How To Know If Your iPhone Is Hacked

Is your iPhone acting strangely? And you're wondering if your iPhone has been hacked? You've come to the right place. Check in this article.
how to know if your iphone is hacked

 Worldwide, there are over a billion iPhone users. The iPhone is a fantastic phone that anyone can use.

Because of its increasing popularity and usage, there are those who are plotting maliciously to break into the iPhones of a specific group of people.

Is your iPhone acting strangely? And you're wondering if your iPhone has been hacked? You've come to the right place.

In this article, we will discuss the signs that will help you determine if your iPhone has been hacked and the steps you can take to remove a hacker. Let's get this party started.

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How To Know If Your iPhone Is Hacked

Continue reading to know how to check if your iPhone has been hacked.

1. By Using Unknown Apps

One of the most obvious signs that your iPhone has been hacked is the appearance of apps that you have not downloaded.

It's strange to see that in Apple devices because they are very strict about app downloads. When you used the family sharing feature, you may have jailbroken or an app installed itself.

2. By Using Sent Messages 

You can check your social media accounts and imessages to see if any messages were sent from your number/account that you did not personally send.

When mobile phones are hacked, the hacker frequently sends messages to the contacts associated with that mobile number/account (which has been hacked)

3. Your Device is Running Slow

This may be a common occurrence for iPhone 11 and older model owners whose phones have been running slowly due to battery wear.

However, if you have a new iPhone and notice that it is running slowly and getting hot quickly, you must be certain that something is wrong with your iPhone.

4. Run an Antivirus software 

If you suspect your iPhone has been hacked, the first thing you should do is install antivirus software or malware detection software.

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5. Tracking Application

The second thing you can do is download "Certo" for your iPhone and see which apps on your iOS devices are tracking your data and location.

They frequently use the camera and microphones on an iPhone to track its location. Installing certo will notify you if your iPhone's location is being tracked. 

6. Verification Codes 

If your iPhone suddenly displays a verification code notification for your Apple ID from various locations, you can be certain that it has been hacked.

Receiving verification codes for your own Apple ID out of nowhere is strange; you're here with your iPhone, but someone from outside is attempting to hack into it.

7. Using Third-Party Apps 

Unauthorized apps cannot be installed on Apple due to its high-security features, as most of us are aware.

However, once your phone has been compromised, hackers can easily install third-party apps such as business or enterprise apps.

You may not have installed them, but they will be installed on your iPhone by themselves, which is a serious problem.

8. Rapid  Battery Drainage 

Another thing you can do is monitor the rate at which your iPhone's battery drains. It could be a common problem with older iPhone models.

But if you've only had your iPhone for a few months and the battery drain is insane, there's something wrong with it.

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9. Consuming high data 

If you rarely use your cellular data or wifi network and then notice that your data usage has exceeded the daily limit, you should be aware that some apps are being installed, used, or updated in the background.

If no background apps are receiving updates, your data is being used to transfer information from the suspicious applications to the hacker. 

10. Weird Pop-Ups

When you are normally using your iPhone and you notice pop-up messages informing you that your iPhone has been hacked, download an antivirus to remove the hacker but do not install the software from there.

It's a scam message used by the hacker to get you to download software that can bring viruses into your iPhone, making it easier for the hacker to extract your sensitive information.

11. iPhone’s Behavior 

If you notice your iPhone acting strangely, such as suddenly downloading apps from the App Store, rebooting itself, launching apps, and then seeing a red and green dot near your battery icon that is just moving.

If your iPhone turns on and off by itself, you should be aware that something is wrong with its operation.

Can Your iPhone Be Hacked? 

Yes, it is possible to hack an iPhone. In fact, even when turned off, the iPhone is more vulnerable to hacking.

iPhones, particularly older models, can be easily hacked, including iPhone 13 models.

If you believe that the iPhone cannot be easily hacked due to its high technology security features, you are mistaken. As long as you interact with the internet and visit suspicious websites, your iPhone can be hacked or attacked by malware.

Can Apple Check If My iPhone Is Hacked? 

Yes, Apple can determine whether or not your iPhone has been hacked.

According to some reports, if Apple detects hackers (state-sponsored hackers) in any iPhones, they will send an email and a message on your iMessage informing you that their iPhone has been hacked, similar to a thread message.

Can Your iPhone Be Hacked By Visiting A Website?

Yes, if you visit a website, your iPhone can be hacked.

