How To Earn Money By Digital Marketing: 8 Best Ways

Gone are the days when earning money was done through a traditional method of the day job. Now there are openings on the web to earn money online.
how to earn money by digital marketing

Are you looking for how to earn money by digital marketing? Well count your self lucky for you are at the right place. Gone are the days when earning money was done through a traditional method of the day job. Now there are openings on the web to earn money online.

There are different ways available to earn money at this time and age. The latest buzz to earn money online is through digital marketing. Digital marketing is a great way to earn money online without being going out of the home. Well, now you must be wondering how to earn money through digital marketing.

Before this one needs to understand the term digital marketing and proceed further to online money making with digital marketing.

Digital Marketing is not the shortcut to earning money, Like every other job we have to spend time and learn the basics of it before diving into it, and then only you can find the ways to earn money in digital marketing.

And, the more you learn and more you practice digital marketing techniques, you can make considerable earnings from it.

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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the component of marketing that uses the Internet and online-based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services.

In other words, Digital marketing is termed as an online platform where one can advertise their products online on the internet or any other digital medium. It is a thing of the past when salesman used to sell their wares by shouting their prices, attractions, and their benefits in a community market.

As people nowadays have a significant online presence, the sellers have grabbed the opportunity to create a niche for their product and this is where the concept of digital marketing comes in as it takes the details of the product to the customer anywhere and anytime as it uses social media and web pages to advertise the product.

There are various lucrative ways to earn money through digital marketing and some of the ways are listed below:

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How to Earn Money by Digital Marketing? 

There is a certain number of ways by which one can earn money through digital marketing such as:

  1. Content marketing
  2. Blogging
  3. SEO
  4. Website Designing
  5. Social media marketing
  6. Affiliate marketing
  7. Mobile Marketing
  8. Email marketing

1. Content Marketing

Content Marketing is termed as creating and publishing free content online with the intent to advertise a certain product or service. It is a bridge of information between the consumer and the seller. Content marketing is used in search engine searches. The current trends in buying now are;

  • Query searching- In the current trend, people tend to search each and every issue on the internet.
  • Research- then comes the researching of many articles about the same subject and knowing their current market value, price, etc
  • Comparison- then the consumer compares the different price quotes and decides the price suitable for them.
  • Buying- well here the end result the product is bought.

These steps are possible for online buying if there are good search results to compare and buy if there is good content available online about the product. If you have a strong suit in writing then this is one of the ways on to earn money by digital marketing.

When writing content you should be able to understand the dynamics of the product thoroughly and the content should be presented in a manner that a layman can understand and buy the product.

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2. Blogging

What is blogging?

Blogging is nothing but a personal opinion of the writer on any topic. There are a lot of blog sites that offer free hosting of opinions and it has the readability of millions of readers. If you are a creative writer then it is a rewarding job to write an appealing blog about the product and at the same time, online money making with digital marketing is achieved. 

But the basic requirement of the blog is that it should be always in the current trend. You could also link Google Adsense and monetize your blog by hosting ads. For each and every ad you hoist on your blog, you will able to generate more income.

In the blog, you can attract readers with steady and genuine content, offer a freebie in exchange for their email address, build their trust, and then advertise a product on your blog that will really be useful to the reader and earn a commission if the readers use your blog as a link to purchase the product.


Search engine optimization well it is a very big word but it is a very simple method of online money-making once you get to know the specifics. The main aim of SEO is to increase your site’s visibility in the search field.

Every search engine gives a result based on certain keywords or key phrases of the search query typed in the box and the most relevant result gets to be on the top. Here comes the work of an SEO professional who helps to optimize the website pages with the most searched keywords and key phrases to ensure maximum visibility of the website.

You can earn money by building links or by writing SEO content which is written with the aim of attracting search engine traffic. you are required to write content with a rich mixture of keywords and phrases and improve the chances of the website being in the top suggested results. There are different types of SEO content writing like

  • Blog writing
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Slideshows
  • List making
  • Glossaries
  • Directories
  • Guides
  • Articles
  • Product pages

You can pick your niche and start earning in it, this is not a complete list but a comprehensive one there are many ways in this digital marketing method to earn money.

4. Website Designing

This area requires a certain technicality. If a person has the ability to design a website from scratch and maintain it in a way that is noticed by the user.

Website design is the planning, structuring creating, and updating of the websites. It means the designer has to choose the correct specifics like an inviting layout, a splash of colors, the images used in them, creating a user-friendly interface for optimum navigation, and presenting the website in a cluttered freeway.

The designer should also keep in mind that the website has to be updated regularly to keep up with market trends. In this way of digital marketing, one can learn how to earn money by digital marketing from the comfort of home by designing websites according to the client’s needs or restructuring an existing website by giving it a makeover.

5. Affiliate Marketing

This type of digital marketing is based on the weight of one’s recommendations. Unlike other digital marketing ways, this affiliate marketing is based on one-to-one recommendations that are if you recommend a product to your friend and then he /she uses the link given by you to purchase the product then you would gain a commission out of that sale. This is called affiliate marketing. This is the oldest type of digital marketing.

Many online e-commerce giants have successful affiliate marketing programs. It is also called referral marketing. In affiliate marketing, you can put a tie-up with a company your referral link, and this is how to earn money by digital marketing to sell its goods through your referral link and earn a commission for every product sold via your link.

