How To Get Free Virtual Bank Account For PayPal Verification [Step-by-step Guide]

PayPal is the most used payment method online now and helps people send payments in any part of the world thanks to its wide distribution.
how to get free virtual bank account for paypal verification

Virtual Bank accounts are the solutions to many issues known online especially when it comes to shopping sites located in Advanced countries such as United States of America, United Kingdom and many others. When you have a virtual bank account located in any of these countries, then shopping online becomes very easy. 

When you create a PayPal account or rather signup for a new PayPal account, you will be asked to add a Payment source or method that will be linked to your PayPal account and charged when ever you purchase something using PayPal.

In this case we have two options that is the option to add either a Bank account or a Credit Card to PayPal in order to verify the PayPal account. PayPal will charge the card and then send a code that you will have to enter in order for them to verify your account. By so doing, the restrictions set to your PayPal account will be lifted. Therefore if you are located in the US and other European countries, you will be able to add a bank account equally if you do not want to add a credit card. If you are out of the US or not in Europe, you will be able to add the bank account mainly at the signup steps.

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When you have a virtual bank account, you will not only lift your PayPal account limits by adding it as a payment source or method in PayPal, but you will equally be able to shop many top rated sites. Many virtual bank account issuers online offer free virtual cards to their users. A good example is Payoneer. A detailed list of free virtual credit cards issuers in the US and UK which you will see below.

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If you are looking for a virtual bank account that you can easily link to your PayPal account in order to verify it or to use it for transactions online, then, you are in the right place. In this article, I will show you how to get a free virtual bank account for PayPal in as much the aim you have for this bank account for PayPal. On the other hand, you can checkout this guide to get a free virtual credit card for PayPal verification.

What is PayPal and how does it works?

PayPal Holdings, Inc. is an American company operating an online payments system in the majority of countries that support online money transfers, and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods such as checks and money orders.

PayPal is the most used payment method online now and helps people send payments in any part of the world thanks to its wide distribution. However, PayPal just arrived in some African countries and money can't be withdrawn from PayPal accounts originating from such countries.

PayPal uses your local payment method (bank or credit card) to securely help you perform transactions online. PayPal has several benefits apart from its security that improves all the time.

What are the advantages of PayPal?

PayPal is faster, more secure way to pay online. It lets you pay for your favorite things at millions of online stores in the U.S. and across 203 global markets all without the hassle of converting currency. So it’s just as easy to know how much you’re spending as it is to spend it. It's free to sign up for a PayPal account and to download the PayPal app to receive and send money to other PayPal users.

In addition to one-time purchases, PayPal is also the fastest, simpler way to make recurring payments to all your monthly bills and subscriptions.

1. Secure: whether you are paying bills, sending money or making a purchase, PayPal works hard to keep your financial information secure.

2. Fast: no need to enter all your financial information every time you shop. Speed through checkout with PayPal.

3. Easy: not only is signing up for PayPal free, but you can also make purchases and send money to family and friends in the U.S. using your PayPal balance or bank account, at no extra cost.

4. Refund if not satisfied:  This is one of the best features I love when using PayPal. You can request for refund if you are not served by the seller by opening a case in the resolution center with detailed proves of the transaction made and a complaint. PayPal will contact the seller and if no respond is gotten from hen seller, you will be quickly refunded. However with PayPal, its either you are satisfied or refunded. 

For you to enjoy all of these facilities, you are required to have a fully verified PayPal Account. So, the only way to verify your PayPal account is to provide a valid payment source or methods which can be a credit card or a bank account. However, you can use a virtual card or a virtual bank account.

What is a Virtual Bank Account?

Virtual bank accounts have been growing since some years back and a virtual bank account is identical to a physical or real bank account where you save your money.

Virtual bank accounts have a unique account number that is being given or issued to every bank users and can perform the same types of transactions as a physical bank account. In bank perspectives, virtual bank accounts are being handled and treated the same way as a physical account.

How to Get a Virtual Credit Card for PayPal Verification

Let us now set aside all of the stories and get right to the primary topic of discussion: How to Get a Virtual Credit Card for PayPal Verification. The biggest challenge here will be where to obtain a valid VCC for PayPal verification.

There are numerous Virtual Credit Card Providers available, but not all of them deliver on their promises. So, following is a list of some of the best VCC providers that accept PayPal.

Verifying PayPal with a VCC

This is a fairly simple method that is similar to authenticating with a real plastic credit card. Your VCC has a Card Number, Expiration Date, CVV, and billing address.

