Free Phone Number US/CA Verify Telegram, PayPal And Other Services

TextNow is the most used app among android users for getting free US phone numbers and free unlimited phone calls and SMS over the Internet WIFI or on
Free Phone Number US/CA Verify Telegram, Paypal And Other Services

Many people do not know that they can get a free phone number for free calling and messaging also to receive verification code for example you can get free number for telegram, a free phone number to verify PayPal account if not available in your countries

Also some other services on the internet may be not allowed without a phone number verification and that services require a person to be a US resident or any country other than they live, you can use textnow to get free Canada phone number as same as free US Number with the same functionality.

If you do not prefer to use your real phone on Internet for a special reason or let's say that your phone number has been blocked for example on telegram or you just want to have multiple telegram accounts for some reasons, you can use textnow to make unlimited telegram accounts with free US phone number and also in Canada.

Why looking for creating different phone number

You can get free US or Canada phone number as we have stated above and can be used for free voice calls, unlimited free SMS texts, multimedia messages and voicemail. So with these services you can easily get your verification codes via phone calls, SMS or voicemail and beside that you can get unlimited Phone numbers.

A lot of Telegram users after being blocked by other users they get blocked too from sending messages to other people and even to telegram groups they are already joined for a long time. An other reason for looking for different free phone number, you can get unlimited telegram accounts to use when your actual account is being blocked.

On a serious Note: Before you start to sign up on any of these free US phone service providers, it would be better to use vpn with a US server to prevent being blocked. 

TextNow is the most used app among android users for getting free US phone numbers and free unlimited phone calls and SMS over the Internet WIFI or on mobile data. you can sign up with your Gmail account or Facebook and then when you signed up you will be asked to enter an area code (US area codes of your choice) and in a few seconds your phone number will be generated and you will be able to get your verification code on this number.

Click below to download the TextNow app.

How to get Unlimited US/Canada Phone Numbers

After you must have gotten the app from APK Premiumz above, Sign up with your Facebook account, Gmail account or with your email address. After being verified you will be asked to chose an aria code in USA or in Canada..a few seconds you get a new phone number valid for calling and receiving messages unlimited within to USA/Canada numbers for free. Also you can use this number to receive verification codes.

How to get another number

You can get unlimited phone numbers with this easy trick which every body knows. Do this to get free us phone number:

  • Create an new email account, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or any other.
  • Then on your device go to:
  •  >> mobile setting >> application manager >>
  • Find Textnow app >> force stop >> clear cache and data.
  • Now you can go back to textnow and sign up with new email, you get new phone number.
  • Also you can do this on your desk top browser.

Also you can sign up on your desktop just on your browsers or you can sign in with account details that you used on your mobile device. But remember this if you don't sign in to your account you may lose your number and you will have to generate a new one or pay for premium on textnow, approximate time for losing your phone number is about two or three weeks.

Talkatone for android users

Talkatone is anther application similar to textnow, you can get free voice call, unlimited sms, voicemail and free US Phone number. Talkatone has been around for a while and is one of the most well-known. Their phone number can be used as well for verification accounts on internet and also for making receiving calls and SMS for free to US and Canada without paying money.

Also they provide free offers of unlimited free calls and texts to any numbers within the US and Canada, to make international calls, you can buy credits. You can burn your generated number without changing your account and you will get a new one for one time just go to to setting and burn your number. also you can follow the steps above which you used on textnow to get a new number with a new account. Also this Talkatone contains ads

Get a US Phone Number from other providers

Here are some providers you can try them

FreeTone apk - play store

TextMe Up apk - play store

Text Me apk - play store

One service in three shapes, to phone number you can chose from different countries not USA or Canada but for this number you have to pay money.

TextPlus Free Text and phone Calls Download textplus apk app On APK Premiumz here.

Dingtone: Free phone calls, free texting SMS and free phone number Download Dingtone apk app On google play here

Pinger Textfree, Free SMS and phone Call SDirect Download link Get it On google play here

If you using textnow on your phone and on Computer And you want to try to use Talkatone but it's not available on your country, then you have to use a vpn and it is better to connect with server located in US or Canada whenever you want to use Talkatone for free US phone number and call.

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