Top Best VPNs For Free Internet – Best HA Tunnel Plus Options

Check out our list of best HA Tunnel Plus options, grab the one that best suits your IPS, and get connected for free like never before.
top best vpns for free internet – best ha tunnel plus options

Who doesn’t want to browse or stream the internet for free? If you are looking for some of the best VPNs for free internet, then we have here with us just exactly what you’ll need.

Check out our list of best HA Tunnel Plus options, grab the one that best suits your IPS, and get connected for free like never before.

The application HA Tunnels Plus allows you  to customise the start of the connection (we call injection) with typed connection text (HTTP standard or any other), or setting an SNI to perform handshaking with the server.This is very useful for crossing restrictions imposed by internet providers or any network that you are using during the connection.

HA Tunnel Plus is one of the trending free VPNs that people use to access free internet. If you think this VPN isn’t of your taste, then try these top free options VPNs as named below.

What is a VPN?

Before listing to you our Top Best VPNs For  Free Internet, let us first of all know what a VPN is. To begin, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and describes the opportunity to establish a protected network connection when using public networks.

A VPN, is an encrypted connection over the Internet from a device to a network. The encrypted connection helps ensure that sensitive data is safely transmitted. It prevents unauthorized people from eavesdropping on the traffic and avows the user to perform his or her work remotely.

VPN technology is widely used in corporate environments. It extends a corporate network through encrypted connections made over the Internet. Because the traffic is encrypted between the device and the network, traffic remains private as it travels. An employee can work outside the office and still securely connect to the corporate network. Even smartphones and tablets can connect through a VPN.

List of the Top Best VPNs For  Free Internet

  •  Anonytun VPN
  • HTTP Injector
  • HTTP Custom – SSH & VPN Client with Custom Header
  • EC Tunnel PRO – Unlimited SSH/HTTP/SSL VPN
  • TLS Tunnel – Unlimited VPN
Note that to use most free internet VPNs, you will need to have first of all a working bug host or must have subscribed to a social bundle.

Before we explain the list of the top best VPNs for free internet, lets first of all check out some of the related articles;

1. Anonytun VPN

Top Best VPNs For Free Internet

AnonyTun VPN is one of the most popular free internet VPNs for Android. Developed by the same developer of the HA Tunnel plus, the VPN is being used by many around the globe.

Do you live in a country with a restricted internet connection? How many times do you get the blocked error while opening a website? Are you looking for a secure way to freely browse websites on the internet? How often do you get blocked by firewalls in your office or school?

Well, AnonyTun is your solution, as it delivers a high-speed VPN connection to bypass any geo-restricted services in literally any location and country. This free VPN (Virtual Private Network) app provides a secure connection to protect your privacy and bypass the firewalls anonymously to access any website or app with no limit or restriction.

AnonyTun comes with a clean and neat design and the interface for sure user-friendly that you just need to push the Connect button to access the secure connection via SSL Tunnel, HTTP Tunnel, or TCP Tunnel.

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For those who are looking for more advanced settings, there are the Stealth Settings which enables them to change the Connection Protocol, Connection Port, Enable the option to connect via parent proxy, edit custom TCP/HTTP Headers and enable advanced SSL settings and edit it.

That says, if you are just looking for a fast, secure and free VPN app or you are a pro and looking for a free tunnel app with advanced settings, here is the right place. 

How Does this Free VPN Proxy Server Stand Out from the Crowd?

Well, there are so many VPN services and tunnel connection apps available on the Play Store as well as other websites like APK Premiumz, iosandapkmod. But, why AnonyTun? This is actually because of the following;

  • One. It’s completely free and you don’t need to register to get the most out of this free tunnel app
  • Two. It’s reliable and thanks to the multiple proxy servers you won’t be disconnected
  • Free. It’s fast and you won’t notice any speed difference when the service is running
  • Four. It’s unlimited and there is no limit when it comes to bandwidth usage
  • Five. The setup is as simple as pushing a single Connect button

2. HTTP Injector Lite (SSH/Proxy) VPN

Top Best VPNs For Free Internet

HTTP Injector VPN a professional VPN tool to browse the Internet privately and securely with multiple protocol and tunneling technologies build into one app.

It works as a universal SSH/Proxy/SSL Tunnel/Shadowsocks client to encrypt your connection so that you can surf the internet privately and securely. Besides that, it also helps you access blocked websites behind a firewall.

You can configure your own server and connect using this app.

This tool is for professional users only. 

Access any website and service on the Internet and secure your identity. Secure your Android device from hackers and online threats when using public Wi-Fi and forget about geo-locked content, identity theft, and online privacy concerns.

