How To Get Free Unlimited Internet Trick for Airtel and MTN Nigeria Via HTTP Custom 2022

In this tutorial, we will focalize on how to get free Unlimited Trick For Airtel and MTN Nigeria. This post post will greatly interest you as you.

How To Get Free Unlimited Internet Trick for Airtel and MTN Nigeria 2021
Who doesn't like streaming up with free internet? Everyone loves wants free internet but as far as getting free internet is concerned, it might get complicated to get free internet tricks especially if your ISP is one of a kind that is known for updating their security layers frequently.

I usually always say this, I had an experienced where by, a free unlimited internet trick with MTN was discovered for my country, and some few hours later, it got blocked. But fortunately for those that new of its existence, they enjoyed and it was an unfortunate thing for those that heard of it when it got blocked.

For that reason, I developed an understanding on these free internet tricks. My expression is this, "no matter the trick, no matter the protocol or tunneling method used, no free internet trick lasts for ever". If you bear this expression in your mind whenever you are enjoying a browsing trick, you will never get a heart attack nor get stressed up when it gets blocked.

You Must always have this in mind for it will prevent you for some issues ahead.

Both Entitled Knowledge as well as AiM Tutorials work together to bring free internet tricks to all corners and countries in the world because we know how expensive are the internet bills and tariffs set by all ISP.

So, in today's tutorial we are going to focalize our talk on Getting Free Unlimited Internet tricks for Aitel and MTN Nigeria. But before we run to that, what actually is Free Internet.

What is Free Internet?

Free internet is the art of  streaming the internet freely without any payment nor any fee requied. Free internet can be gotten by various ways. You can get free data from your ISP that is when they celebrate an occasion. Also, we find many countries whose ISP and government, provide free internet for students especially during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Moreover, Free Internet connection can be Unlimited or Limited free internet connection. And as the name says, it is quite simple to understand; that Unlimited free internet does not have limits in its use and one can even download as many things as he wishes. Limited internet connection has a limited amount of data at your disposal either for one week, one day or one month.

Before we proceed, Check out: HA Tunnel Plus Free Internet HAT Files and Configs for All Countries

Free Unlimited Internet Trick for Airtel and MTN Nigeria

All free Internet connections has a validity. It is as such because some configs are created for as long as the host is still available. It might expire when the ISP you use notices that bridge and blocks all access from that bridge. Then, your internet configuration file will expire. But there are also configuration files that are created from the start with certain validity that can be one week, one month or may even be two weeks. So in this article, we will be involved with a configuration file with a validity of seven days or one week.

Another great way of getting free internet is by using a VPN. Not just a VPN but a tunneling VPN. We have VPN such as HTTP Injector, HA Tunnel Plus, HTTP Custom, NapsternetV and many others which can give unlimited free internet tricks. The listed VPN also have free internet config files which you can equally use for free internet access. These VPN have host tunneling features and of course, they will need a free internet bug host or hostname from which they can pull the connection to tunnel through their secure servers.

Free Unlimited internet connection for MTN and Airtel users in Nigeria

The essence of this is to make free internet connection at your disposal and the more we proceed, we are getting to the unveiling of the full procedure.


  • HTTP Custom Apk
  • Necessary knowledge also provided below
  • Configuration file(provided below)


Step One: The first step is to download the application(HTTP Custom) using the link provided below and after downloading it, you quickly install the application(mostly for android users)

Step Two: After Downloading and installing the application, you download the configuration file using this link below.(Nigeria Airtel/MTN)

Step Three: After downloading the configuration file, you will have to upload it to your HTTP Custom application you downloaded above and after uploading it to the application, you rapidly tap on start for the application to quickly connect you to the internet. This can take about a minute but not much time.

Step Four: Practically no step again apart from just enjoying your internet connection for free. And while enjoying, don't forget to come back and follow us for more free internet configuration files in our telegram channel.

Take note that this configuration file for users with Airtel or MTN Nigeria is not forever since it has a certain validity. Internet connection can have a limit or a validity depending on the config file type and how the config creator made the settings of the config. And this configuration file has a validity of SIX DAYS from Today.

Conclusion How to Get Free Unlimited Internet Trick for Airtel and MTN Nigeria Via HTTP Custom

As earlier mentioned in the above tutorials, Free Internet In Nigeria is beneficial and you will enjoy streaming using this free Internet. Free Internet have a validity. This is as such because some configs are created for as long the host is still available. That says, it might expire when the ISP you used notices that bridge and blocks all bridge. Follow the above carefully and you wont have any problem accessing the files nor any difficulty. 

Also bear in mind that "no matter the trick, no matter the protocol or tunneling method used, no free internet trick lasts for ever". This will greatly help you from heart attack if you did not have the opportunity to access Free Internet.

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