How To Unlock A Google Locked Phone [Complete Guide]

As you can see, DroidKit can be your savior when it comes to avoiding Google verification and removing Google lock from your phone.
how to unlock a google locked phone

 You may buy a second-hand phone but with a Google verification page after wiping data, or accidentally trigger the FRP lock after factory reset a locked phone. The situations are that your phone is locked by Google FRP lock. End up with a Google locked phone can be quite miserable if you have no idea of the original email and password. You’re unable to get the Google lock removed, and can never access your phone or enjoy Google services.

But, thankfully, it is a problem with a solution. We will provide you with effective ways to fix Google locked phones based on your specific circumstances. Let's begin with what a Google locked phone is, and then move on to how a Google locked phone can be unlocked with or without a Google account and password.

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Can a Google Locked Phone be Unlocked?

To begin, a Google locked phone indicates that the device's Google account verification has been activated following a factory reset; you can usually unlock it using the original Google account and password. It is, in particular, the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) lock for Android phones, a security feature designed to provide additional security for your device and information, such as screen locks and data encryptions. Furthermore, if your phone is lost, the FRP lock can be activated using Google Find My Device. 

When your phone is Google locked, you will see the This device was reset verify screen. Sign in with a Google Account that was previously synced on this device to proceed.

Unlocking a Google-locked phone is entirely possible. In just a few clicks, you can unlock an Android phone using your Google account and password. You have two options for attempting to find the password. There are also methods for unlocking your Android phone without a Google account or by removing the previously synced Google account. Continue reading to learn how to remove your Google account from a phone or bypass this Google smart lock without a Google account and password.

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Unlock Google Locked Phone without Google Account & Password

If you need to bypass Google smart lock without a password, we strongly advise you to use a professional bypass tool to increase your chances of success. DroidKit is an excellent attempt to circumvent Samsung FRP lock, regardless of the model of your Samsung phone or tablet. There is a customized bypassing solution for each device model and Android OS, ensuring that you can quickly regain access to your device. Android versions 6 to 12 are supported.

Unlock Google Locked Samsung Phone [Video Tutorial]

What Can you Get after Google Lock Removal:

  • Regain full access to your phone immediately.
  • Remove the previous Google account from your device.
  • Log in to another Google account of yours to enjoy all Google services.
  • Privacy will be safe – the whole process is done by yourself and on your own computer with the protection of SSL-256 encryption.
  • All content on your device will be erased after the Google account is removed successfully.

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You can now download DroidKit on your computer (Windows PC or Mac) and proceed with the detailed steps below to bypass Google lock on Samsung. 

Steps to Unlock Google Locked Phone:

  1. Start the tool on your computer > Select FRP Bypass.
  2. Connect your Google-locked phone and tap on the Start button.
  3. Wait for DroidKit to prepare a configuration file for your device and continue.
  4. Then put your device into recovery mode and find the number shown on your device > Select the right system version.
  5. To complete the corresponding settings, follow the on-screen instructions.
  6. Following that, DroidKit will begin bypassing Google lock. Your device will be restarted once the bypass process is complete.

How to Unlock Google Locked Phone for Free

If you have no trouble accessing your Google account and password, simply follow the steps below to unlock your phone for free. Things become more complicated if the account or password is not available. No need to worry; the FRP bypass tool in Part 2 will allow you to bypass Google verification, and the Google account and password will be found in Part 5. Continue reading to find the method that works best for you.

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You can remove Google account lock for free as below:

Unlock Android Phone with Google Account for Android OS 9.0(pie):

  1. Launch the Settings app on your device and then select Accounts and Backup.
  2. In Accounts, find your Google account and then tap Remove Account to disable the FRP.

Unlock Android Phone with Google Account for Android OS 6.0:

  1. Select Accounts from the Settings menu. Select Google.
  2. Select the Google account you want to delete > Tap More in the top right corner > select Remove Account.

Unlock Google Locked Phone by Google Account Recovery

If you don't have the original Google password, try changing it to something new. To verify your identity, the first option in the bucket is to send a text message or receive a call to the phone number associated with the account. If recovery email or answers to secret questions are not available, try another method. Please ensure that you have access to the verification address or other detailed account information, or it will not work for you.

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Method 1. Find the Password via Recovery Email

If the account's recovery email is available, take the following steps to prove ownership:

Step 1: Navigate to the Google Account Recovery page and select Forget email. Then On the next page, enter your recovery email address associated with your Google account, then tap Send to receive a one-time code to that address. 

Step 2: Check your recovery email for the verification code. After entering the six-digit code, you will be prompted to change your password.

Method 2. Find the Password by Offering Answers to Secret Questions

When you fail to verify ownership via recovery email, hit the “Try a different question” option on the bottom to answer secret questions. If you correctly select the “Year” and “Month” when the original account was created, you get a chance to set up a new password.

Conclusion on How to Unlock a Google Locked Phone

That's all there is to it when it comes to unlocking a Google-locked phone, whether you have a Google account or not. As you can see, DroidKit can be your savior when it comes to avoiding Google verification and removing Google lock from your phone. Give it a shot and you'll be able to access all functions on your Google-locked phone. If this guide solves your problem, please share it with your social circles.

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