How To Get Vodafone idea 3GB Free Data [Ultimate Guide]

The free data, which totals 3GB, is obtained through two ways. Don't worry yourself. Simple and easy are the steps. Check this out in this post.

How To Get Vodafone idea 3GB Free Data

 The Vodafone idea free 3GB data gimmick is available to all readers of Entitled Knowledge on the V.i network. You folks who are looking for ways to acquire free data without spending a dollar will love this post.

As with the other free data methods I've mentioned, the steps to obtain this free data are easy to follow. For this approach to work, you don't need any Vodafone idea plans or any calling credit.

To activate the free data, you must have a smartphone. This might be an Android or iPhone. Once it is finished, you can access the web and use the data on other Internet-connected devices, such as your router and modem. Learn how to obtain the free data by reading on.

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How To Get Vodafone idea 3GB Free Data

The free data, which totals 3GB, is obtained through two ways. Don't worry yourself. Simple and easy are the steps. The second requires you to download an app and take the data that is waiting for you, whereas the first demands a code.

Requirements To Get Free Vodafone idea Data:

  1. A Vodafone idea India SIM card 
  2. An Android device, iOS, or PC.
  3. No VPN Tunnel app is required for this trick
  4. The simple steps to get the free data 

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Steps To Activate Ooredoo Free 1GB data

  • Open your phone's dialer and then call 121249
  • Listen to the voice prompt
  • Press 1 when you are asked about your interest in getting 1Gb free worth of data

Soon after the call ends, you'll get 1GB of free bandwidth. Continue on to the next step without stopping here.

Steps To Activate Ooredoo Free 2GB data

  • Open your "V.i app" or download it from the Google Play Store if you don't have it
  • In the V.i app, ensure that you are under the home tab
  • Locate the "Free 1GB data" and click on it to get the free data.

This data can be obtained twice every month for a total of 2GB. Now, adding 1GB more makes a total of 3GB.

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