How to Set Up Second Telegram Account with Free Virtual Phone Number [Complete Guide]

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How to Set Up Second Telegram Account with Free Virtual Phone Number

 Are you a Telegram user who can't picture living without checking your favorite channels for updates? If you use Telegram, you may wish to create a separate business Telegram account at some point. You can't have multiple Telegram accounts with the same phone number, unfortunately. But! There are a few methods for completing Telegram login without using a phone number. With our eSIM, you'll acquire a home privacy IP address in the United States, Europe, or Asia, which you may use to sign up for a second Telegram account.

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Can You Use Telegram without a Phone Number?

Every time you wish to register a new account on Telegram, you must input your phone number. A verification code will be issued to this phone number to confirm that you are the legitimate owner. You will not be able to continue without providing the verification code. You may, however, use a simple approach to sign up for many Telegram accounts on your phone. A virtual phone number can be used for this.

If you want to join up for Telegram using a virtual phone number for security or other reasons, you've come to the perfect place. Several free VoIP applications are available here that will offer you with a legitimate US phone number to receive incoming SMS messages and calls in order to complete Telegram verification. 

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How to Make a Second Telegram Account

You'll need a second phone number if you want to sign up for a second Telegram account. Because phone companies are unwilling to offer a single person with two phone lines, one must be more inventive while attempting to maintain several Telegram accounts.

Even if you live outside of the United States or Canada and need to sign up for a service that requires an American or Canadian phone number, there are businesses that will provide you with a legitimate phone number. People in the United States and Canada may benefit from having a second phone number to separate their personal and corporate accounts. 

The quickest way to setup account is to use Temp Number service to receive sms online. It lets you to efficiently cycle and use the numbers used on popular services for private Internet connection. All phone numbers provided by the service come from real SIM cards. These are not virtual/VoIP phone numbers. That’s why the service guarantees that you can pass almost any verification with its help, including the verification of the second Telegram account.

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You can preserve your local phone number or an eSIM profile on your mobile device while getting a second phone number from TextNow or other apps. 

TextNow is a free texting and calling program that gives you an authentic American or Canadian phone number. The disadvantage of the app is that if you do not use it frequently, you risk losing your phone number, which will be re-circulated and used by someone else. Nothing will go wrong if you utilize your TextNow phone number at least a couple of times every week.

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Fortunately, you can receive a permanent phone number by upgrading to the premium edition of the TextNow app or signing up for their wireless service

You'll need to perform the following steps to create a second Telegram account with a virtual phone number:

1. Install TextNow from iOS and APK Mod

2. You can choose your free virtual phone number when you download and install the program. When you enter your zip code, the app will produce five distinct possibilities for you to choose from. Simply pick a number from this list to finish the configuration.

3. Next, go to your phone's app store and download the Telegram app. Select Settings > Your Profile Details > Add Account from the drop-down menu. Fill in your TextNow virtual phone number for free.

4. In the top right corner of the screen, tap Next. Telegram will send you a verification number through text message, or you can call Telegram to confirm your account. You can tap Resend if you don't receive one. You can choose a different virtual phone number in the TextNow app if you don't receive the verification code.

5. Fill in your First and Last Names as soon as you've verified your account. That's everything there is to it.

P.S. If you're having difficulties verifying your Telegram account with your TextNow number, you can contact Telegram support to see if they can manually add the number to your account or use a different VoIP service.

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If you're looking for a different approach to finish the verification, the following virtual phone number apps can help you get a free USA phone number for a second Telegram account verification.

Google Voice is a web-based calling service that assigns you a randomly created phone number. You can use it to make international calls and send and receive text messages. The software comes with a lot of handy functions. The only condition worth mentioning is that you must have a personal Google account in order to utilize the service.

Burner is a different approach to get a second Telegram account a virtual phone number. The unique feature of this program is that each phone number is allocated to a single user and is completely encrypted, ensuring complete anonymity for all Burner users worldwide.

Unlike the other VoIP applications discussed before in this essay, is designed to be used only for a limited time. The app will be useful just if you require a phone number that you will use only once and then forget about once verification is completed. numbers should not be used to verify your financial account or other sensitive information. Because the messages you get to your virtual phone number are visible to the public, you should be extra cautious while using the app for verification or other similar purposes.

Conclusion on How to Set Up Second Telegram Account with Free Virtual Phone Number

Telegram phone verification is a required step during the registration process for a new Telegram account. If you want to keep your personal Telegram account separate from your business channel, you'll need to look into using free VoIP applications to verify your identity. This can be accomplished with the help of VoIP applications such as Temp Number, TextNow, Google Voice, Burner, and others that provide you with a virtual phone number.

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