Top 5 Marketing Strategies For The Digital Growth Of Your Business

since the rise of the internet and its effective utilization by businesses across the globe, the process of conducting business has been highly influ
Top 5 Marketing Strategies For The Digital Growth Of Your Business

The “lords” of the internet have penetrated our everyday lives in such a way that it is hard to imagine our lives without it. From surfing the internet to interacting with our social circle to shopping, the World Wide Web has got us covered. And, businesses are no exception to this.

Statistics suggest that 85% of online buyers search for a business online before making a purchasing decision.

In fact, since the rise of the internet and its effective utilization by businesses across the globe, the process of conducting business has been highly influenced by this hyper-connected medium. It has managed to hit several parameters that are required to initiate a successful growth in businesses. And, the acute rise in digital platforms that has managed to connect most of the world has also supplemented the cause.

Top Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Business

  • Using the Power of Social Media
  •  Focus On An Effective Content Strategy
  •  Optimize Your Website For Both Mobile & Desktop
  •  Create a Targeted Email List
  •  Utilize the Power of Social Proof

Above are the best market strategies you need to follow and apply which is why below in the article I will explain the various above strategies

To begin, we have the Power of Social Media: Social Media has influenced our lives in manners never known to humanity before. From being connected to our social circle on Facebook to building a professional profile for business or job prospects on LinkedIn, our lives have gradually adopted the Internet phenomenon. Therefore, it would be unwise for any business to avoid its power to tap into a huge potential customer base.

In order to create an effective social media strategy for your business, you need to firstly select the platforms that you plan to target based on the type of your target audience. Twitter also works if your brand communication can be delivered in a short and precise format.

You create personalized and relatable content that can influence and engage your target audience based on their preference and brand communication. Use Facebook ads on both Facebook and Instagram (  just as we all know Instagram is owned by Facebook) to promote your content and offers to an even wider group of people.

For For instance, if you are a brand selling t-shirts to college-going and working Millenials then you can set preferences in age groups like 18-25, geography, interests like online shopping, etc. This helps you to broadcast your message to your potential customer base without any unwanted economic bleeding.

Next we have Focus On An Effective Content Strategy: without forgetting that content is the most important part of any digital marketing strategy that you undertake. As it is the soul communicating medium between your brand and your target customers. Content marketing also includes images and video along with words. You need to have a strong content strategy in place in order to ensure effective targeting as well as communication.

Ensure to create a content that is more relevant, relatable and highly engaging. The effect of your marketing depends on the influence of your content and thus, it is essential that you get it right. Low and poor quality content can affect your brand in ways that you haven’t imagined before. While, a great content strategy can help you to build a strong relationship with your prospects, improve your brand image and boost your revenue.

Below are a few tips that you should keep in mind while working on your content strategy:

  • Make it an objective to create content that has the capability of emotionally connecting with your audience. Often, the audience shares content that they find emotionally relatable.
  • Keep track of the strategies implemented by your competitors, check potential results and implement the good parts in yours.
  • Try to deliver real information and value rather than bland marketing to connect with your target audience. Such type of content also encourages the prospect to share the same in his or her social circle bringing in more brand mileage.
  • Tell stories through your content and try to connect with your target audience on a much more personal level.
  • Always strive to create content that encourages the audience to share and engage with the same to hit your intended goals.

Optimize Your Website For Both Mobile & Desktop: This is a highly important aspect of your digital marketing strategy. Your website acts as your online presence or rather, your online shop and thus, requires special attention from you to stay relevant and effective. As the world of computing technology is becoming more and more portable with the sheer rise in smartphone and tablet sales. Therefore, your website needs to easily load and navigate in all these devices in order to connect with all levels of your audience.

The name of the game here is optimization. You need to optimize your website on several parameters like faster loading speeds, easy navigation and most importantly, optimization for all platforms and screen sizes. Studies indicate that 57 percent of the global internet users avail the same from a portable mobile device and hardly uses a laptop or a desktop. Therefore, if your website is not optimized to load smoothly and properly on such platforms and devices then you are missing out on a huge chunk of potential business.

Create a Targeted Email List: It is often seen that businesses avoid using emails in their digital marketing strategy. If you ask any digital marketing expert on small businesses and he or she will tell you about the importance of creating email lists. It works as a trusted channel to drive repeated sales and build a solid relationship with your customers.

As per a study by McKinsey, email lists are an incredible 40 times more effective in getting you new customers compared to social media giants Facebook and Twitter combined. This speaks a lot about the power it holds in giving that extra boost to your digital marketing strategy.

Effective Email marketing can help you to fulfill the following goals:

  • Instigating credibility amongst the target audience
  • Nurturing fruitful relationships with customers
  • Enhancing your brand’s communication
  • And, bringing in traffic to your website

 Lastly on the list we have  Utilize the Power of Social Proof: Customers of this age and every other have always demanded some form of validation about a product or service before investing in the same. They want to know what the other users of your product/service are feeling and giving them a platform to voice their concerns, feedback or check reviews goes a long way in instilling trust in your brand.

For example, you can see on Amazon and Flipkart that products have a space for user reviews that act as a social proof of its usage to potential customers of the same. In short, you can highly influence potential buyers with the thoughts of previous buyers. However, it also means that you have to be consistent in quality and customer service all the time in order to attract those positive feedbacks.

Video testimonials are highly effective in today’s digital space though textual ones still have their relevancy. Real social proof can also help you to enhance your efforts in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as your brand’s value surges when a user sees great ratings on your search listing. 

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  • A smart Phone Android or ios
  • A laptop machine
  • Knowledge on Digital marketing

Who is this article meant for?

As long as an individual is Interested in the digital world, he or she can engage. But the individual must have the willingness, patients and a mastery about marketing.


Now that you have access to some of the top digital marketing strategies to grow your business, you need to take action and make them work wonders for your brand. Since the initiation of the digital age, numerous businesses have gone from zero profits to huge margins by the sole usage of digital mediums like social media and email. It only depends on the action and intention of your own.

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