Top 10 Android Security Tips To Avoid Getting Hacked

top 10 android security tips to avoid getting hacked

 When it comes to the iOS vs Android security debate, there is no doubt that Android gets chewed on this one. Have you ever searched for 'how often do data breaches occur on smartphones? You will be surprised by the result despite Google's efforts when it comes to Android security and privacy. So, what steps can you take to secure your mobile device? We have written 10 Android security tips to protect your phone from being hacked. But then, there are a few things you have to know when it comes to getting your smartphone compromised. 

There are several ways in which your Android smartphone can be hacked. However, the three most common ways in which these hacks occur are as a result of the user's carelessness, the manufacturer's issue, or from harmful Android apps.

Since it isn't a common scenario for smartphones to get compromised as a result of the device manufacturers, we will focus on tips that have to do with users' carelessness and harmful Android apps.

In case you are wondering what could happen when your phone is hacked or compromised phone, here are a few things:

  • A hacker could be spying on you if your device is compromised.
  • Your information could be stolen and sold on underground websites.
  • Your identity may be stolen.
  • The stolen data from your device could be used to create a false profile of you, which could then be used to carry out fraudulent transactions, leading to the cops coming after you.
  • When your Android device is compromised, your bank statements, passwords, and even your money could be stolen.

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The examples above are just a few of the things that can happen to your data if your phone is hacked.

There are several methods for keeping your phone from being hacked. So, in this post, I'll go over 10 security tips for protecting your Android phone from hackers and malware.

How To Protect Your Android Phone From Being Hacked

1. Make use of Android Built-in security system:

The first thing you should do after purchasing an Android device is to secure its security system in case something goes wrong. You can choose between PIN, Password, Pattern, Fingerprint, and Face unlock. Always use combinations that are difficult to guess.

2. Always keep your device software up to date:

Always keep your device software up to date with the most recent software upgrade from the manufacturer of your device. The reason you should always keep your Android device updated is so that you can receive the most recent security patches and new features that will improve the security of your device.

3. Stick to the Google Play Store:

There are billions of Android applications on the internet, the majority of which are harmful to your privacy and security. The only way to keep your device safe is to only use apps from the official Android store.... Google Play Store. However, the Google Play Store is not without flaws.

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4. Always use a VPN whenever you are online:

The best way to secure your data and device is to get the service of a trusted virtual private network (VPN) for online security. A VPN protects your online connection by encrypting and routing your connection via secure servers to mask you in the eyes of hackers, your ISP, and other forms of co-operate snoopers.

There are numerous VPN services available, and believe me, their quality varies. Some suffer from DNS leaks, while others reveal the users' true IP address, etc., which defeats the purpose of a VPN. You can find information on top VPN services that leak user data here

5. Don't root your Android if you don't know how it works!!!

Giving your Android device root access has numerous benefits and drawbacks. In fact, the entire benefit would be null and void if your device was hacked due to its root access. Root access allows you to modify your Android device into whatever shape or form you desire, as does the hacker waiting around the corner!

6. Avoid opening unknown links. If you must open them, use......:

Avoid clicking or opening unknown links that may appear when you are browsing or in your email. If you must visit any of these links, simply copy the link(s), open and connect your VPN app, and then open the link(s) in your browser in incognito mode.

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7. Use public/ Free WiFi if ............:

Hackers and cybercriminals congregate at public WiFi hotspots. If you must use public WiFi, sign up for a VPN service before connecting. This will safeguard your data while you are connected to the network.

8. Use Two-Factor authentication:

Always use two-factor authentication on your online services (if available) and on your Android device. If this is enabled and your Android is eventually compromised, the password or PIN alone will not be able to grant the person access to your account because additional security verification will be required.

9. Occasional delete browser history and cache:

Once in a while, ensure to clear the stored cookies and cache in your browser. This makes it hard for the hacker to monitor your behaviour.

10. Avoid saving your password in the browser:

The goal of saving our logins in web browsers is for our convenience and to allow us easy access to those online services that we visit on a regular basis without having to enter our passwords every time.

However, if our phones fall into the wrong hands, the person can easily access our phone's settings and obtain all of our logins, which he or she can then use for whatever purpose he or she desires. Instead, keep your passwords safe with a reputable password manager. 

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