Features of HTTP Injector:

Secure your connection using SSH, Shadowsocks, or V2Ray tunnel

  • SSL/TLS tunneling is supported
  • DNS tunneling
  • No-root is needed
  • Specify alternate proxy servers to send a request through
  • DNS Changer
  • Build-in SSH client
  • Build-in Shadowsocks client
  • Build-in Host Checker and IP Hunter
  • Support V2Ray plugin
  • Payload Generator
  • Apps Filter
  • Support Android 4.0 to Android 11
  • Google DNS / custom DNS
  • Data Compression
  • Hotshare – Tether Unlock
  • Ability to change buffer size, and so on

Tunnel Types

  • HTTP Proxy + SSH
  • SSH
  • Shadowsocks
  • DNS Tunnel
  • SSL (TLS)
  • Vanessa, SOCKS, SS, VLESS

Provider Mode

  • Exported config is encrypted
  • Lock and protect the settings from users
  • Set custom message for customer
  • Hardware ID lock

How to create HTTP Injector EHI config file(fr)

3. HTTP Custom – SSH and VPN Client with Custom Header

Top Best VPNs For Free Internet

HTTP Custom is a SSH client and VPN client with custom HTTP request header to secure surfing

Note:  Can’t disconnect vpn when it connecting, try use on/off data to force stop vpn.

Feature of  HTTP Custom

  • Secure surfing using SSH and VPN
  •  Custom request header
  •  Free VPN server
  •  DNS Changer
  •  Share your SSH/VPN connection (Hotspot or USB Tethering)
  •  Export config
  •  No root needed

Easy tool to modify requests and access blocked websites behind firewall with SSH and VPN. Get free unlimited VPN server without username, password, registration, and bandwidth limitation.

Why HTTP Custom:

  • User friendly
  •  Free unlimited vpn server
  • Custom HTTP request header
  • 2 in 1 (SSH and VPN Client)
  • SSH & VPN support SNI (Server Name Indication)


1. Permission access photos, media and files

Give permission HTTP Custom read and write config

2. Permission make and manage phone cells

Give permission HTTP Custom to generate hwid and read isp card info

 3. Permission access this device’s location

Give permission HTTP Custom to read ssid, only for OS >= 8 (Oreo)

How to share connection tethering:

  • Start SSH or VPN client until connected
  • Switch on hotspot/usb tethering
  • Check log it will show info tethering ip:port server as proxy, if not show default proxy for Hotspot and USB Tether port 7071
  • Client connect to hotstpot and set proxy client like log info from HTTP Custom (you can see image on top how to setup proxy from android, if you use desktop please use proxifier then set type proxy as HTTPS in proxifier).

4. EC Tunnel PRO – Unlimited SSH/HTTP/SSL VPN

Top Best VPNs For Free Internet

Looking for a free internet VPN where you do not need to create any config file? This is surely the best to use. The #1 free internet VPN in Nigeria and most English-speaking African countries. EC Tunnel PRO, also known as Entclass Tunnel PRO – is a free unlimited Proxy VPN with SSH, HTTP and SSL connections.

It also protects your internet traffic when using public Hotspots / Wi-Fi or even your local internet service.

It will also help you bypass firewalls and page blocks.

Interestingly, you can gain free internet access by using the built-in proxy tweaks to bypass domain/ip based restrictions/billing.

Our server supports Online Gaming and as well VoIP.

5. TLS Tunnel – Unlimited VPN

Top Best VPNs For Free Internet

TLS Tunnel is a free VPN that aims to cross barriers imposed by internet providers and governments and to guarantee privacy, freedom, and anonymity to users.

The available official servers use a proprietary protocol that we call TLSVPN, it is a simple protocol that protects the connection using TLS 1.3 (and TLS 1.2 optionally), the same used in HTTPS sites, with a self-signed certificate verified at the time of connection to avoid interception.

To use it, no registration or payment is required, just a functional internet connection or knowledge to go through your provider’s restrictions in case your access is blocked.

It is also possible to use your own server through SSH, (Private Server option), in the standard method using port 22 (SSH standard), or with connection text and SNI if the server is prepared to receive these types of connections.

The official servers allow the passage of any IPv4 protocol, whereas the SSH connection of private servers allows only the passage of TCP, UDP will only be possible on private servers if the server is running any UDP Gateway such as badvpn-udpgw, without the connection UDP, you will not be able to play some games online or access some services.

The official servers also allow you to communicate with other users connected to the same server through the generated IP, your IP will be accessible by other users and you will also be able to access other users, by default this is disabled to avoid security problems.

Remember that TLS Tunnel is completely free, but with the Private Server option, if you don’t have your own server, you can pay to have access to third-party servers, keep in mind that TLS Tunnel is not responsible for private servers, so in case of problems with private servers, contact the server owner.

Also, apart from  Anonytun VPN, HTTP Injector, HTTP Custom – SSH & VPN Client with Custom Header, EC Tunnel PRO – Unlimited SSH/HTTP/SSL VPN, TLS Tunnel – Unlimited VPN, we also have other reliable VPNs for Free Internet to boost your online freedom which are listed below:

1. ExpressVPN
3. PureVPN – Low-Cost Free Internet VPN
4. Private Internet Access (PIA) – Free Internet VPN for Streaming
5. Ivacy – Reliable Free Internet VPN

Government authorities, media houses, and even politicians are placing a high number of bans and restrictions on the content accessible in their countries.

