How To Get Working SNI Host List For Free Unlimited Internet Access [Updates]

Check in here to know how to get working howdy SNI host list for free Unlimited internet and see other free internet alternatives still in this post.

How To Get Working SNI Host List For Free Unlimited Internet Access

 What are my options for getting free Internet? Is it feasible to acquire free Internet using any free SNI host list that works? If you have any questions about any of the questions, you have come to the proper place. Relax and sit tight because we'll show you how to identify working SNI bug hosts (specifically, howdy SNI hosts) that can easily fetch you free Internet with limitless data on your SIM card or any Internet service provider network in the world.

We've previously detailed various techniques to acquire free limitless Internet, the bulk of which are still operational today. Bug hosts, open ports, proxy servers, and other techniques are among them. The most prevalent method, however, is the bug host method, which is still effective today. And it is in this category that our favourite SNI host falls.

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What is a free internet bug host?

A host is a website or URL that can be visited for free on your ISP network, even if your data balance is zero. These hosts can take several shapes. They could be your ISP's websites, promotional links, trial subscription links, educational information links, or any URL that can be visited without providing personal information.

We used to get free Internet access by visiting our ISP's home pages and other free hosts. Though you can still do it now, your odds of gaining free internet access remain slim. Most of the free hosts have been filtered by our ISPs, but some of these restricted hosts can still be accessed for free Internet access via inverted domains and other means.

Any reputable VPN tunnel program can use the bug host for free Internet configuration using any of these connection methods: TCP, HTTP, or SNI. While the TCP and HTTP bug host methods have been around for a while, the SNI bug host is still relatively new, provides a better connection, and thus attracts attention.

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What is an SNI bug host?

SNI, or Server Name Indication, is an enhancement to the TLS encryption protocol that allows a client device to specify the domain name it is attempting to reach in the first step of the TLS handshake, preventing typical name mismatch issues, according to Cloudflare.

In other words, SNI allows an Internet user to connect to a certain domain even if that domain is hosted on the same IP address as other websites, averting the typical name mismatch warning. When a site may be exploited to provide an endless Internet connection, the phrase "SNI bug host" is used.

Unlike faults in TCP and HTTP, which are easily banned, SNI tactics are not easily blocked because it is still new and your ISP is unfamiliar with it. Furthermore, many regions do not support it, making it even better for you and making it more difficult for your ISP to discover your connection.

SNI bug hosts come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be a packet host, a free CDN host, a government covid19 portal, a zero-rated website, social media (subscription), and a variety of other websites. They also do an excellent job of getting over your Internet service provider's firewall.

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We created a list of thousands of zero-rated websites from around the world. Many of these free hosts are also SNI bug hosts, which provide unlimited free Internet access. Take a few minutes to go through them, and who knows, you could just find that free Internet host you've been looking for. 

How can I get a free Internet connection?

There are various options for getting free limitless Internet connection. Some may require a free Internet host, while others may require some type of low-cost Internet service. However, they all have one thing in common: 95% of the tricks require VPN tunneling software to work. Psiphon VPN (or any decent Psiphon VPN alternative), Wire Tun VPN, Ha Tunnel Plus VPN, HTTP Injector, and many other tunneling programs are among them.

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Yes, the SNI approach extends the life of our free Internet configuration over other options. To make this work, we'll need SNI hosts.

When it comes to SNI bugs or hostnames, we published a piece that demonstrates how to obtain working SNI hosts that provide free unrestricted Internet access on any network in the globe. However, in this piece, I'll show you how to get working SNI hosts that are currently in use using a technique I call the "Howdy SNI host method."

People utilize these SNI hosts with various VPN tunneling applications to get cheap Internet access. This isn't confined to a single region, either. SNI hosts for networks can be found in many varieties of countries.

How to find free howdy SNI hosts:

1. Visit to get started

How To Get Working SNI Host List For Free Unlimited Internet Access

2. You'll find a variety of hosts who haven't been fully revealed. Open a new page by right-clicking on all of the hosts.

3. When they do, select "I'm not a robot," do a robot check, and then select "Find SNI."

How To Get Working SNI Host List For Free Unlimited Internet Access

4. The host should now be visible for you, as shown below.

How To Get Working SNI Host List For Free Unlimited Internet Access

The Hostname part contains the host's domain (, whereas the IP Address section has the host's IP address. The response code includes the port (80, 443) on which the trick operates, as well as the status.

Because Howdy offers VPN services, it's simple for them to identify the hosts that individuals use as SNI (Server Name Indication) to surf the internet for free. Because the majority of the hosts listed here are SNI, you'll need programs like HTTP Injector, OpenTun, TLS Tunnel, eProxy, and others that enable SSL/TLS/STUNNEL to use the free net trick.

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If you use hosts on VPN programs that support protocols like TCP, HTTP, and UDP, the method will also function. Click here to download the free VPN apps.

Identifying your ISP's free host:

If you look over the list, you'll notice that many of the hosts won't work for you because they're for networks that aren't likely available in your country. The first step is to verify that the domain extension is that of your country.

1. Here's an example of some working hosts with their domain extensions, albeit I'm not going to name the network. 

2. However, there are hosts that work without data and also enable Internet access when utilized in a tunneling program. I won't identify their region or network for their protection. Consider the following examples:

3. There are also a few hosts that appear there, but they all require some form of package to function. Examples: (It's not limited to any region as long as your network enables video conferencing subscriptions, as we've demonstrated in several of our postings.) (Same with the first explanation I gave) (Same here too) ( '' ) ( '' )


While the majority of SNI hosts on Howyd are operational, a handful are not. Always check the Response Code section while going through them to see how the last person who utilized the technique fared. There's also a "full information" section below where you can get all the details.

How To Get Working SNI Host List For Free Unlimited Internet Access

A search filter has been added to the site to make searching much easier. Let's say you just want to look for SNIs with the Nigerian Internet code top-level domain (.ng). All you have to do is select the Nigerian filter.

This update will save you the time and effort of searching through hundreds of pages to find Nigeria's country-code domain. Also, while this new update makes it easier to narrow your search, keep in mind that SNIs are used in several countries and provide free Internet access.

You can lose out on the actual if you filter your search for SNIs. Don't get me,.gh,.my,.ke, and other SNIs function as well. They will, in fact, assist you in reducing your stress levels.

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So, let's assume you're only interested in SNIs for Jamaica, perhaps because you're on Digicel and want unlimited Internet access. Simply click on the Jamaica tag to get started.

Next, select one of the Jamaican SNIs, verify that you are not a robot, and your SNI bug host will appear.

How To Get Working SNI Host List For Free Unlimited Internet Access

Using the above host, you can configure your tunneling program and have free Internet access.

Note: I've said it before, but it bears repeating. Just because you noticed SNI doesn't guarantee it's operational. The 200 OK Status is excellent news for you, but it does not mean that it is currently operational, though there is a good probability that it is.

Also, if you don't configure it properly, it might not function for you. Overall, it's an excellent find. However, you might be interested in checking out the thousands of free hosts that we've accumulated for free Internet access on various networks.

On Howdy, there are up to 99 pages with several hosts. However, if you look at the screenshot above, you'll notice that instead of an icon that leads you to the next page, there's a fast-forward icon. That is, once you reach page 5, there is no way to go to page 6.

You can go to any website by altering the last digits in the URL to any number between 1 and 99, as seen here:

Change the last digits to 88 if you wish to go to page 88. is an example. To get to page 62, follow the instructions at

Following the instructions, look for free hosts that you may scope out and configure for free internet connection.

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