How To Add Money From Debit Card To PayPal

In This article, you will get more on how to add money from debit Card to PayPal and how to use debit card for PayPal.


How To Add Money From Debit Card To PayPal 2021
If you frequently make and accept payments via PayPal, you may want to maintain or keep an balance in your account. For most individuals, this is just a matter of convenience. By keeping some money in PayPal at all times, you can use the platform more easily without delays. This is particularly helpful if you’ve integrated PayPal into your ordinary accounting system.

However, There are two ways to make payments with PayPal that is by using your existing balance and email address or by choosing an alternative like a bank or a credit card. 

How to Add Money to PayPal From Your Bank

Actually, the most easiest way to add money to PayPal is by using a direct bank transfer. Firstly, you’ll need to create a PayPal Cash or PayPal Cash Plus account. This is free, but it requires PayPal to verify some of your personal information to comply with Your Customer regulations.

Secondly, you’ll need to have a linked bank account. This will take a few days to set up, since PayPal will need to verify that the account is yours. They’ll make a deposit of a few pennies, and ask you to confirm the amount. When that’s done, you’ll be able to freely transfer money back and forth.

To transfer money from a bank account, log into PayPal and navigate to your wallet. Now, click “Transfer Money,” and select the “Add money to your balance” option. With the app, the process is even easier. You click on your balance and select “Add Money.”

How to Use Your Debit Card for PayPal Purchases

Actually, you can use a credit or debit card to transfer funds to your PayPal balance. On the other hand, you shouldn’t really have to. When you make a PayPal payment, you can use your credit or bank card instead of your PayPal balance.

Consequently, you don’t need to maintain a balance if you link a card to your account. You can get money from friends or pay your vendors directly from your card. Have in mind that as with any card payment service, this will incur some fees, and those fees are tax deductible.

A tax deduction is a deduction that lowers a person's or an organization's tax liability by lowering their taxable income. Deductions are typically expenses that the taxpayer incurs during the year that can be applied against or subtracted from their gross income to figure out how much tax is owed.

So or this to work, you’ll have to first set up a linked card. Log in, go to your wallet, and click on the link to add a debit or credit card. Follow the instructions, enter your card details and billing address, and the card will be linked. The whole process only takes a few minutes.

Does PayPal Have Instant Transfer?

Yes the have, PayPal does have an option for instant transfer. However, that option is available for withdrawals, not for deposits.

To get your money in minutes, log into your account and click the link that says “Transfer money.” Select the account or card you want to transfer to, and choose the option for an instant transfer. This will work for any bank accounts and eligible debit cards. At this time, instant transfers are not available for credit cards.

Take note that instant PayPal transfers incur a service fee.

How to add Cash to My PayPal Balance?

PayPal users with a Cash or Cash Plus account can apply for a PayPal Cash Card. With a Cash Card, you go to a participating retailer, and hand the cash to the cashier along with your card. They’ll swipe your card, take your cash, and give you a receipt for the deposit. If you have the PayPal app, you’ll also get a push notification.

The Cash Card is accepted at tens of thousands of retail locations throughout North America. Participating retailers include Rite Aid, Dollar General, 7-Eleven, Walmart, and Dollar Tree.

Some retailers charge a fee for cash deposits, while others don’t. The daily deposit limit for Cash Cards is $1,500.

How to Use a Debit Card for PayPal

PayPal is a useful tool for making payments. Originally designed for online payments and purchases, PayPal also allows you to shop at brick-and-mortar retailers using your PayPal account instead of traditional payment methods. You can fund payments from several sources, including your debit card.

If you prefer shopping with a debit card, it might even be wiser to run payments through PayPal. By so doing protects your card information by creating a layer between your checking account and the merchants you shop with online, instead of swiping your card or punching in number, which creates security risks.

In a world of hackers and constant data breaches, it’s nice to insulate your checking account from trouble. That protection gives you more confidence when buying from online vendors that you don’t know anything about, and even household-name retailers get hacked periodically.

Take Note: This article is about using a debit card for PayPal. If you want to get a new debit card issued by PayPal (which might let you spend from your PayPal balance), you will need to learn about PayPal debit and credit card options as seen bellow.

PayPal Debit and Credit Cards

How To Add Money From Debit Card To PayPal 2021

PayPal has become well known as one of the first companies that provided consumers the ability to safely send and receive digital and mobile payments. The company also now offers credit, debit, and prepaid cards that you can use to access your balance for online payments and in-person purchases.

When it comes to credit cards, PayPal offers the Extras Mastercard and the Cashback Mastercard. As for not-credit options, the company offers the Prepaid Mastercard and the Cash Mastercard debit card.

Note: PayPal also offers PayPal Credit, which is a fully digital credit line that's not linked to an actual card.

PayPal Extras Mastercard

This card allows you to borrow from PayPal via a credit account with Synchrony Bank. To get the Extras card, you’ll need to qualify, just like you would with any loan or credit card. PayPal will check your credit and ask about income and employment.

The main benefit of the Extras card is the ability to earn points as you spend. Certain purchases earn one to three points per dollar you spend, and you can redeem these points for gift cards, travel vouchers, or cash back to your PayPal account.

The card doesn't have an annual fee, but as with most credit cards, you’ll pay interest if you don’t pay the card off every month, and other fees may apply as well.

PayPal Cashback Mastercard

This card is similar to the PayPal Extras Mastercard in that you must apply and be approved to open a credit account with Synchrony Bank. In addition, you must also have an account with PayPal to apply for the Cashback card.

The benefit of this card is that you earn 2% cash back with every purchase you make. You must redeem those cash rewards into your PayPal account. There are no redemption thresholds, purchase restrictions, or annual fees to worry about.

