How To Become A Hacker [Ultimate Guide For Beginners]

Understanding the fundamentals of coding in numerous aspects makes it easier to become a hacker. HTML can be use to phish for login information.

How To Become A Hacker [Ultimate Guide For Beginners]

 "Hackers are incredible!" Becoming a Hacker is just so amazing than you can ever imagine. This is what you see every time you log on to the internet. When you watch the movies, their actions astound you. However, Your ambitions and anxiety of becoming a hacker in just 15 minutes will be realized in this Post article. So, you've got to read this post well. Firstly, to begin, you should learn how to crack someone's password.

When Dennis Ritchie introduced the "C" programming language in the 1970s, hacking as we know it began. The word, on the other hand, was coined in the 1960s at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a private research institution in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Note: When I say hacker, I don't mean script kids who utilize pre-made software to perform tiny hacking activities. Take note of this👌

I understand how difficult it is to become a hacker, yet every elite hacker today started somewhere and found their selves in a bigger place. You'd feel like giving up at anytime and definitely, you will face lots of challenges. However at the moment where you will feel like giving up, that is the moment you will be entering a new level of hacking. So, you must be strong and determined.

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Table of Contents

Introduction to Hacking

How to Become a Hacker piqued my interest. It just took me 15 minutes in the early 2000s. I left the white hat hacking sector after a year of scripting, programming, and pondering. It was quite aggravating, and it occurred because I was unable to skip a specific chore. I returned three months later, why, back to work, and triumphed. Do you want to know what role you'll be playing? Don't worry about it till you get there.

Who is a Hacker

Generally, a hacker is an expert programmer who uses a computer, his brain, and other mechanical equipment to solve technological difficulties.

In other words, a hacker is a person skilled in information technology who uses their technical knowledge to achieve a goal or overcome an obstacle, within a computerized system by non-standard means

There are six different categories of hackers. A white hat, a black hat, a grey hat, a hacktivist, a cracker, and a scripter are among them. Read on as I give you a brief talk on the types of hackers we have listed.

White Hat Hacker

He/she is all about ethics and not about unauthorized access. I picked interest in this, and it’s quite cool. A white-hat hacker is also called an ethical hacker. This category is for those interested in how to become an ethical hacker for money.

Black Hat Hacker

This is the polar opposite of black hat, and it involves gaining illegal access to whatever the target is; the internet, software, and so on.

Grey Hat Hacker

A black hat hacker is also known as a grey hat hacker. He/she does, however, expose the flaws in an organization's system.


The majority of the hacker movies you'll come across fall into this genre. A hacktivist can be classified as either a black-hat or a white-hat hacker. Typically, the goal of this hacking class is to attract attention to political issues. In practice, these hackers are hired, particularly during election seasons. This is the category for you if you want to learn how to hack for the government.


The most obnoxious of all are crackers. They believe they are hackers, but they are not. These are the self-proclaimed hackers who break video games for cash, rewrite software, and so on.


A hacker of the class is not a core hacker. They are not regarded as hackers. They use ready-made tools to run their activities, and the results are not always 100%. They often pay for the tools and expose their secrets to the developers they buy these tools from.

Note that hacking can be done in groups or individually. I propose that novices begin in a group to learn more quickly.

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What is Hacking

Because of what they see in movies, everyone believes that hacking is just about breaking into a networking system. But do you agree?

The truth is that a hacker's job isn't limited to researching network flaws to exploit. 

Information tracking and internet breaching are examples of hacking. Finding information and expanding on it is the essence of hacking. Having equally entails hacking into servers and collecting information that isn't supposed to be known.

In other words, Hack (computer science), an inelegant but effective solution to a computing problem. Hack (computer security), to break into computers and computer networks. Hack (programming language), a programming language developed by Meta.

Hacking could be directed towards P2P networks, a company's database, or websites, among other things.

Hey, if someone says they can teach you how to hack in 15 minutes, run! That's not hacking; it's cracking, which requires the use of ready-made tools.

