Latest HTTP Injector Ehi Config File | Settings | MTN Free Browsing August 2022

This post is on the latest HTTP injector EHI Config files, Setting and MTN Browsing. That said, follow this guide and enjoy your own free internet.
latest http injector ehi config file | settings | mtn free browsing

 This page was modified in August 2022 because we provided new MTN and Cell C configuration files that can be imported into HTTP injector for free browsing. Airtel and Glo configuration files are also supplied. Get the greatest cheat configurations that work in a variety of nations, including South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, and Kenya.

This guide is for you if you want to avoid the 50mb limits and enjoy limitless MTN free browsing. We previously released both Syponshield VPN  but we found many people couldn't utilize more than 50MB or even get connected in the first place.

Therefore here is another method using latest HTTP Injector and its ehi config file which you will tweak to enjoy unlimited MTN free browsing cheat this month of the year.

HTTP Injector VPN provides a quicker connection and eliminates the bothersome disconnection difficulties that you used to have with AnonyTun and other vpn programs. The most intriguing aspect of this software is that it is completely free to download and use on Android phones.

After that, I'll show you how to use HTTP Injector settings and import the MTN config file. Remember that this cheat works on both Android and PCs (PC), and it is currently active. Everything you need to get started is provided below.

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 HTTP Injector Ehi Config File | Settings | MTN Free Browsing


  • An Android phone
  • MTN NG 3G or 4G sim without active data
  • Use the default MTN APN settings
  • Latest HTTP Injector vpn – download here.
  • HTTP Injector Config for MTN – download here. Or get the latest working config file from this free browsing Telegram Group. (August 2022 New Config Update).
  • Cell C Config Files.
  • For South Africa, get latest MTN SA free browsing Config file.


The following are the freshly updated HTTP Injector config files for MTN and Cell C.

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How to Import EHI Config File on HTTP Injector VPN

  1. Download the app and choose a configuration file from the links above.
  2. Install and launch the HTTP Injector VPN application.
  3. Then, in the top-right corner, touch on the Paper icon.
  4. Now, hit Import Config, navigate to the MTN Ehi Config file, and tap it to import.

latest http injector ehi config file | settings | mnt free browsing

latest http injector ehi config file | settings | mnt free browsing

It is crucial to note that the HTTP Injector config file can expire at any time, so bookmark this page and return to download the latest and updated ehi config files here on Entitled Knowledge.

How to Connect MTN Free Browsing on PC

You can either use PdaNet (no root required) or TetherNet VPN (root access required) to connect it and enjoy the tweak on PC. Follow below steps;

  • After installing the Tethernet VPN program, share your phone's hotspot with your PC.
  • Connect your VPN application
  • As you are using a VPN connection mode, open the TetherNet app and tap on VPN.
  • As you are sharing the connection via Hotspot, tap on Hotspot.
  • Finally, press the Start Connection button.
  • You'll get a notice that says "Connection Share Through AP Hotspot."
  • Start browsing at full speed on your PC now. It provides electricity to the entire PC. There is no need to configure a proxy server in any browser. Simply leave it set to "Automatically Detect Settings."

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This method works for both MTN and Cell C networks.

HTTP Injector Config Files for Aitel Free Browsing

Bonus Config Files

The configuration files for Airtel HA Tunnel Plus are listed below.

If you continue to have problems browsing for free with your MTN or Cell C, please let us know in the comments section and we will assist you.

Join our Telegram if you want new config files for additional networks like Airtel, Glo, 9Mobile, Orange, Spectranet, and so on.

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