How To Add Cash To Cash App Without Debit Card

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How To Add Cash To Cash App Without Debit Card
Just as said in our previous article, Cash App is a mobile payment service by Square, Inc. that allows individuals to transfer money to who so ever by using a mobile phone app. The service formerly known as Square Cash is only available in the US and the UK. To use the service, you have to add money to your app account using various means, debit cards included as well. So in today's article we will talk on how to add cash to Cash App without debit card.

A Debit Card is a type of Card that allows you to make payment and also spend money from your bank account. Debit Card usually link to Checking account and add convenience to the way and manner you manage you cash.

You can shop online, send money, withdraw cash at ATMs, pay for goods at physical locations such as groceries, shopping malls, filling stations, hotels, and restaurants. However, prepaid cards which are also forms of debit cards do not require a bank account.

Once you open a Cash App account, you get a unique username that starts with $Cashtag then followed by other characters. Others can use the $Cashtag to transfer money to your account. You also use the $cashtag of others when sending money to them. However, you can use the phone number or email address of a recipient to send them money. Generally, Cash App is a peer-to-peer money transfer app.

How to open a Cash App account

You can open a Cash App account either online that is by using your computer browser or on your smartphone by downloading the latest Cash App from either APK Premiumz, Google Play Store or App store depending on your device operating system. You should never download a sensitive app from any other untrustworthy site since it may be vulnerable to hacking. Such apps may also contain viruses that may damage your device.

It is always advisable to open a Cash App app using your smart phone. Once you most have downloaded the app and the app is ready, open it and enter your  email address in the space provided. It doesn't mater the service provider for your email service as long as it is active. 

However, you can use your phone number to get started. Getting Further, you will get a confirmation code in your email address or phone number.

Once you must have confirmed your account, you will be asked to enter your debit card details. You can add a debit card that links to a US bank account or a bank account to help you to fund your transactions. For your information, you can transfer money from a bank to Cash App as a way of topping up your balance. 

After that, type your full name. The next thing is deciding your $Cashtag, a unique username that people can send you money. As I mentioned earlier, the $Cashtag username helps you to receive money from others that is when you share it with them. Lastly, enter your ZIP code to complete your application. 

How to add funds to Cash App without a debit card

How To Add Cash To Cash App Without Debit Card

With the help of a debit card, you can add money to your Cash App. However, it is not a obligatory for you to add money to your Cash App account using a debit card. The following are ways you can use to add money to your Cash App account.

1. Bank account

You can use your bank account to add money to your Cash App. The first thing is adding your bank account as follows.

  • Tap the Banking tab on your screen.
  • Select ‘Link Bank’.
  • Follow the prompts.   
  • Also, you can modify an existing bank account as follows.
  • Tap the Banking tab on your screen.
  • Hit on Linked Banks or Linked Accounts.
  • Select the account you wish to modify.
  • Hit on Remove Bank or Replace Bank.
  • Follow the prompts.

So, when adding money from your bank account to your Cash App account, you have to follow the steps below.

  • Tap the Banking tab on your screen.
  • Select Add Cash.
  • Enter the amount to add.
  • Tap Add.
  • Confirm using your Touch ID or enter your PIN.

2. Check deposit

Cash App allows you to deposit checks to your account. If you receive a paycheck, then you are in an excellent position to deposit it in your account. You only need to log into your account online, then open the check deposit feature, snap a photo using your device and deposit it in your account. The mobile check capture allows you to directly deposit cash in your account.

3. Receive funds from someone else

You can also add funds to your Cash App account when you receive money from your friend or relative. You can request your friend to send you money by providing them with your username. Cash App to Cash App transfers are instant, and you do not have to wait for days for the funds to enter your account. You can use the procedure below to request money from someone else.

  • Log in to your Cash App account.
  • Navigate to the dollar sign “$” tab.
  • Input the amount of money you’re requesting.
  • Enter the email, $Cashtag, or mobile number of the person you are requesting money from.
  • Click Request.

How to add money to Cash App from PayPal

If you have a balance in your PayPal account, you may want to transfer some money to your Cash App account. However, you cannot directly transfer money from PayPal to Cash App. You have to use a bank account as the bridge between the two money transfer platforms.

Therefore, you must link your bank account to PayPal and add it to Cash App. Since I have shown you how to add a bank account to Cash App, let me show you how to add one to PayPal. You should follow the steps below.

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  • Log in to your PayPal account and navigate to your Wallet.
  • Select Link a bank. (When using the app, hit on the Menu tab, then Banks and Cards.)
  • Search your bank or choose it from the list.
  • Enter your banking details for your online account to instantly link your account with your PayPal account. You can also add your bank account manually by selecting Link your bank another way. PayPal will send two small deposits of $1 to your bank account to test whether it is working.

Once you must have successfully linked the same bank you added to Cash App to PayPal, you can then transfer money to the bank account, a process that will take up to three days to complete. After the funds reflect in your bank account, you can log into your Cash App account and add money to your Cash App account using the same procedure as mentioned above.

Can one use someone else’s bank account to add money to Cash App?

It is possible to use someone else’s online bank account to add money to your Cash App account. Perhaps, they will have to provide you with their online logging details to add the bank account details. You can add the account the same way you can add your bank account.

However, other money transfer platforms such as PayPal and Venmo do not allow you to add a bank account that is not yours. This is because some fraudsters or scammers may use the process to add other people’s account details to steal money.

How can I send money using Cash App?

Apart from many others sending money to your Cash App account, you can also transfer money to their accounts. You can follow the procedure below to complete the process. 

  • Open your Cash App mobile app.
  • Enter the amount of money to send.
  • Select “Pay.” 
  • Enter the “$Cashtag” or email address or phone number.
  • Enter why you are sending the money.
  • Select “Pay.”

Just as you can send money with a checking account number instantly to an account of the same bank, Cash App allows you to send money instantly to other Cash App users. The receiver will see who send the money. If you would like to transfer money anonymously, you can do so as long as you have a verified account.

How to transfer funds from Cash App to a bank account

Cash App also allows you to transfer funds to your bank account as long as you link it to your Cash App. You can transfer money from the Cash App to your bank as follows.

  • Hit on the Balance tab on your home screen.
  • Select Cash Out.
  • Choose the amount to cash out and press Cash Out.
  • Choose your deposit speed.
  • Confirm with your PIN or Touch ID.

There are two options to move money to your bank account. They include instant transfer and standard transfer. The instant transfer ensures that money is available in your debit card account instantly. You have to part with a 1.5% fee (with a minimum of $0.25). The standard transfers are free, and funds appear in your bank account within three days of the transfer.

Conclusion Judging from the above topic

Cash App also known as a digital payment wallet, permits you to transfer money with many others. As earlier mentioned, the payment service from Square, a digital payment company in the US. Cash App only operates in the United States and the UK, and you can open a Cash App account using your smartphone or bank account as well as your computer device. Moreover, you can add funds to your Cash App account by using debit Cards, Bank accounts or check deposit. This has made it a positive one which so many people love and has reduce up stress as well as make it easier for them. 

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