EE UK Unlimited Free Internet Via Anonytun VPN [Updated Daily]

Learn on how to get free Internet in UK via Anonytun VPN in today's article. Now our days, many individuals from several countries wonder if we can ge
ee uk unlimited  free internet via anonytun vpn

Learn on how to get free Internet in UK via Anonytun VPN in today's article. Now our days, many individuals from several countries wonder if we can get Free Internet using VPN. Yes its possible for us to access free internet via the use of VPN which is why in todays article, i will throw more light on how we can get Free Internet using Anonytun in UK. But first of all for the benefit of doubt for us not to rush into things the same way individuals do not know that we can actually get free internet using VPN is the same way others might not know what is free Internet and which is a question most people ask thus paves a way for doubt. Fortunately for you this is your bus stop.

What is Free Internet?

Free internet as it’s name says is a method or a means for accessing the internet for free without having to pay a dime.

Free internet results from the exploit of loop holes or faults in a system administration that was exploited by a malicious person (a hacker). Once a hacker discovers open ports or loop holes on an operator system, they tend to exploit it in order to collect data packages and information that might be really confidential.

Can I get Free Internet In UK?

Of course we can by using the below trick with EE network. With the EE Network, it becomes very easy to access Free Internet via Anoytun app.

How to get Free Internet In UK with EE

Given that there are other VPN we can access Free internet from, Anonytun is the Best and it is reliable most of all it is mostly used. To succeed with this, you have to make sure you have an active WhatsApp bundle which can enable you to surf successfully using the EE network. You can access this following the procedures below.


  • Android Device
  • EE sim ( with WhatsApp subscription)
  • Any tunneling VPN such as Anonytun


As earlier said above, follow the below steps to get Free Internet with your EE sim card.

  • Download Anonytun VPN from Here 
  • Open the app
  • Turn stealth Tunnel toggle on
    Connection Protocol: TCP or HTTP
    Connection Port: 8080
    Connect Via Parents Proxy: Don't Enable
    Custom TCP / HTTP Headers: Enable
    For detail Description, see image below

    EE UK Unlimited  Free Internet Via Anonytun VPN 2020

  • Click edit custom TCP / HTTP Headers
    Request Method: Get
    Injection Method : Normal
    Online Host: Tick
    User-Agent : Tick

EE UK Unlimited  Free Internet Via Anonytun VPN 2020

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AnonyTun Free Unlimited Internet Trick For EE UK Users

Check the gift out for you.

This free Internet trick is for Entitled Knowledge readers on the EE network in UK. This trick uses the AnonyTun VPN app to tunnel for free net access.

As it is common with our free net tricks, this trick doesn't require users to have data or airtime for it to work. You just need the free net settings and the VPN app for it to work.

This free net trick works for users on Android, iOS, and other OS platforms. We also made the settings open for those who aren't on  the Android platform so that they will be able to port the settings to the tunneling apps of their choice.

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Follow the settings as seen in this post and enjoy it while its still on. Anyone that has an issue with the trick should message me up on Telegram. We still have more free net tricks to share to your guys.

Note: This trick sometimes connects instantly while other times it takes a while for the connection to go through.


1. An EE UK SIM card with zero data and call credit
2. An Android device, iOS or PC.
3. Your AnonyTun or any tunneling app of your choice (Find the link below)
4. The configuration settings 


1. Click here to download AnonyTun or here to download any tunneling app of your choice.
2. Install the app and then open it.
3. Click on Stealth settings and then turn it on
4. Now configure this way:
  Connection Protocol: HTTP
    Connection Port: 8080
    Connect via Parent Proxy:  Don't Enable
   Custom TCP/HTTP Headers: Enable
           Request Method: Get
           Injection Method: Normal
           Online Host: Tick
           Keep-Alive: Tick
           Generate, Validate and then Save
   Now click Save in the Stealth Settings.
Advance SSL Settings: Don't Enable
5. Click on Connect and then wait for your connection to go through. When it does, open your browser and enjoy free unlimited Internet Access.

Note: This post is for EDUCATIONAL purpose only! You are responsible for your action and usage of it. Entitled Knowledge only drops such to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities. 

For more other free tricks, follow on Telegram by clicking on the link button below.

Kindly watch this video guide on EE UK Unlimited Free Internet Via Anonytun VPN

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