20 Best Hidden iPhone Secret Codes

The secret codes for each smartphone are acquired from the manufacturer. It can be tough to track down and use all of the hidden codes.
20 best hidden iPhone secret codes

Did you know that the iPhone has hidden codes that may be used to perform various tasks?

The secret codes for each smartphone are acquired from the manufacturer. It can be tough to track down and use all of the hidden codes. This article will go over some of the most cool iPhone hidden codes that you should be aware of. 

List of 20+ Best Hidden Codes

You must enter these secret codes into the dialer to obtain information about the device, mask calls, troubleshoot problems, and so on. So, let's look at some of the iPhone's secret dialer codes.

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Field Test Mode


This code should be used if you are looking for a code that will offer you with technical information about your network. This iPhone secret code will allow you to determine the exact signal strength of your network in decibels.

  • First, ensure that your iPhone is connected to the internet.
  • Then, launch the phone app and enter the code into the dialer.
  • Select LTE from the Field test menu.
  • Tap the Serving Cell Meas button on the next screen.
  • Examine the numerical measurement behind rsrp0 on the next screen.

The digits following the rsrp0 represent your iPhone's cellular signal strength in decibels.

If the figures behind rsrp0 are between -50dB and -60dB, the signal strength is great. The signal strength ranges from -70dB to -90dB. Anything above -100dB indicates a weak signal.

Enter Field Test Mode in iOS 10 or Earlier


You must use a different approach to enter Field test mode if your iPhone is running iOS 10 or earlier. In iOS 10, open the dialer on your iPhone, enter the code, and then touch the call button.

You will be routed to the Field test page where you can learn more about your network. Hold the Power button until the Slide to turn off option appears if you want to check the signal strength.

Instead of sliding, press and hold the home button once the Slide to Turn Off option shows. The network strength in dB will now appear in the status bar of your iPhone.

Hide Your Caller ID

*31#mobile number

You've probably gotten a lot of calls on your iPhone with no or unknown caller ID; have you ever pondered how that's possible? Few carriers allow consumers to hide their caller ID and make anonymous calls.

You can also hide your caller ID using the code we provided, however the only requirement is that your carrier support the option. We've also provided dialing codes for many countries; enter the code on the dialer, followed by the number you want to call.

      Country   Code

  • Canada #31#
  • France #31#
  • Greece #31#
  • Denmark #31#
  • Argentina  #31#
  • Albania #31#
  • Germany *31# or #31#
  • Iceland *31*
  • Hong Kong   133
  • Australia 1831

Showing 1 to 10 of 10 entries

If your carrier enables hiding caller ID, it will be hidden or displayed as 'Unknown.'

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Check the SMS Center


When you send an SMS message from your phone, it is routed to the server or SMS center number. With this code, you can obtain the SMS Center number.

Open the dialer on your iPhone, enter the code we provided, then press the call button to check the SMS Center number.

Check the Call Waiting Status


If you are unsure if your iPhone has call waiting enabled or deactivated, enter this secret code.

Simply open the iPhone dialer, enter the code, and press the Call button. On your iPhone, you can see whether Call Waiting is activated or off.

Enable/Disable Call Waiting

*43# (Enable)

#43# (Disable)

After you've checked the Call waiting status, you could want to enable or disable it based on your preferences. To allow the call to wait, dial *43# on your iPhone's dialer.

To turn off Call Waiting on your iPhone, open the dialer, enter #43#, and then tap the Call button. This will eventually disable the Call waiting.

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Check Call Barring Status


If you're wondering why you're not receiving calls on your iPhone, check the Call Barring Status. Call Barring is a function that prevents unfamiliar users from making or receiving calls.

If you enable Call barring, your iPhone will not receive any calls, regardless of how good your network is. To verify the status of the Call blocking on your iPhone, open the dialer, enter the code we provided, and touch the Call button.

Enable or Disable Call Barring on iPhone

*33*pin# (Enable)

#33*pin# (Disable)

If you're on vacation and don't want anyone to contact you, you can enable call blocking on your iPhone. To enable call blocking, dial *33*pin# (replace 'pin' with your SIM PIN). When finished, press the call button.

Enter #33*your SIM pin# and hit the Call button to disable the Call blocking feature.

Check the Call Forwarding Status


Call forwarding is a feature that allows you to redirect incoming calls to a different number. This is a fantastic feature that many people enable to avoid disruption.

The current Call forwarding status is displayed by a secret code. Simply open your iPhone's dialer, enter the code we provided, and press the Call button. This will reveal your iPhone's call forwarding status.

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Divert Calls to Another Number


This code is a component of the Call forwarding USSD code. To divert calls to another number, open your iPhone's dialer, enter *21phonenumber#, and hit the call button.

Please replace 'phonenumber' with the number to which you wish your calls routed.

Enable or Disable Call Forwarding


To activate or deactivate the call forwarding feature, open the dialer, enter *21#, then hit the call button.

If call forwarding isn't enabled, the code will enable it, and if it is, the code will disable it.

Check Call Line Presentation


When you get an incoming call, Call Line Presentation displays the caller's phone number on your iPhone.

When you disable Call Line Presentation, you will not see the phone number when someone calls you. You can confirm this by entering the code we provided.

Show Your Mobile Number on Caller ID

*82(number you are calling)

If your mobile number is hard blocked, you must enter this code before the number in order for it to appear on the caller ID.

So, if your friends are unable to see your phone number on their call screen, you must enter this code to display them your phone number or name.

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Get the Local Traffic Information


Although there are numerous navigation apps for iOS devices, they are useless when not connected to the internet.

If you don't have an internet connection and wish to check traffic data, you can use this code. The code displays information about local traffic.

View the IMEI Number


The International Mobile Equipment Identity number (IMEI) is a one-of-a-kind number that can be used to identify your iPhone on a mobile network. You may need to check your iPhone's IMEI number at some time.

To check your iPhone's IMEI number, dial the USSD code *#06#. You may use the *#06# USSD code to check the IMEI number of practically any phone you own, not just the iPhone.

Other iPhone Secret Codes:

  1. *5005*25371# - Use it to check whether the alert system is working or not.
  2. *5005*25370# - This one disables the alert system
  3. *3282# - Shows the use of information info.
  4. *#61# - Shows the number of missed calls
  5. *646# (Postpaid) - Shows the available calling minutes
  6. *225# (Postpaid) - Shows the Bill Balance
  7. *777# (Prepaid) - Shows the available balance.

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If you have an Android phone, you should look into the greatest Android secret codes. The greatest iPhone Secret Codes are listed above. Please let us know if you use any other USSD codes on your iPhone. 

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