However in this post article, I'll show you how to become a government hacker from the ground up. You'll also discover that becoming a computer genius/hacker necessitates perseverance and determination.

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How to Become a Hacker – Basics of Ethical Hacking

1. Pick a Hacking Niche

You need to know what kind of hacker you want to be. I discussed six different types of hackers before. With hard work, each of these hackers can make a lot of money in the long run. Ethical hackers are thought to be the wealthiest of all the types. It's unclear how wealthy black hat hackers are, but their wealth comes from their relationships. Just so you know, they could face jail time as well.

Do you want to be the type of hacker who impresses your peers? Surveillance of a girlfriend? Or do you want to build a hacking career and make money from it?

Furthermore, keep in mind that each specialty has its own set of standards, which you must meet in order to be successful.

2. Understand the Deeper Functions of a Computer

You'll need a thorough understanding of computers to learn how to become a hacker. A computer is capable of much more than watching movies, making video chats, texting, gaming, video editing, and graphic creation. It contains millions of functions about which the manufacturers never let you know.

The only way to get access to these functions is to employ third-party or built-in software.

Also, learn the fundamentals of computer networking. Abbreviations such as DNS, DHCP, IPv4, IPv6, VLANS, NAT, ARP, and others should be avoided.

Finally, learn how to use the command prompt to interact with and teach the computer. You can proceed if you can edit the registry without breaking the system.

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3. Learn How to Code

You can't be a hacker if you don't know how to code. So it's pointless for you to be here if you haven't yet learned to code. Perhaps you're curious in how to become a hacker in 15 minutes. You must know how to code unless this is the case.

There are others that claim to be able to teach you how to hack without coding. True, but does that qualify you as a hacker? Furthermore, you would be revealing your ideas to those others, who would then utilize that information to further their hacking skills. 

People, for example, are flocking a page that says "Hack a Facebook Account by Inputting Username Here." Do you think they'll respond with something like "here's the hacked account"? They will never disclose that account with you, even if they are able to break it.

Learn to code, grasp the ethics, and create your own project. A Facebook account, for example, can be hacked in a variety of ways. If you want to use the SS7 attack or a credential harvester like Kali Linux, you'll need to know how to code.

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4. Select a Programming Language

There are several programming languages available. You should choose a programming language and become acquainted with it. I began with the C programming language, which I highly recommend. Except for those who wish to advance, it's what most hackers use. It's a quick assembly language that can be used to break into almost anything. The fact that UNIX is developed in C is something else I admire about the C programming language. You could use C++ instead.

In this guide, I'll divide hacking into two categories: database and networking. Let's discuss about these two hacking aspects. 

Building Your Database Skills

Coding is the foundation of hacking, as I have explained. If you're worried about database hacking, you can use PHP, Java, Python, SQL, UNIX, and other programming languages.

Let me introduce you to the coding language I described earlier.


When it comes to integrating forms or webpages to databases, PHP is a great tool. You should be familiar with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript before diving into PHP. Since we're dealing with the internet, HTML is the most important of all. You're on your way to becoming a full-time data retriever and a black hat hacker if you learn PHP.

Combining PHP with MySQL expertise allows you to manipulate the database in whatever way you desire.

Java Script

Although you can become a hacker without JavaScript, it is still necessary. Certain situations may undoubtedly need the use of JavaScript. It would be advantageous if you also had a strong understanding of HTML.

You can steal data from the internet using JavaScript. You can track targets and receive the data you need for whatever you need through the internet using this programming knowledge. It will also be simple for you to crack program software for whatever purpose you desire.

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Python is a simple to learn programming language. It is the best option for a newbie because it allows you to quickly obtain information from the database without requiring authorization.


People feel that data on databases should be encrypted. A hacker, on the other hand, can quickly decrypt and extract this information using MySQL or SQL. You can now change the data and type in whatever you wish. You could even use destructive codes to tear down the database and mask your tracks when the deed is completed. If you want to learn how to become a government hacker, you must first master your hacking skills.


