll be able to confirm your account that way.

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Always use the same device to log into PayPal

When signing into PayPal, don't always use the same device. They'll be notified if something goes wrong with your account this way.

Use a Simple Password and set Security Questions.

Answering security questions and remembering your password are two ways to ensure you own your account when things get rough.

When you phone PayPal's customer care department, they will ask you security questions, which you must answer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I still use PayPal without verification?

You can use a PayPal account without verifying it to receive payments. Without verification though, you'll be limited in how much money you can withdraw from the account to your bank account (how much this limit is depends on the policy applicable to your country).

How much money can an unverified PayPal account receive?

For a normal PayPal member, the maximum transfer limit is $10,000 per transaction, no matter what your PayPal balance is. If you need a money transfer for a greater amount, multiple payments will still get the job done. There is also a $500 maximum limit for withdrawals from an unverified account.

How can I use PayPal without a phone number?

Because of the recent update, you can't register for a personal account. All you have to do is register for a PayPal business account if you don't want to add a number. PayPal business accounts doesn't need a mobile phone verification.

How do I turn off PayPal phone verification?

Go to Settings. Click Security. Click Update next to "2-step verification." Click Turn Off next to 2-step verification, then click the Turn It Off button.

Can you bypass authentication?

Another social engineering technique that is becoming popular is known as “consent phishing”. This is where hackers present what looks like a legitimate OAuth login page to the user. The hacker will request the level of access they need, and if access is granted, they can bypass MFA verification.

Can I use a virtual phone number for PayPal?

To enjoy your privacy, you can always use a secondary phone number or disposable phone number to bypass SMS verification code process.

Conclusion on How to Bypass PayPal Phone Verification

Calling PayPal is also one approach to get around the phone verification process. However, if you don't have the financial means to make a call, try the other alternatives I recommended and see what happens. 

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