How To Create Config File For HTTP Injector And KPN Tunnel

The HTTP Injector program can also be used as an IP hunter, host checker, tethering unlocker, IP checker, payload generator, and other similar usage.
how to create config file for http injector and knp tunnel

 Some bloggers and tweakers are producing customized Config Files for HTTP Injector, KPN Tunnel Rev, and other VPN programs, allowing them to enjoy free browsing cheat on their phone, and you have been importing and utilizing these Configs from different people but would like to know how to create your own. If you wish to develop your own HTTP Injector Config or KPN Tunnel Rev Config File, this tutorial is for you.

I've included detailed settings and processes for creating your own config file, which you can tweak and export for others to put into their HTTP Injector or KPN Tunnel VPN program and connect to free internet.

I used to be in your shoes, not knowing how to create Config File for http injector, KPN Tunnel, Spark VPN, Tweakware, Psiphon, and other VPN, but now I can say I'm the boss at it. So, as usual, I'll disclose the procedures and how it's done so that you, too, can learn and possibly educate others. That's how we do things.

Note that for you to create config file for Http injector or KPN Tunnel Rev, you need to get an SSH account.

But before I continue, permit me to briefly explain some of the important words and tools used for this purpose.

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What is HTTP Injector?

HTTP Injector is an Android tunneling app (VPN) that lets you hide your real IP or appear anonymous and untraceable on the web. But the most important feature of this app right now is its ability to deliver internet free browsing after setting up proxies and hosts.

You can configure the VPN with details from your SHH account and export the config which is in ehi format for any other person to import and use.

The HTTP Injector program can also be used as an IP hunter, host checker, tethering unlocker, IP checker, payload generator, and other similar functions.

However, it is one of the most complex Android VPN programs to set up.

What is an Ehi File?

The Ehi file is an HTTP injector configuration. Basically The file format used while creating a configuration on Http injector is.Ehi. So, if you encounter a config file with the extension.ehi, it's almost certainly an HTTP Injector file. The ehi file contains the payload, remote proxy, and SSH account credentials.

Requirements for creating a Config File

You must have the following in place before you can properly build a configuration file:

1. HTTP Injector APK

This VPN app is available through the Google Play Store and other third-party websites. You can easily get HTTP Injector Apk from our blog.

2. HTTP Injector Payload

Payload is one of the tools of Http injector. This tool allows you to produce an Ehi file or configure free internet. The Ehi file can be imported and exported.

3. 3G or 4G Network

As with many other tunneling software, any VPN trick need a stable 3G or 4G network to connect properly and quickly.

4. HTTP Injector Remote Proxy

One of the most crucial prerequisites for this arrangement is a proxy, which provides us with access to many websites. Remote proxies are typically updated on a regular basis as older ones become congested or blocked as traffic increases.

5. SSH Account

Another key necessity for building a http injector config file is an SSH account, which functions as a VPN account and offers free, trial, and paid accounts. It is critical for HTTP injector.

After creating your own SSH account, you will be given free servers that are valid for 3 days, 7 days, one month, or lifetime.

Please keep in mind that "SSH" and "SHH" are not the same website. While SSH is the correct one, SHH is simply a cloned advertisements-based website. As a result, the correct website address is

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How to Create Config File for HTTP Injector

  • First, Download Latest HTTP Injector App for Android
  • Start the app. navigate to the menu bar
  • Navigate to the payload to create an HTTP Injector setup.
  • The payload type is "normal" by default, but you must enter a host address in the URL/Host field, as seen in the image below. But if you are from Nigeria and using MTN, you can use this host address
  • Then, in the additional header choices, check the boxes for Online Host, Keep-Alive, and User Agent.
  • Then select Generate Payload.
  • Locate the remote proxy and select the HTTP Injector menu again.
  • You will now notice the servers.
  • A different country proxy list can be found here. So select a remote proxy.
  • Then select remote proxy and SSH. After you have completed all of the tasks, you must change the port number from 80 to 8080. Then click Save to return to the main page.
  • To export the configuration you are using, tap on the paper symbol in the top right corner of HTTP Injector and select export configuration.
  • So now Click Start, and you should see a key in your phone's notification bar showing that you are connected to the internet.

So you can minimize the app and use your phone's web browser or another app to browse for free.

That's how to make a Http injector configuration file and export it for others to download and put into their own phone.

If you're still having trouble, follow my following instructions, which entail creating a SHH account. Although this is for the KPN Tunnel Rev Config File, the idea may also be used in HTTP Injector and it will work.

As I mentioned before in this essay, HTTP Injector is a more complicated VPN that is more difficult to set up, but KPN Tunnel makes the procedure very simple and performs better. So this is an alternate tutorial to the first.

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How to Create KPN Tunnel REV Config File

Follow these simple steps to generate your own KPN Tunnel VPN configuration file.

  • First, create an SSH by entering your email address or Facebook ID here.
  • Choose a nation server from the list that appears.
  • Then select a green-colored free server.
  • You will be presented with your custom shh username, password and host/IP (these information is vital as you will use them in the kpn tunnel rev app)
  • Now Download and open KPN Tunnel Rev app
  • Click on the settings icon on the top right corner of the app
  • Tap SSH turnel
  • Now enter the Host/IP you got from your SSH account
  • Also enter username and password from your SSH account
  • Leave port at default.
  • Now go back to the VPN homepage
  • Click the three dotted icon located at the top right corner
  • Then tap on Config Options
  • Finally, tap on export to save your KPN Config file in your phone.
  • This file format is in ktr type and can then be downloaded by others and imported into their own KPN Tunnel to use for free browsing.

Remember that you may also change the text on the app's homepage. Because it supports html functionalities, you may include your website link, Telegram Group link, WhatsApp Group link, or any other vital information you want.

How to Create HTTP Injector Config File (Video)

The video below demonstrates how to quickly generate your own config file in HTTP injector.

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Conclusion on How to Create Config File for HTTP Injector and KPN Tunnel

You no longer need to beg someone to show you how to make a config file for your favorite VPN app because the knowledge in this post will allow you to effortlessly construct your own and share it with your friends.

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