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6. Social Media Marketing 

Wondering how to earn money by digital marketing through social media:

As the name suggests it is digital marketing which is done in social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Nowadays a huge demographic uses their free time to dabble in social media and chat to like-minded people.

Most social media networks have their own data analytics tools which assist in building and advertising marketing campaigns in social media. As there is a constant streaming of discussions and opinions on social media there would be almost an immediate notice product and it would also be shared on other platforms leading to awareness about the product.

But this process is a little slow to catch up on, it is more of nurturing the type of marketing. Social media marketing has a lot of unexplored potential and a wide demographic to be explored.

You could post a marketing campaign on your social media account and earn money for the number of campaigns posted in your account the number of views you get from your friends and the success rate of your campaign will ensure you profitable online money-making with digital marketing. You could also share a post on social media on how to earn money by digital marketing to attract more views and use those views to advertise the product.

7. Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is an innovative way of digital marketing. It is a recently emerged trend for online money-making with digital marketing. There are different ways of mobile marketing:

SMS marketing – This marketing is done by short messaging service or SMS. Before the emergence of the internet era, the products used to be advertised in this manner. Even now this method is used by small-scale entrepreneurs.

Push notifications – This was introduced by Apple in 2009 and this was replaced by Google Cloud messaging service later in 2013. Push notification is nothing but the message that pops on the mobile screen the viewer can see the message in a single tap.

App-based marketing – these are the recent trends in digital marketing. The developers help the product gain maximum visibility in the app store. Mobile app development has become a lucrative way to earn money through digital marketing.

In-game mobile marketing – when playing an online game we see a lot of pop-up ads in the game if you click on them they lead to the third-party website urging the user to buy or download the app or game.

QR Codes – These codes are scanned by the mobile camera and the URL is automatically entered in the browser’s tab and the user can access the product easily without the hassle f site navigation.

Nowadays, almost everyone has a mobile phone. Hence, it can be a very rewarding way to earn money by digital marketing through mobile marketing, if the person has a very good niche of creative designing and making attractive captions in a few words.

You can offer your services to create and send bulk SMS to a number of contacts which is a very viable option for local entrepreneurs to develop their business.

7. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an innovative way of marketing. It is a marketing tool in which an advertiser sends an email to the recipient detailing the products and the deals available in them. It has the potential to reach millions of customers in a single click. It is a mix of graphic content with content and links that grant access to the customer for easy purchase and information.

It is an easy way to gauge the customer’s reaction and the marketing graph of the product. A lot of marketing emails come with the option of unsubscribing to eliminate unwanted customers and secure potential customers.

There are also pre-made templates in which the information can be filled and sent to the recipient without having the need to design or create a template. The pros of this type of digital marketing are the product is advertised to a large audience and it has a far outreach than the traditional method of marketing.

It is not about how long it is about how many leads you have in it which are definite winners. Now there are email marketing campaigns that pay you when the lead clicks on the link provided in the email. Now that’s another way to earn money from digital marketing.

The cons of this method are sometimes when a person gets a bunch of marketing emails they tend to dismiss them without a single glance. So it is highly important that the email marketing created is very attractive and creative at a single glance. But the important part of this system is your mailing list.

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Frequently Asked questions (FAQs)

How do I become a high paid digital marketer?

Some of the top skills required to ace a digital marketing job that pays high such as communication skills, writing skills, analysis the Google Analytics, digital marketing, running ad campaigns, understanding customer preferences, content planning, SEO etc.

How long does it take to make money digital marketing?

You need to stick with a digital marketing strategy for about six to twelve months before you start to see meaningful results. It can take even longer if you are not fixing all aspects of your site (from backlinks to content to user experience), posting frequently, or providing high-quality content.

Can I self learn digital marketing on my own?

Can You Learn Digital Marketing On Your Own? Yes, you can learn the basics of digital marketing on your own, but because the digital marketing landscape never stops evolving, self-guided learning may not be the best route.

Do you need money to start digital marketing?

You don't need to put it all on a credit card, you don't need to get a bank loan, you don't need startup capital—you can just build a website, and you can be on your way. That's what we did, and we now have a successful digital marketing agency with clients around the world.

How do I use my phone to make money?

Take Online Surveys. Taking online surveys may seem like a waste of time. ... Play Online Games. Playing online games to make money from your phone is super fun. ... Earn Cash Back. ... Use an Investment App. ... Sell Your Data. ... Sell Old Stuff. ... Sell Old Textbooks. ... Sell Photos.

Which is better than digital marketing?

Digital marketing is generally more cost-effective and can be more targeted, while traditional marketing can be more effective at reaching a larger audience. It's important to consider your budget and target market when deciding which type of marketing to use.

Conclusion on How to Earn Money by Digital Marketing

Above is a list of some of the ways to earn money through digital marketing and SEO techniques and a guide to online money-making with digital marketing.

The internet era has brought the comfort of earning from our homes and it is a fast-growing industry with a lot of opportunities and has an untapped potential to earn if utilized properly there is a huge scope to learn and earn in a legitimate way without the need for a traditional method of earning.

You can easily earn money from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and even Snapchat. Digital marketing has revolutionized and has paved the way for people to use their potential to a full limit and at the same time make money online marketing way.

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