MTN Ghana Free Unlimited Internet Trick Via HTTP Injector [Open Payload Revealed]

In this guide, I will share with all Ghanaians, the unlimited MTN free internet browsing trick via http injector with an open config revealing Payload

MTN Ghana Free Unlimited Internet Trick Via HTTP Injector

Who doesn't like rolling up with free internet? Everyone wants free internet but as far as getting free internet is concerned, it might get complicated to get free internet tricks especially if your ISP is one of a kind that is known for updating their security layers frequently.

I experienced a situation where, a free unlimited internet trick with MTN was discovered for my country, and some few hours later, it got blocked. Fortunately for those that new of its existence, they enjoyed and it was an unfortunate thing for those that heard of it when it got blocked.

From there, I got an understanding on these free internet tricks. My expression is "no matter the trick, no matter the protocol or tunneling method used, no free internet trick lasts for ever". If you bear this expression in your mind whenever you are enjoying a browsing trick, you will never get a heart attack when it gets blocked.

Just wanted to keep you some fresh notices at mind which you must always recall.

We at Entitled Knowledge work hand in hand with AiM Tutorials to bring free internet tricks to all corners and countries in the world because we know how expensive are the internet bills and tariffs set by all ISP.

Lately, we got some Ghanaians requesting for a free internet trick for MTN via HTTP Injector. We also got some request from Nigerians requesting for free internet browsing tricks. Since we are Knowledge based on education, we pushed up the case to satisfy each of these countries.

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However, we will focus on MTN Ghana free internet tricks in this guide. For Nigerians, you can visit AiM Tutorials because they will release a free internet trick for MTN Nigeria in some few moments. Probabaly they must have already released it so just checkout AiM Tutorials Free Internet Library for the setting for MTN Nigeria.

In this guide, I will share with all Ghanaians, the unlimited MTN free internet browsing trick via http injector. I will walk you through all the steps to create a working free internet file for MTN using the http injector VPN app. As you must have seen the headline, I will reveal the payload used to create the free internet file, the servers I used for you to be successful in this trick. Just keep on reading to get the trick.

However, if you are interested in a video guide for this, then consider checking out the video below.

What is Free Internet and How Does it Works?

Free internet is an art of browsing the internet freely without paying penny or anything. Free internet can be gotten by many ways. You can get free data from your ISP when they celebrate an occasion. Also, we find many countries whose ISP and government, provide free internet for students especially during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Another great way of getting free internet is by using a VPN. Not just a VPN but a tunneling VPN. We have VPN such as HTTP Injector, HA Tunnel Plus, HTTP Custom, NapsternetV and many others which can give unlimited free internet tricks. The listed VPN also have free internet config files which you can equally use for free internet access. These VPN have host tunneling features and of course, they will need a free internet bug host or hostname from which they can pull the connection to tunnel through their secure servers.

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That said, we will be using a famous VPN app "HTTP Injector VPN" for free internet access with the MTN Ghana network in this guide. Lets move to that.

How to Get Free Internet with MTN Ghana Via HTTP Injector VPN

As earlier said, I will share with you an open config for http injector and for those who light find the process difficult, they can download our already made free internet config for MTN Ghana from the link that will be provided later on in this guide.

That said, you will need some requirements before rendering this trick a success.

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Requirements for MTN Ghana Free Internet Trick Via HTTP Injector

Procedure to Get MTN Ghana Free Internet Trick Via HTTP Injector

We will proceed step by step for everyone's understanding.

Step 1: Downloading the HTTP Injector App

Download HTTP Injector latest application from here. The essence of doing this is to make sure that there are no bugs or faults because you might be using an older and unstable version of the app.

This is crucial because we will be using a custom payload and any little error can change the direction of the trick.

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Step 2: Setting the Tunneling Mode in the HTTP Injector App

After you must have downloaded and installed the app, launch or open the app.

For every start, you will need to set a tunneling mode. This is the base for every start since we know it is this that directs the app on which injection method to use for the connection.

In the Tunnel Type, select Secure Shell (SSH)

For Connect From, select None (Direct)

And now in options, tick Custom Payload

When all this done, Click Save.

See the image below for directions.

mtn ghana free unlimited internet trick via http injector
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Step 3: Setting the Custom Payload in the HTTP Injector App

Rather then Generating a Payload for the HTTP Injector app, you will have to copy the payload below and past it in the Payload box.

The payload is really important and we did it this way for you not to get confused with the Payload Generation process.

Copy the Payload you see below and paste it in the app's payload box.

MOVE HTTP/1.0[crlf]Host:[crlf]Connection: keep-alive[crlf]User-Agent: Dalvik/2.1.0 (Linux; U; Android 8.0.0; ATU-LX3 Build/HUAWEIATU-LX3)[crlf]GET HTTP/1.0[crlf]Host:[crlf]Connection: keep-alive[crlf]User-Agent: Dalvik/2.1.0 (Linux; U; Android 8.0.0; ATU-LX3 Build/HUAWEIATU-LX3)[crlf]

See the image below to know where to paste the payload.

mtn ghana free unlimited internet trick via http injector
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Step 4: Setting up the Server and SSH Account in the HTTP Injector App

For a next step, you will need to setup the SSH Settings (SSH Host, Port, Username and Password).

It is important you get one of the best SSH servers for http injector from this guide then create your SSH account prior to the Dropbear port for this tweak.

Once you have created your SSH account for http injector, you will need to place it in the app's SSH settings.

To do that, click on the gear icon in HTTP Injector main interface, select Secure Shell and you will be shown some fields for the setup.

From the created account, fill in the SSH Host, SSH Port, Username and Password.

Make sure you use port 143 and not 80 for this trick. Port 143 is the respective Dropbear port for the Payload we used.

See the image below to know where to place the SSH account details.

mtn ghana free unlimited internet trick via http injector
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Step 5: Initiating the Injection Process for Free Internet Access in the HTTP Injector App

Once you have followed the above steps for the setup, now it is time to inject the host and enjoy your free internet access.

To do that, click on the START button in the app's main interface to initiate the injection process.

To see if you are connected to the server, just check the LOG section.

As shown in the Log below, I am connected to the server and can now access free internet.

mtn ghana free unlimited internet trick via http injector
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For those of you that will prefer to have the free internet config without going through the setup step, you can download the ehi configuration file from the link below. Not only will you have free internet ehi config files, other users from many other countries can find their free internet ehi file and download the config to get free internet access.

Final Words on MTN Ghana Free Internet Trick Via HTTP Injector

Above is a detailed guide to get unlimited free internet in MTN Ghana via HTTP Injector. It is an open config to use for free internet access in Ghana.

As earlier said, this trick is for Ghanaians we will do our best to hit more other countries strongly for free internet access.

For Nigerians, you can checkout AiM Tutorials to get the latest free internet browsing trick for your MTN.

If ever, you experienced any issue with this settings, Join us on Telegram and comment your issue in our Telegram forum.

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