How To Set Up PayPal Account In Banned Countries

You can also withdraw to your bank account, but you must verify your PayPal account in the banned country to remove the restrictions.
how to set up paypal account in banned countries

 How to Open a PayPal Account in a Banned Country This publication is for you if you live in a country where PayPal is not supported. It's also useful for people whose PayPal only allows them to send money and not receive it.

Meanwhile, here is a PayPal publication on countries that are not prohibited. You obviously want to open a PayPal account in a prohibited country in order to complete a transaction or receive money from someone—this is possible. If you intend to use this trick to receive dirty money, you may be caught and your account may be suspended.

The goal of this publication is to assist you in circumventing the ban in order to help your small online business or send/receive money from people you know. This tutorial could also be used to earn money by creating PayPal accounts for people in need.

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Won’t PayPal know about the account and ban it?

The idea is to create a stealth PayPal account that uses a fake ID—no information from the banned country is used, so PayPal can't tell whether or not your account is in a banned country unless you trigger the red flag.

This account does not adhere to PayPal's account policies, but it suffices as long as you keep things simple. You'll also need a VPN to hide your IP address, but this isn't always necessary. 

If you are suspended, you will need to either fake your ID for verification or create a new account and start over. You should never save money in this account, so you have nothing to lose if you accidentally trigger PayPal to request verification.

How to set up PayPal account in banned countries

Let's get right to the steps so you can get started right away. The following are the steps to open a PayPal account in a prohibited country:

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1. Make a fake ID for yourself 

There are numerous websites where you can generate a fake ID. For this tutorial, we used the tool (we do not affiliate with this website).

Create an ID for any continent in any supported country using this tool. Refer to the support list mentioned in the introduction to see which countries do not prohibit PayPal. You should also use a country that can send and receive because some countries can only send.

If you are unsure of which countries can send and receive, we recommend using the ID tool to generate the UK or US identity. For questions, use the comment section.

2. Buy VOIP for verification

VOIP (Voice over IP) apps, such as the Dingtone app, are available on the iOS or Android app stores. You can use any trusted VOIP, but we used Dingtone (we have no affiliation with Dingtone) to obtain the number for verification.

Simply get VOIP, which ensures a permanent phone number. You must pay annually or monthly for as long as you use your PayPal account in the prohibited country.

If you used the ID generator to create a US ID, you'll need a US phone number. If you used an area code in the fake ID, try to get a US phone number with the same area code.

If the phone number you enter later does not work on PayPal, it is possible that it was blocked due to the previous user misusing it. You can ask the provider for a new phone number.

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3. Sign up on

Visit and sign up using the information you generated earlier with the ID tool. That VOIP number will also be used in place of the phone number. You can create a new email address using your local phone number—email is unimportant.

4. Complete account verification

To complete your registration, PayPal will request verification of your phone number and email address.

Don't get rid of your VOIP service just yet; keep it for the future. When PayPal suspects unauthorized login, they may request that you verify your phone number or email address.

You don't really need a VPN to access this PayPal account in a restricted country. To avoid triggering PayPal, make sure you always log in with the same country IP address.

Congratulations, you now have a PayPal account in a prohibited country. But how do you spend the PayPal money you get without being suspended? 

How to withdraw PayPal funds in a banned country

The workings methods include:

  1. Sending money to someone else using an authentic PayPal account
  2. Using a freelancing website to transfer funds.

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1. Send funds to another account

Send the funds to a different PayPal account to cash them out. The person will then cash it and send it to your bank account, but this can be stressful, especially if you can't think of anyone in a non-banned country who can do it for you.

2. Cashout with a freelance site

It is preferable to cash the funds through a freelance website. You must create both buyer and seller accounts on the sites, or one of each if you already have a trusted person on the platform as a buyer or seller.

If you must create both accounts yourself, do so on separate days. To keep the freelance site in the dark, you'll also need different IP addresses to access both accounts. Otherwise, the website will suspect you of money laundering and will block you.

The idea is that you use your buyer account to pay yourself for services on the seller account and then withdraw funds directly from the seller account to your local bank account. This must be done naturally in order to keep the freelance site from discovering what is going on. This means you must chat with yourself using both buyer and seller accounts, as the freelance site can check chats without informing you. is an option. Make sure the names on both accounts are distinct. You can use the same fake information you used to open your buyer account to open your seller account, and then use your real information to receive the money. 

The feature that allows a seller to invite a buyer account makes Upwork preferable. You can use this feature in your seller account to invite your buyer account without having to publicly post a gig. Because this is an invitation, Upwork may not charge any fees in some cases. However, expect to pay commission.

Conclusion on How to Set Up PayPal Account in Banned Countries

You can also withdraw to your bank account, but you must verify your PayPal account in the banned country to remove the restrictions. For this step, you can use SecondEye verification documents for verification.

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