UNIX, like PHP, is written in C. Because UNIX is dependent on commands, knowing how it works puts you in the hacking realm.

I thought I knew everything about Windows 7 and Max OS until I installed a UNIX operating system. Because of its complexity, a newcomer would have no idea what Linux is.

Other options include Ubuntu, Fedora, Parrot, Linux Mint, BackBox, and others, in addition to Kali Linux, which I utilized. You can execute the UNIX software on any of these operating systems.

Understand that referring to UNIX with Microsoft Windows or Mac OS is a waste of time. The Mac OS is even better because it does not impose restrictions on you like Microsoft does.

Start with Kali Linux, as I did, if you're ready to feel agitated and annoyed. Ubuntu is a good choice if you want something less aggravating. Even so, I can't promise that it will be any less aggravating.

5. Write HTML Using WWW

The graphics, writing, and everything else you see on are all made possible via HTML coding. Start your computer's browser if you wish to double-check. Right-click on If you're using Firefox, choose the inspect page element. You should be able to locate a list of HTML codes right there. You might not grasp what they signify unless you're familiar with HTML.

Do some research on the internet and try to perform certain tasks on your own. But if you're determined, it won't be tough.

6. Interested in Cryptography?

When you get to this point, you're on your way to becoming a hacker lord. As a newbie, ignore this step of hacking until you've mastered the others. For the time being, I'm not going to speak anything about it. However, if you can incorporate this early in your schooling, it isn't a bad idea.

Steps Towards Becoming an Elite Hacker

Employ Creativity

When it comes to creativity, it's all about being authentic and inventing what isn't already there. I started by building a virus and an antivirus program to battle the infection. There are a plethora of other options to consider and work on in order to make it massive. You could make an identity theft app and put it to the test on your friends.

Stay Focused

You must be focused in order to become an ethical hacker. Understanding hacking entails more than just creating codes. For a beginner, it can be incredibly irritating, especially after hours of hard labor, because bugs prevent you from succeeding.

Don’t Walk Out On a Problem

I once walked away from a situation, only to return a few months later. It would have been foolish of me not to return. I overcame the obstacle and improved my performance.

There are times when you want to slam your computer shut. It will appear to be a waste of time, but it is not. Rather than walking away, take a break. When your brain is overworked, it needs to rest in order to recharge.

Refer to Online Resources

Some resources cost money, while others are completely free. Choose anyone to help you learn faster. Furthermore, on dark web hacking forums, some paid hacking guides are available for free.

Stay Ghost

Oh, and don't be a ruckus-inducing hacking student. Worst of all, you risk attracting the attention of the feds, who will begin snooping about your neighborhood. Keep everything to yourself, and when surfing the web, always cover your rear and front cameras. Also, be cautious when using the black internet.

How to Help and Learn from the Hacking Community

Read On.

Test and Debug Open Source Applications

Software developers occasionally ask customers to test their products before they are released. Google does this a lot with their software to figure out where to edit and all of that. Take a gamble and see what you can create with these items. This should not be attempted with closed-source software. Do not, however, share such software if you are tempted to do so.

Publish Hacker Articles

As a result, my abilities improved. You'll attract professionals who will make corrections or advise you on your flaws if you publish the little. When it comes to correcting you, some people are cruel. As a result, avoid writing as if you're a genius. At the end of each article, mention that you're open to corrections.

Conclusion on How to Become a Hacker

Understanding the fundamentals of coding in numerous aspects makes it easier to become a hacker. HTML (which is not considered programming) can be used to phish for login information, which is referred to as hacking.

It's not enough to just read the courses; get to work fixing problems and attempting to break software written by others.

However for more other updates as far as tech is concern, do join us on telegram and enjoy your self. Also, do share this post to your love ones and family members so as to keep them updated as well.

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