Remitly Money Transfer [Overview]

Enter Remitly, an industry-leading platform that is transforming the way we send and receive money across borders.
remitly money transfer

In this interconnected world, where distance is no longer a barrier, the need for efficient and reliable money transfer services has never been greater. Enter Remitly, an industry-leading platform that is transforming the way we send and receive money across borders. With its unwavering commitment to speed, security, and simplicity, Remitly is rewriting the rules of international money transfers.

Gone are the days of lengthy and complicated processes, exorbitant fees, and hidden charges. Remitly has emerged as a beacon of transparency and convenience, empowering millions of people around the globe to seamlessly send and receive money with just a few taps or clicks. Whether you're supporting loved ones, funding education, or conducting business internationally, Remitly has your back.

What sets Remitly apart from the rest is its lightning-fast service that makes traditional remittance methods seem archaic. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and a robust network of trusted partners, Remitly ensures that your hard-earned money reaches its destination in record time. Say goodbye to waiting days or even weeks for your funds to arrive – with Remitly, your loved ones can access the money you send within minutes.

In an era where security breaches and fraudulent activities are a constant concern, Remitly stands as an impenetrable fortress. With state-of-the-art encryption, rigorous identity verification protocols, and adherence to global regulatory standards, Remitly leaves no room for compromise. Your financial information remains locked away from prying eyes, giving you peace of mind as you conduct your transactions with utmost confidence.

But simplicity is the true hallmark of Remitly's approach. Navigating complex financial systems can be daunting, especially for those who are unfamiliar with the intricacies of international money transfers. Remitly eliminates the confusion, offering a user-friendly interface that anyone can master. Whether you're a tech-savvy millennial or a technologically hesitant grandparent, Remitly ensures that sending money becomes as effortless as sending a text message.

Join the millions of satisfied customers who have embraced the Remitly revolution, where borders are mere lines on a map and money moves at the speed of thought. Experience the seamless blend of speed, security, and simplicity that defines Remitly's mission. Say goodbye to the old way of money transfers and say hello to a brighter, more connected future with Remitly.

Table of Contents

Opening Process Of A Remitly Account

Before discussing various company operations, it is essential to understand how you can open an account with the platform. Since it operates online, you must have an internet-enabled device such as a smartphone, computer, or tablet. You also require a secure internet connection and are good to go.

You can follow the steps below when using your computer to open an account.

  1. Visit 
  2. Choose ‘Join Now’
  3. Input your email address and Join

To join using your smartphone or tablet, you can follow the steps below, and you are good to go.

  1. Download the Remitly app from the relevant store.
  2. Input the country you’re sending money from
  3. Enter the country you’re Sending money to and choose ‘Next’
  4. Enter your email address
  5. Input a password
  6. Choose ‘Join Remitly’

Procedure To Remitly Money Transfer

Sending money on Remitly is fast and easy. You only require a few minutes to complete the transfer, irrespective of whether you are new to the platform. You can follow the steps below to send money.

  1. Sign in to your account on the Remitly app or
  2. Tap on the ‘Get Started’ on your app or click on ‘Send money’ if using your web browser.
  3. Select the best transfer method for you and your recipient
  4. Enter the amount to send. Remitly automatically displays the amount your recipient will receive in their local currency.
  5. After that, choose the delivery method. You can choose Bank, cash pick up, or directly into their online accounts. If you select Bank Deposit, you should enter some details about your recipient’s bank account. If you choose Cash Pickup, you must choose a convenient pickup point for your recipient. Furthermore, you should provide their email address or other details if sending directly to their Remitly account.
  6. Next, enter details about your recipient. You should provide their name. You may also provide their phone number so that Remitly can notify them when they receive their finances.
  7. Review your transfer to ensure everything is correct. You can even make changes to the transfer at this stage. 
  8. When ready to transfer, select ‘Send money’.
  9. Lastly, wait for your transfer to process. Remitly recommends you stay on the processing page until you see a confirmation screen indicating that you’re all done!

For effective operation, you should make sure you complete your profile. The steps below can help you to keep your profile in order. 

  1. Enter your name as it appears on your identity document. 
  2. Provide your phone number and address.
  3. Input the date of birth as it appears on your identity document. 
  4. Choose ‘How to pay’ for your transfers. You should enter your bank account details. Also, you can provide your credit or debit card details or any other applicable payment method. Payment methods may vary depending on your country. 

Amount Of Money You Can Send On Remitly

Knowing the maximum amount of funds you can send on the platform is very important. That helps you plan how to send a certain amount of money. The amount of money one can transfer varies from where one is sending money, where they are sending to, and the sending limit.

You can check your sending limit in your country online when you visit and search about the sending limits. Again, sending limits can vary from one person to another. Remitly limits how much you can transfer in 24 hours, 30 days, and 180 days. The limits differ from one location to the other, as well as your recipient’s location.

You can request an increase if you need to send more than your current limit. For you to get an increase on the amount you can send per given time, you should provide;

  1. Your full name
  2. Residential address
  3. Reason for sending funds
  4. Your date of birth
  5. Social Security Number (SSN) for US citizens. If you don’t have the SSN, you can provide a copy of your passport.

Additional money transfer limits may exist depending on your payout or receiving location. You can ask for an increase in your limit by following various steps. When using the Remitly app, you must first sign in and follow the steps below.

  1. Choose on ‘My Remitly’.
  2. Tap ‘Increase Limits’.
  3. Choose the sending tier you’d like to increase.
  4. Upload any needed details or documents.
  5. Wait for the update notice within 48 hours.

When using the Remitly website, you can follow the steps below. 

  1. Navigate to and sign in.
  2. Choose the ‘Sending limits’ tab.
  3. Select the sending tier you want to increase.
  4. Select ‘Apply now’.
  5. Provide or upload any requested details or documents.
  6. Wait for an update.

Charge That Will Cost To Transfer Funds On Remitly

The Remitly Economy money transfer option allows you to send funds for fees as low as $3.99 or over $1,000 for $0 to certain countries. There is a promotional rate for first-time users of Remitly who can get a significantly cheaper transfer fee for a limited amount. The promotions depend on the receiving country.

You can send funds with Remitly Express using a debit card when you’re in a hurry. The funds arrive in minutes for a flat fee of $3.99.

Is Remitly Trustworthy

When sending money on Remitly, you can be sure that your money will reach the target recipient securely. The platform also operates securely online, and rarely will you hear cases of hacking of accounts. However, you should ensure that you utilize secure internet connections and never reveal your logging details.

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Remitly is an online payment service headquartered in Seattle, United States. The platform offers international remittance services to over 135 countries. You can open an account online using your smartphone, computer, or tablet. Depending on the country and your account status, there can be limitations on the amount of money you can send. You can send funds as low as $3.99 or above $1,000 for $0 to certain countries.

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