SMS Marketing: What is it? How can it help your business?

Welcome to a revolutionary era of marketing, where a simple text message can transcend boundaries, captivate audiences, and drive unparalleled growth.
sms marketing

In a world driven by instant communication, where attention spans are shrinking and digital noise is overwhelming, unlocking the power of SMS marketing has become a game-changer for businesses seeking to cut through the clutter. Welcome to a revolutionary era of marketing, where a simple text message can transcend boundaries, captivate audiences, and drive unparalleled growth.

SMS marketing, short for Short Message Service marketing, has catapulted businesses to new heights by delivering concise, captivating messages directly into the hands of their target audience. With over 5 billion mobile phone users worldwide, SMS marketing offers an unprecedented opportunity to establish meaningful connections and engage customers on a personal level, all within the confines of a 160-character limit.

Imagine having a direct line to your customers, where every message you send is immediately seen and read. SMS marketing empowers businesses to reach their audience instantaneously, ensuring that their promotions, updates, and exclusive offers are received and acted upon promptly. It's a potent tool that allows you to cut through the noise of email inboxes and social media feeds, delivering your message with laser-focused precision.

But SMS marketing is much more than just a quick and convenient way to communicate. It's a platform that enables businesses to build lasting relationships, foster customer loyalty, and drive conversions like never before. Whether you're a small local business or a global enterprise, SMS marketing empowers you to tailor your messages, personalize your offers, and create a sense of urgency that motivates customers to take action.

In this fast-paced digital landscape, where customer engagement is fleeting, SMS marketing stands out as a beacon of opportunity. It offers a cost-effective, highly measurable, and incredibly efficient means of connecting with your audience. With real-time delivery reports and engagement analytics, you have full visibility into the effectiveness of your campaigns, enabling you to refine your strategies and maximize your return on investment.

Join the ranks of innovative businesses that have harnessed the power of SMS marketing to revolutionize their growth. Whether you're looking to boost sales, drive website traffic, or enhance customer loyalty, SMS marketing is the key to unlocking a world of endless possibilities. Step into the future of marketing—ignite connections, empower your business, and watch as SMS marketing propels you toward unprecedented success.

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What is SMS Marketing?

We can define SMS marketing as sending text messages to a list of subscribers who have registered their phone numbers and given their permission to receive SMS(Short Message Service) with commercial or transactional information.

Also called SMS campaigns, it is used for promotional or transactional objectives. Promotional messages are used to motivate the customer to buy: they can notify him about the availability of some products, about falling prices, etc.

On the other hand, transactional messages often notify customers about changes in order status: Received, Paid, Completed. These two types of messages make up SMS marketing.

Long forgotten by marketers, SMS marketing is making a strong comeback in the mobile marketing strategies of many companies around the world. Top Brands like Dominos, IKEA, Facebook, Tommy Hilfiger, Delta Airlines, Starbucks, etc make use of text messages to communicate with their customers.

So, if you’re a business owner or a Marketing Strategist, then you should pay attention to this old but yet-to-be-fully exploited marketing technique. 

In this article, you’ll find a detailed explanation of the advantages of SMS campaigns for your business. 

How exactly can SMS Marketing help your business?

Here are ways that SMS marketing an help your business:

1. High open rates

SMS marketing has the highest open rate among other marketing techniques. It has an above 90% open rate on average, within five seconds of receiving it. 

That’s impressive compared to emails, which have a 20% open rate and take an average of 48 hours to open. Plus, it’s even easy for emails to get lost in a spam folder. 

And in contrast with flyers, customers are more likely to throw away flyers they receive at malls or restaurants. 

But with the rise in popularity of smartphones, texting is hardly going to be ignored. So choose SMS campaigns every time if you want your message to be seen by the highest percentage of your target audience.

2. Cost – Benefit (profitability)

Another key benefit of using a short messaging service is that it is inexpensive. It has a low cost to adopt and run, allowing you to quickly launch and run a campaign even on a tight budget. 

Whereas when it comes to other forms of marketing like Facebook banner ads or outdoor advertising like newspaper ads and TV commercials, not every business can afford it.

Not all digital channels are the same. Especially when it comes to price. Take display ads, for example. Many times, you have to pay for each person who even sees your ad. Yes, even if they don’t click on it.

Email marketing is a bit more affordable. However, most pricing models make you pay more if you have a large contact list, even if you don’t email them all. Sometimes you also have to pay more for customer support.

But, businesses of all sizes can benefit from SMS. Most SMS platforms offer plans that come with unlimited contacts, unlimited SMS reception, and free and unlimited technical support and attention.

3. Speed ​​and flexibility

It only takes seconds for text messages to be delivered. It is said that it takes the average person 90 minutes to reply to an email. Whereas, in the case of a text message, 90 seconds is the average response time.

So, it is a great medium if you want to communicate something urgent. You can use it to drive traffic to your store on a clearance day before new merchandise.

Also, it allows you to send a batch of messages to a specific group or send thousands of SMS to an entire list. Plus, a great SMS marketing service will make it easy for you to customize your text message to your business needs.

People on average have their phones within an arm’s length at all times(most people, on average, check their cell phones once every 12 minutes). So, texting is the closest and fastest way you can get to your target audience virtually.

4. Reach a wide demographic

You can segment and personalize the sending of SMS according to purchasing behaviors, geographical location, consumption habits, preferences, age ranges, gender, and more that will depend in part on your contact database. 

If you try to achieve the same personalization through other forms of marketing, it will cost you a fortune. However, in SMS campaigns, it can be done at no additional cost.

5. Boost Branding

SMS Marketing will allow your company to achieve brand presence. By sending text messages periodically, the recipient recognizes and associates a certain company with certain information.

For example, A private Hospital that sends text messages with useful health content to its customers will make them recognize the brand as a positive one and further strengthen their trust in the Hospital.

It is a well-known fact that it is easier to resell to existing customers than it is to gain a new customer. That’s why you can use mass text messaging services to target your current customers.

6. High conversions

There is a lot of research pointing to high conversion rates associated with SMS marketing. 

SMS is characterized by being concise and with highly detailed content, that allows the sender to go to the point with the objective of the communication and what is wanted to say, this helps a lot to not digress in the content to be disclosed.

SMS marketing campaigns perform better than email marketing campaigns in terms of conversion. It is said that SMS conversion rates are 250% higher than email conversion rates.

7. Personalization

Text marketing makes it easy to personalize your messages. Despite being sent out in bulk, they have a more intimate and personal feel.

You can take advantage of your database; when sending SMS, you can use custom fields that automatically insert personalized information in messages with a single click. 

As a result, you can classify all your contacts or audience with specific additional information such as dates, custom order numbers, names, and amounts, …

In addition, you can personalize the sender name by including your brand name instead of the standard number. Thanks to the personalization of SMS, you will considerably increase your reading rate.

8. Easy Adoption

While SMS marketing will continue to change and evolve (for the better!), one thing will never change. Text messages have been and will always be native to mobile phones. No downloads, no learning curves, no barriers to access.

Regardless of your audience, customers, and contacts, text messaging provides a convenient way to reach them.

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Final Thought

This direct line to your audience's pocket unlocks incredible potential for engagement, sales, and loyalty. With its high open rates, personal touch, and ability to cut through digital noise, SMS stands out as a valuable tool for any business looking to connect with customers in a meaningful way.

Embrace opt-in, personalize your messages, and use data to guide your strategy, and you'll unlock the true power of SMS marketing, turning fleeting texts into lasting customer relationships.

So, are you ready to start the conversation?

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