How To Get PayPal Money Off Hold Without Tracking Number

The most common scenario is that you have money in your PayPal account, but it says it won't be released until you enter a tracking number. Read on.
how to get paypal money off hold without tracking number

 This publication explains how to get PayPal money off hold without a tracking number—however, there aren't many options, especially if the transaction has already occurred.

The most common scenario is that you have money in your PayPal account, but it says it won't be released until you enter a tracking number. If you don't have a tracking ID, it means you delivered the package yourself rather than using one of PayPal's supported carriers in your country.

Meanwhile, if you need to confirm a supported PayPal carrier in your country, check this.

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PayPal sale without a tracking ID is risky

If you're a new seller, the general rule is "never use PayPal if your delivery does not include a tracking number." Recognize that PayPal is attempting to protect the other party by holding the funds in case of a dispute. Another reason is that you are not protected as a seller on PayPal.

However, if you decide you need PayPal seller protection, you must have these in order to be eligible.

A buyer can also receive the item and then file a dispute for non-receipt. And because you don't have a tracking number to prove that the item was delivered, you lose the dispute and the money.

As a result, eBay includes a "Cash on Collection" option where a seller can specify that they will only accept PayPal payment on delivery. If the buyer pays with PayPal, you can issue a refund and change the payment method to "Cash on Collection." You get the money right away, with no waiting, fees, or the risk of a PayPal dispute.

How to get PayPal money off hold without tracking number

As previously stated, there aren't many options when you've already completed the delivery. Nonetheless, you may be able to release PayPal funds without a tracking number in the following ways:

1. Wait for 21 days

You are obviously subject to PayPal's seller hold, particularly if your account is new—PayPal needs to trust you enough, even if this is a big deal for you.

As a result, PayPal will only release funds when the tracking indicates that the item has been delivered. However, because this is not the case, consider waiting 21 days—as long as there is no dispute from the buyer, you will receive your funds.

If the buyer reports a problem, either maliciously or honestly, then you may permanently lose the funds to them.

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2. Build your PayPal seller trust

Think about rolling with the punches! After the 21-day waiting period, you should build a solid selling history with PayPal. This means you can simply mark the payments "Shipped" without providing a tracking number.

If you try to use tracking the next time, you can mark "Order Processed" by simply clicking "Add Tracking" in the transaction details and requesting the senders to confirm receipt on their end to get PayPal money off hold. 

3. Ask the buyer to confirm receipt

The "Confirm Receipt" button appears only when the order status is changed to:

  • “Order Processed”
  • “Service Rendered”, or
  • Marked as shipped

If you're concerned about confirming receipt in order for PayPal to release the hold on funds, you'll need to add a tracking ID and select an appropriate order status, then contact the buyer to confirm receipt on their end in order for PayPal to release the hold.

If you believe a buyer will come up with bizarre, malicious schemes to defraud you because you don't have a tracking number, don't ask them to release the funds or click "Add Tracking." As long as the sender does not file a dispute, the best solution is to wait 21 days for PayPal to remove the hold.

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4. Confirm if you have tracking number

Consider whether you used a shipping service. If so, here's how to include tracking information in order for PayPal to release your funds:

  • Click Activity (at the top of the page).
  • Find and click the specific transaction to update and remove PayPal hold on your money.
  • Select Product and enter the tracking ID if you sold products. However, if you sold an intangible item or provided a service, select Service or virtual product.
  • Confirm the order status.
  • Click Submit. 

When you submit the update, the buyer or sender of the funds will receive an email notification that you entered the shipment tracking information for the transaction. The email notification will also contain the order status, tracking number, and shipping company.

My PayPal Payment Pending Because of Missing Tracking Information. Consider checking the video guide just below.

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