It's always a good idea to get a virtual credit card before setting up a PayPal account to link to. You can then create an account that corresponds to the VCC's billing address. This is especially true if the VCC provider generates your billing address information.

To use a virtual credit card to authenticate your PayPal account, follow these steps:

  • Begin by opening a PayPal account if you do not already have one. Sign in to your PayPal account and select Wallet to access the wallet section.
  • Then, select the option to link your Card and enter your virtual credit card information.
  • Confirm Card after adding details.
  • To verify the card, PayPal will issue you a code. This verification will charge your card a small fee, and a code will appear on your bank statement a few days after you complete the process. PayPal will impose a spending limit on your card at this time until you enter the verification number they issued you in your bank statement.
  • Re-Login to your PayPal account after receiving the code to verify the virtual credit card using the PayPal verification code.
  • Once you've done the preceding procedures, you can use your PayPal account without restriction.

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How to get a Virtual Bank Account without Verification

When trying to open a bank account online, you will need to verify some certain things before getting the account. Verification will differ for any bank and you will notice that the verification for some banks will be easier for some others. When using Payoneer, the verification will not be too complicated and you will get a virtual bank account without a lot of verification.

Take note:  If there was a virtual bank that did not require any verification before giving you an account, then the bank will be considered as not secured.

Free Virtual Bank Account for PayPal

 To get a Virtual Bank Account that will work for PayPal isn't evident but one of the best ways of getting a free virtual bank account for PayPal without going through complicated steps is by using Payoneer.

Payoneer will not only give you a free bank account but also it will equally give you a Payoneer virtual and physical card that you can use on websites online for transactions and equally on ATMs. 

Lets ask our selves this question " Can you verify your PayPal account with Payoneer? Well I will give you three methods to verify your PayPal account. Two by using a bank account and the other by using a Payoneer card and that is the fact.

How Get a Free Bank Account using Payoneer

Payoneer is an American financial services company that provides online money transfer, digital payment services and provides customers with working capital.

Since Payoneer is US based, it won't work for everyone. With Payoneer virtual bank account, you can receive money from systems that accepts MasterCard and you can equally use Payoneer virtual bank account online for any transaction.

1. With Payoneer;

  • Get paid by leading marketplaces including Upwork, Fiverr, Getty Images, and more
  • Get paid by your global clients
  • Withdraw your earnings to your local bank account at low rates
  • Withdraw funds at ATMs
  • Pay your suppliers and subcontractors for free

2. To get a Payoneer bank account, do as follows;

  • Go to Payoneer then click on Get Started
  • Payoneer will ask you several questions in order to set your account in the right way
  • Once you setup your account, you will be shown an option to get your bank account. Just follow the steps to get this done.

Now you can say you own a US virtual bank account which you can use to withdraw money from PayPal. This is really excellent option to go in for if you are in Africa especially the countries that can't support PayPal withdrawal. 

How to verify PayPal Account using Payoneer Bank Account

You will need to add a Payment method to your PayPal account in order to use your account without limits. The Payoneer virtual bank account is just ideal for this. 

To verify your PayPal account using Payoneer, follow the steps below;

On your PayPal account dashboard, locate Wallet then press “Link a bank account” on left-hand-side then enter your Payoneer account full details. PayPal will make two small deposits to your Payoneer USD bank account for verification.

Go to your Payoneer Statement where you will find the 2 deposited amounts from PayPal. Enter the 2 deposited amount separately on your PayPal bank account section to verify it. Note that it may take sometime for the deposited amount to show-up completely on your bank card. Probably 3 - 7 business days.

There is another great thing about Payoneer which is, they issue free prepaid MasterCards to their users. So in addition of a virtual bank account, they will give you a virtual prepaid MasterCard that is linked to your bank account and can be accepted on any website including PayPal. This card can be gotten from your Payoneer account.

Once you've gotten your Payoneer virtual prepaid mastercard, you can add it to your PayPal account. By adding this card to PayPal, you might want to verify the PayPal account or simply add it as a Payment source for your PayPal acocunt. 

However, you might have some preferences in adding your Payoneer virtual card rather than adding your bank account. So to do this, let me guide you through the steps to verify your PayPal account using Payooneer card.

How to Verify your PayPal Account using Payoneer Virtual Card

Upon adding your virtual card to PayPal, PayPal will make a small charge to your card to generate the 4-digit PayPal verification code on your card statement. This charge may be different for everyone depending on your currency. 