On a very important note, You can sign up for either the Cashback or Extras card—not both. PayPal will not allow you to have both cards.

PayPal Prepaid Mastercard

 This actually is a prepaid debit card. And like all prepaid debit cards, you’ll load funds onto the card before using it and then spend the money you’ve loaded. For this reason, prepaid cards are useful for managing your spending because you can only spend what you’ve loaded, and it’s impossible to rack up debt and overdraft charges.

You can use the PayPal Prepaid card's mobile app to manage your account. The card does not pull funds directly from your PayPal account balance, but you can transfer funds from that account to your prepaid card account. You can also add money from a Netspend Reload Network location, but you may be charged a fee for that.

If you choose to opt in to the cards Payback Rewards program, you may receive special offers, and you can also receive $20 credits through the card's Refer-A-Friend program.

Almost anybody can get a prepaid card, even if you’ve never built up a credit history or you have bad credit. However, PayPal will still need to verify your identity and will ask for information such as your name, address, date of birth, and social security number.

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Note: If your PayPal account is frozen for any reason, online access to your prepaid card will also be shut down. Online sellers sometimes experience unexpected freezes, so think twice if there’s any risk to your account.

As with other prepaid cards, there are a number of costs and fees associated with the PayPal Prepaid Mastercard. First, you'll need to pay for the card, and the cost can vary between retailers. You must also load the card with a minimum of $10 to $20, depending on the retailer's requirements

You’ll also pay $4.95 per month to keep the card open and make unlimited purchase transactions. PayPal will deduct the first $4.95 from your account within 36 hours of you loading it. PayPal also charges various fees for cash withdrawals, depending on location, and for checking your balance via ATM.

PayPal Cash Mastercard

This is a card that functions more like a standard bank account debit card. Instead of loading funds onto your card as with a prepaid card, you can spend the cash directly from your PayPal Cash Plus account balance.

You have to have a Cash Plus account to get the card. You must also undergo an identity verification similar to the one for the prepaid card, but you don't need to have a credit check since it isn't a credit card.

To use the card, you’ll need to have funds in your PayPal Cash Plus account from payments you’ve received or transfers you’ve made into the account. If you don’t have funds in your account before you use the card, your purchase will be rejected.

The card doesn't have any monthly fees or a balance minimum, but it does charge some fees for transferring and withdrawing money. Those include a $3.95 fee for loading cash using the PayPal app and a $2.50 fee for domestic ATM withdrawals. Some other fees apply as well.

 That was just a brief talk on PayPal debit and Credit Cards I guess its enlighten to your understanding now we can proceed with how to use a debit card for PayPal.

How to Use Your Debit Card

To use your debit card on PayPal, you’ll need to add it to your profile. To do so, log into your account and go to your “wallet.” Next, find the section to “link a debit or credit card.”

Select the type of card you’re using and provide the card information. Entering debit card information is the same as entering credit card information—the format for card numbers and expiration dates is the same.

Types of Cards

You’ll get the most functionality if you use a real debit card issued by a bank or credit union. Those cards feature a billing address that matches your home or mailing address, and they have a three- or four-digit security code on the back.

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Prepaid Cards

For one-time purchases, some Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express prepaid gift cards will work. Other prepaid debit cards that you use as a substitute for checking accounts often do not work.

Limits on Linking

You can only link a debit card to one PayPal account. If you and your partner use cards with the same card number, which is common for credit cards, but less common for debit cards, only one of you can use that card with your PayPal account.

Funding Source

When you pay for goods or services, verify that you’re using the funding method that you want. To do so, look carefully at “how to pay” or the final review screen. You may have several options, including paying with your debit card, paying directly from a bank account, using a credit card, or spending from your PayPal balance.

Moving Money

Since your debit card pulls funds from your checking account, you’ll need to have money available in your account to successfully make a purchase. If you’re low on funds, remember that any purchase will instantly reduce your checking account balance, increasing the odds that you’ll bounce checks or be unable to make other payments from that account.

Transfers to Your Bank

You can move your PayPal balance to your bank account for free, or to your debit card for a fee. Your debit card draws money from your checking account, so funds in that account are available for spending with your debit card. To move money to your bank account or debit card, look for several opportunities to “Transfer Money" throughout PayPal websites and apps. Select the option to transfer funds to your bank account or debit card.


If you fund a payment with your debit card and get a refund (because you return an item, for example), the refund should be applied to your debit card. If that doesn’t happen, the refund will go into your PayPal balance.9 From there, you can either spend that money elsewhere using PayPal or transfer the funds to your bank account manually.

Fees Are Optional

If you like debit cards because they’re inexpensive, make sure you don’t pay unnecessary fees to PayPal. For purchases from businesses—including individual sellers on eBay—PayPal doesn’t charge fees to the buyer.

If you’re the customer, it doesn’t matter how you pay, but the merchant has to pay fees, and those charges might lead to higher prices.

If you make personal payments (repaying friends for pizza night, for example), PayPal charges you a fee for using your debit or credit card. But funding the payment with your bank account is free. 

Again, with a debit card, the money comes from your checking account anyway, so you might as well fund personal payments directly from your bank account.

Is It Safe to Use a Card?

PayPal has a few safety and security measures in place for those who use debit cards.

Conclusion On How To Add Money From Debit Card To PayPal

Credit cards have robust buyer protection under federal law. Most debit cards offer similar protection. However, PayPal offers buyer protection and other features that might go above and beyond what your debit card offers. This is so amazing I hope you learn a lot from the above article. Kindly click on the button bellow to follow us on Telegram for you will get so many other tutorials. 

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