How To Generate And Use Spotify Premium BIN [ New Updates]

This article will teach you about the most recent Spotify premium BIN, as well as how to use it. However this methods allows you to Spotify for free.

How to Generate and Use Spotify Premium BIN

This article will teach you about the most recent Spotify premium BIN, as well as how to use it. However, the Spotify BIN method, which enables you to use Spotify for free, is also known as this guide.

Spotify is a music streaming service. You may, of course, sell the account to individuals for money if you're not using it to listen to music.

Before that, I talked about Netflix's BINs, which allow you to watch movies for free.

Let's get started with Spotify's BINs.

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Who is Spotify?

Spotify is a Swedish audio streaming service, as you surely already know. However, you may not be aware that Spotify has over 406 million monthly active users, with 180 million paying to listen to music.

What are your thoughts on this figure? That is to say, Spotify earns just enough money. It's not necessary to be interested in sharing the loot; nevertheless, you must be able to collect working Spotify BINs. 

Unfortunately, the BINs you acquire are actually CC information from other persons. This means that even if you use Spotify, it will be paid for by someone else.

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What is Spotify BIN? 

To make things clearer, what exactly is a BIN? The term "BIN" stands for "bank identification number." On credit or debit cards, it's the first 4-6 numbers.

Prepaid cards, gift cards, and charge cards all have BINs on them.

The BIN you gather or generate and utilize on is now known as Spotify BIN. Spotify then evaluates and assesses your card payment using this BIN.

For this Spotify BIN approach to operate, the BIN must be active. You'll also need a VPN, which is usually a paid or premium service. Free VPNs may reveal your location or are insufficiently fast. Furthermore, you will not have access to a dedicated IP address. 

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How to Use Spotify Premium BIN

In the next area, I've gathered and listed Spotify premium BIN. This section of the guide, on the other hand, demonstrates how to use Spotify BIN:

1. Create a account 

Spotify is only compatible with modern Android and iOS devices, as well as desktop computers. If you don't already have an account, download the app or use the web version to create one.

Do not create an account using your real name and address. This means that the email address, phone number, and account name must all be fictitious.

It's easier to monitor you if you use your genuine information. Although no law enforcement agency will pursue you, your information may be preserved online, giving you a criminal record you are unaware of. If you intend to travel, this information could be obtained and used against you.

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2. Collect or generate BIN for Spotify

The next step is to gather Spotify's BINs. I've included a few Spotify BINs that you can use to get Spotify premium. The BINs are listed in the following portion of this tutorial.

You can produce new BINs if the old ones stop working. A producing website, such as,,, or, is required. 

To generate them, simply put the BIN into the fields, along with other information.

3. Check the BIN

When you've found a BIN, the following step is to make sure it's still active. The BIN is available for the Spotify premium account once it is live.,,,,, and are some of the sites you may use to check BIN.

Simply copy and paste the BIN information into the supplied field, then check the BIN using the check button. You can identify if the card is live or not at this point.

However, I advise against utilizing a card checker and instead attempting to use the card on Spotify. The reason for this is that the CC generated from the BIN can be killed by a card checking website.

They can try to use the BIN before you because they already know it's okay. Because many checker sites are bogus, it is safe to ignore them.

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4. Connect your OpSec

OpSec refers to the security of operations and includes VPN, RDP, CCleaner, and any other program that can mask your ID and IP address.

The most important thing to remember is that the VPN or Socks you use must be connected to the IP address of the CC location, which can be found on the BIN website or in the list provided in this article.

5. Pay for a premium Spotify plan

You'll use the CC you just generated with BIN to sign up for a premium Spotify account. Simply go to and upgrade to a premium subscription.

The premium plan will be activated immediately, and you may either sell the account or use it to play music yourself.

If Spotify rejects the card, it's possible that the bank prohibits foreign subscriptions like Spotify. It does not always imply that the card has been blocked. ATM cards can be unblocked in the meanwhile.

This means you can utilize the credit card information for carding or create a return scheme similar to the Amazon way.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get Spotify Premium for free permanently?

How to Get Spotify Premium Free Forever Get TuneFab Spotify Music Converter Ready. Click the button below to free download TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, which is fully compatible with both Mac and Windows. ... Add Songs from Spotify. ... Enjoy Spotify Premium Feature Free Forever.

How to get premium Spotify without credit card?

You can pay for Spotify Premium in lots of ways, including: Credit/debit card. Prepaid cards. PayPal. Gift cards. Pay by mobile. Pay as you go.

How to get cracked version of Spotify?

For Android users, we have a modded Spotify cracked app, which lets you enjoy most of the premium features without paying a cent (some server-specific features will not work). All you have to do is install Spotify mod apk on your Android phone/tablet device and log in using your free Spotify account.

How do you generate Spotify BIN yourself?

You can make your own Spotify BIN. However, this is time-consuming and generally not something you want to accomplish right now unless you have the necessary resources.

Go to any of the following websites to produce a Spotify premium BIN:,,, and

They all include a BIN search option; simply select it to generate your BINs.

Choose a nation, a BIN, and a bank name. Before you choose a country, make sure Spotify can accept payments from banks in that country. You can easily look this up on the internet.

Also, keep in mind that the order of the fields you'll need to fill out varies between websites.

Finally, choose the BIN you want to use, and the application will generate the CC information for you

Spotify premium BIN

BINs for Spotify premium include the following:

  • 527755x154xxx48x
  • 527755x8xxxx147x
  • 527755xxxxxxx634
  • 527755xxxxxxxxxx
  • 52775525322xxxxx
  • 527755x8x4xxx5x3
  • 527755xxx7x3x71x

BINs with additional details (CVV, expiry date, and country IP:

  • 510604xxxxxxxxxx
  • 536768xxxxxxxxxx
  • 536768xxxxxxxxxx

IP address – Ecuador
Exp. date: RND

  • 538875xxxxxxxxxx
  • 538877xxxxxxxxxx
  • 538877877xxxxxxx
  • 47xxxx1221xxxxxx

ZIP code – 10080

  • 525437000199xxxx

Exp. date – 01/21
IP address – USA

  • 515472xxxxxxxxxx

Exp. date – RND
IP address – USA

  • 496088xxxxxxxxxx

Exp. date – RND
IP address – Dominican Republic

  • 539971xxxxxxxxxx

Exp. date – RND
IP address – USA

  • 6501748567xxxxxx

Exp. date – RND
IP address – USA

  • 421542xxxxxxxx
  • 406125720xxxxxx

Exp. date – RND
IP address – USA

  • 43867950534xxxxx

Exp. date – 07/24
IP address – Canada

  • 512726xxxxxxxxxx

Exp. date – 10/26

  • 5124877235xxxxx
  • 5247057540xxxxxx

Exp. date – RND
IP address – India

  • 5247057540xxxxxx
  • 55881000xxxxxxxx

Exp. date – RND
IP address – Panama

  • 4122883xxxxxxxxx

Exp. date – RND
IP address – USA

  • 45101430047xxxxx

Exp. date – RND
IP address – Canada

It's important to note that the IP address you use must match the country you've chosen. If you want to use the USA Spotify bin and CC, for example, you'll need to connect your VPN to a US IP address.

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