A code will appear on your card statement after some business days after the charge on the card. Enter the in the Payments section of your PayPal account precisely on the card. If you see something like PayPal1234CODE or PP1234CODE on your statement, then “1234” is your PayPal verification code. The small charge will be refunded to your card once your virtual card is confirmed or if the 4-digit code is left unused for 75 days. The refund may take up to 30 days to appear on your card statement depending on your card issuer.

To verify your PayPal account using a Payoneer virtual card, follow the steps below;

  • On PayPal dashboard, click on the Wallet tab.  Then later on click on “Link a debit or credit card” on left-hand-side then enter the details of the Payoneer virtual prepaid card issued to you by Payoneer. PayPal will charge a small amount from your card for verification. The amount will differ for everyone depending on your currency.
  • To get the PayPal code, go to your Payoneer Statement and you will find the charged amount with a 4-digit code as illustrated above. Then enter the 4-digit code on your PayPal card section to verify the card in your PayPal account (it may take 24 hours to appear). Your PayPal account will be linked with Payoneer debit card and all verified.

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How to Get a Virtual Bank Account using Community Federal Savings Bank

The Federal Savings Bank is an FDIC-insured bank that is privately owned by veterans. Its emphasis is on mortgage lending, but the bank also offers deposit products that earn interest. The bank was established in 2000 and is headquartered in Chicago.

CFSB Bank is one of the first of global virtual banking services, which, in fact, was created as a mobile application from an organization that is not a bank, but promotes its services as banking, relying on legal and processing support Partner bank.

They are fully available online and operate through their mobile app.

You have the alternative to create either a Personal account or a Business account.


  • Check Imaging
  • Online Statements
  • Check Reorder
  • Bill Payment


Obtain balances on deposit accounts.

  • View “real-time” current day account transactions.
  • View images of checks cleared and deposits.
  • Review the transaction history on Internet-enabled accounts.
  • Transfer funds between accounts.
  • Pay bills using bill payment and presentment services.
  • Place stop payments.
  • Initiate wire transfers.

To create a CFSB bank account, follow the steps below;

  • Go to CFSB Website and fill in the enrolment form presented to you.
  • In this form, you will be asked some sensible details.
  • When done, you will be issued a virtual bank account.
  • You can now use that bank account to link to PayPal.

However, if you find all of that somehow complicated for you, then there is no issue. Suppose you've gotten a Payoneer account, then the step will be easier because Payoneer provides or powers the Community Federal Savings Bank. You can verify your PayPal using CFSB bank account. 

Note that the default First Century Bank that comes with a new Payoneer account does not work for PayPal verification.

How to Verify PayPal Account using Community Federal Savings Bank

To verify PayPal account with Community Federal Savings Bank, first of all you need to link a card to your PayPal account following the steps shown above. After linking your card, you need to change your US bank account to Community Federal Savings Bank.

If it happens that your bank account has been declined by PayPal, PayPal will advice you do the following:

To ensure that a card with money on it is verified and on your PayPal account. Why? Because if we give you another bank, regardless of what it is, it won’t work without an alternate payment method on your PayPal account (which in this case, is a card). 90% of the issues that are faced by this instance are resolved by adding a card and verifying the account. Adding a card also allows the card to be verified instead of the bank. 

The card must not be a Payoneer card. It can be a personal bank card or a credit card and it can equally be a virtual card.. If, and only if you have a card attached on your PayPal account, then you should consider doing the following two things: 

  • Take a screenshot of the error message when you try to put the old bank details on PayPal. 
  • Contact our customer support team by opening a ticket.

How to Get a Virtual Bank Account and Virtual Card in Africa

At this point now, you know that the above virtual bank isn't available in all African countries. So I have highlighted a virtual card provider below that will provide a virtual debit card that you can then use on PayPal for verification or to send and receive money. This great service is called Eversend. You can equally do mobile payments with this amazing service and much more. Below are some highlighted facts about Eversend. 

Signup in 3 minutes

Open a free account and start transacting within minutes. Everything you need to open an account is on your phone.

Low transaction fees

Send and receive money from friends and family at affordable rates. Eversend aim to drive the cost of payments to zero.

Multicurrency wallets

Hold and exchange multiple currencies at fair and transparent exchange rates. They are constantly adding new currencies.

Customer Service

Chat with the customer service team using their in-app messaging platform for quick resolution of issues, questions and comments.

Virtual Debit Card

Banks in Africa charge you up to 15% in hidden foreign exchange fees when you pay online with your local curency bank card. Use Eversend USD virtual cards to save up to 13%.

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