There are numerous malicious websites on the internet, and nearly everyone visits them on a daily basis.

However, not every iPhone or Android phone is compromised. This is because they do not click on the suspicious pop-up or tap on install when they are advised to download software from a website.

It's fine to visit any website as long as you don't click on any pop-ups or install any recommended software, which will take you to some other third-party websites and eventually get your iPhone hacked.

Can You Get Rid Of A Hacker From Your iPhone? 

Yes, you can remove a hacker from your iPhone, but the process is not simple.

You must understand that when a mobile phone or any other device is hacked, it is a serious issue that must be addressed immediately.

To remove a hacker from your iPhone, you must first factory reset your iOS device and then contact Apple support if necessary.

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How To Remove A Hacker From Your iPhone?

1. Delete The Apps 

It's always a good idea to delete apps you're not sure about.

And, most importantly, if you notice any apps on your home screen that were downloaded by themselves, uninstall them right away by clicking (long pressing) on the icon and dragging it to the uninstall icon.

Alternatively, after long pressing the app icon, click on the cross icon. 

2. Turn off your Internet 

If a hacker is identified as being connected to your iPhone. If you use the internet, you must disconnect your internet connection.

Turn off cellular data by clicking on the data icon on the right window panel (swipe your finger to the right), and turn off wifi by doing the same.

Turning off the internet will break the direct link between the hacker and your phone.

3. Delete the Browsing History

Most of us are aware of the most common method by which hackers and malware gain access to our mobile phones.

If you use the internet and encounter suspicious pop-up messages or are abruptly taken to an unknown website, it is recommended that you delete your browsing history from your web browser. Go to Safari, click the three dots, and then select clear browser history.

4. Change The Passwords 

Next, you must change your Apple ID and iCloud passwords. Go to your Apple ID and change your password and email address (if possible).

Change the passwords for all social media platforms and bank account apps.

5. Wipe Away the unfamiliar configuration 

If you discover a new and different configuration on your iPhone, there is a good chance that a hacker has successfully created an id.

Go to your settings, then general, then profile and device management, and finally delete the unfamiliar profile.

6. Use An Antivirus Software 

To begin, only download reputable antivirus software from Apple's app store on your iPhone.

When you activate your antivirus software, it will detect malware or malicious files and place them in a sandbox where they will not affect your iPhone.

Make sure you don't turn off your antivirus software after scanning your phone once; the software needs to run in the background.

7. Contact The Services 

You must dial the phone numbers of the businesses and services where you have given your debit or credit card information.

Tell them to block access and request transaction details if you find any suspicious transactions, and then'report a fraud.'

8. Transfer Everything To Your iCloud

After you've completed the preceding steps, backup all of your photos, videos, and contacts to iCloud, and don't forget to change your iCloud password.

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9. Do A Factory Reset

Finally, and most importantly, you must perform a factory reset on your iOS device.

Go to your settings and then select the General tab. You will see a list of options, tap on "Reset," and then click on the option "erase all content and settings," and then you can enter your password to factory reset your device. 

This will remove the hacker or viruses from your iPhone because a factory reset deletes all apps and files downloaded and restores the iPhone to its original state.

Does Resetting iPhone Get Rid Of Hackers? 

Yes, resetting an iPhone can rid it of hackers. However, the reset must be a factory reset, which restores the iPhone to its original state.

In other words, a factory reset is a format in which you delete everything and your iPhone becomes completely new (not the hardware, but the software and all systems).

When you factory reset your iPhone, every application and third-party app from which the hacker gained access will be removed from the system.

What To Do If Your iPhone Has Been Hacked?

Before you perform a factory reset, contact Apple. Don't be alarmed; simply contact Apple through their website.

Don't make the mistake of sending them an email in this situation; if Apple is delaying receiving the call, go to a nearby Apple Store right away.

Meanwhile, make a secure backup of all your information and data. It could be your MacBook or your Windows computer.

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Conclusion on How to Know if your iPhone is Hacked

Check the points listed above to ensure that your iPhone has been hacked.

Avoid downloading (jailbreaking) apps or visiting any website that asks for your Gmail or other personal information. You can remove the hacker from your iPhone by following the steps outlined above.

If you have any further questions, you can always post them in the Apple support community, which can be found at

If your iPhone has been hacked and you are becoming concerned, it is best to contact Apple directly or visit an Apple Store.

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