Is Depop Legit [A Complete Review]

Depop is a legit online marketplace for selling clothes. You can sell new or second-hand clothes as long as you have at least four items to sell.
is depop legit

 In this Depop review, we will investigate whether Depop is legit. Selling clothes is a great way to free up space in your wardrobe.

But when you put your clothes up for sale, you want to ensure you are not wasting your time. You probably also want to get as much money as you can.

However, read this Depop review to find out if Depop is a marketplace helping you to reach these goals.

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What Is Depop?

Depop is an online marketplace for selling and buying second-hand clothes, shoes and accessories. It also has a social aspect to it, and you can follow and interact with sellers.

Compared to other clothes re-selling platforms, Depop is popular with a younger audience, with most users being 18 to 26 years old.

Depop was founded in 2011 by Simon Beckerman and is based in London, UK. The platform is available in many other countries, including the United States.

Is Depop Legit?

Depop is legit and not a scam. The website belongs to Depop Limited which is a registered UK company with the company number 08316342.

You can also find Depop on Trustpilot. The platform has an average score of 1.8 out of 5.0. Overall, 54% of users rated Depop as great or excellent.

The negative reviews largely complain about scammers on Depop. Unfortunately, scammers can be found on every online marketplace.

You always need to be careful who you buy from, regardless of which online marketplace you use.

What Is Trustpilot?

Trustpilot is an independent consumer review platform. It has no affiliation with the sites mentioned in this post. On Trustpilot, users can anonymously rate and review companies they have used.

Overall, there are over 150 million reviews on Trustpilot. You can generally get a good understanding of the legitimacy and customer-friendliness of a company.

Is Depop Reliable?

Depop is generally a reliable platform for sellers. The site has a loyal audience, meaning you are almost guaranteed to get some views on your listed items.

As a seller, the risk of falling victim to scams is also lower than that for buyers. Though of course, there are also buyers who will claim they never received your items just to get a refund.

You can protect yourself by having a no refund/return policy and immediately reporting a user if you suspect a scam.

How Does Depop Work?

Depop works similarly to other online marketplaces for clothes. You can sign up for free and list your clothes. Customers browsing Depop can then find your items through the relevant categories.

When you make a sale, you simply wait to receive the payment and then ship the clothes or accessories to the buyer.

Each seller has a seller profile where you can describe yourself and users can follow you to get updates on your items.

What Fees Does Depop Charge?

Depop charges sellers 10% commission for each sale they make. Additionally, sellers also have to pay a transaction fee which varies by country.

Overall the fees of Depop look as follows:

is depop legit

How Can You Sell Clothes on Depop?

To start selling clothes on Depop, you need to first sign up on the website or through the app. Signing up is free, you will only incur costs if you sell an item.

To sell on Depop, you will need:

  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
  • A username
  • A photo to represent your shop
  • A verified PayPal account

You can open and verify a PayPal account for free through the PayPal website or app. You can then connect your PayPal to Depop.

To do so, navigate to your Depop settings and you should see the option under “PayPal Account”.

You can then start selling. The minimum number of listings you need is four. Each listing should have a clear photo, a description and a price.

Once someone buys the item, all you need to do is send it out. You should always include the tracking details to protect yourself and help the buyer.

What Clothes Can You Sell on Depop?

Depop allows a wide range of clothes, including:

  • Items from your wardrobe (whether new and unworn or preloved)
  • Upcycled items
  • Vintage clothes
  • Thrifted clothes (clothes you find at yard sales, from friends’ and families’ wardrobes, on marketplaces, at thrift stores, or rag houses)
  • Clothes sourced through wholesale
  • Designer goods

What Is Depop Payments?

Depop Payments is another way for buyers to pay for your clothes. It enables them to use Apple Pay, Google Pay, and debit/credit cards.

This means that you can reach a wider audience because it means people who do not use PayPal can also buy your clothes.

Depop Payment is not available everywhere yet so you might not see this option in your account.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Depop?

Depop Pros

  • Cheaper than other reselling platforms
  • Helps you to sell your unwanted clothes or start a reselling business
  • Free to sign up and list items

Depop Cons

  • Poor reviews on Trustpilot


Depop is a legit online marketplace for selling clothes. You can sell new or second-hand clothes as long as you have at least four items that you want to sell.

Apart from clothes, Depop also lets you sell shoes, jewellery, and other accessories.

Signing up to and listing items on Depop is free. You only pay when you sell your clothes. Overall, Depop is one of the best sites to sell clothes for cash.

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