These internet “no-go” areas, give us an image of a stifling and restrictive environment. To bypass these restrictions, acquiring the best VPN service is the only solution.

The market is flooded currently with hundreds of VPNs vying for user attention. While all of them seem to offer similar features, there is a vast difference in the performance of these features between the Top, most trusted providers and the rest.

1. ExpressVPN – Best All Rounder VPN for Free Internet

Although this VPN is a bit expensive than the rest of the names in the list above, ExpressVPN undoubtedly has a lot of credibility in the Free Internet VPN domain.

It has turned down data extradition requests and refused to cooperate with the Turkish authorities, resulting in the seizing of their servers, revealing NO LOGS!

Apart from this, ExpressVPN has one of the biggest server networks comprising of over 3,000 global servers, enabling you to bypass internet restrictions in any country.

AES 256 grade encryption, multiple protocol support, DNS leak protection, kill switch and split tunneling are some of the other great features that you can avail with this Free Internet VPN.

The only downturn with ExpressVPN, as mentioned earlier, is its expensive price tags and with their best plan costing $6.67/mo for a 12-month subscription plan + 3-months free.

2. Surfshark – Fastest Free Internet VPN

Based in British Virgin Islands and founded in 2018, Surfshark is a great solution for enjoying access to a free internet, away from geo-restrictions and content limitations.

The VPN goes head-to-head against top names like Nord and Express, despite being incredibly budget-friendly, with plans available for as low as $2.49/mo. on a 2-year plan.

Best part of all: the newcomer comes equipped with CleanWeb™, a feature quite similar to the CyberSec, which keeps protected you from ads, trackers, malware, and phishing attempts.

Currently, the VPN has 3,200+ servers in 60+ countries, among which the US and UK listings successfully enables streamers to watch Netflix and BBC iPlayer abroad.

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For device compatibility, Surfshark offers apps for Windows, Mac, iOS browser extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, and a client for Amazon Fire TV too!

As such, you can feel assured to leverage an free internet experience on every device in your home or office environment. What else can you ask for?

3. PureVPN – Low-Cost Free Internet VPN

Geo-restrictions on streaming sites are bummer for all those who are big fans of the latest TV shows and blockbuster movies.

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PureVPN enables you to unblock all kinds of restrictions on streaming sites like Netflix US/CA through its sophisticated network and server infrastructure.

Check out the below:

However, this VPN also provides top security features for a fraction of the price of the VPNs that also offers them. These include AES 256 Double VPN, Onion over VPN and Split Tunneling.

PureVPN currently offers 6,500+ servers in 140 countries worldwide. The best plan available currently with this service costs $3.33/mo on a 5-year plan, whici gives you great value.

After all, the VPN is endorsed by Forbes and commended by trustpilot users for a reason. It even offers great functionality for unblocking VoDs like Netflix and bypass the “Great Firewall in China”.

4. Private Internet Access (PIA) – Free Internet VPN for Streaming

Torrenting and P2P is the most widely used way to transfer files and media over the internet. This community allows people to get access to all kinds of content wherever they are and in the easiest manner.

However, copyright trolls are always on the lookout for people who use torrenting to check whether they are sharing any copyrighted material or not.

To hide your IP in a much better manner, Private Internet Access provides dedicated servers for torrenting and P2P, allowing users to have much more security.

This VPN provider also offers multiple VPN gateways, a zero logs policy, compatible apps, in-built ad blocker and much more. It has 3041 servers in 28 countries and currently.

5. Ivacy – Reliable Free Internet VPN

Renowned as the best VPN for China, the Singaporean-based Ivacy is responsible for the creation behind the infamous “Split Tunneling” feature, offering solid protection.

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It protects you against viruses, malware attacks, DDoS threats. All while offering an IvacyPrime app for maximum unblocking capabilities, be it for VoDs or access in regressive countries.

If you access the Ivacy app on any device, you will find a “streaming” mode, which provides a list of channels that you can block. Select one and enjoy instant unblocking.

For instance, if you click on Netflix, you will automatically get connected to a “working” server that gives you access to the US library, hosting over 6,000+ titles.

Conclusion or final thoughts on the top best VPNs for free internet

Generally, VPN technology is widely used in corporate environments. It extends a corporate network through encrypted connections made over the Internet. Because the traffic is encrypted between the device and the network, traffic remains private as it travels. Also, VPNs are safe, prevents you from theft and hides your location. It is very necessary for you to get your own VPN and start usage. Just as said above HA Tunnel is the best alternative but if it does not suit you you can check out the other VPNs as listed above. 

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