Credit Unions In Washington [Ultimate Guide]

The state has numerous financial institutions you can use for your banking activities. Among them are credit unions.
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Washington state is found in the Pacific Northwest area of the Western United States. It was named after George Washington, the first U.S. president. The state has numerous financial institutions you can use for your banking activities. Among them are credit unions. You will learn about the various credit unions in Washington. If you plan to open an account with a credit union in the state, the information will help you immensely. 

You might be wondering what a credit union is. For your understanding, a credit union is a member-owned financial institution. Being member-owned means that the account holders run the institution’s affairs. That is contrary to banks which account owners do not control. The board of management plans all the activities of the banks, including looking for bank officers such as managers and tellers. 

Usually, credit unions operate online and at physical branches. Online services include checking your account statements, depositing money, sending funds, withdrawing money, and buying goods and services online. Online banking services are convenient since you can do various activities from anywhere as long as you have a secure and reliable internet connection. You can also get the same services at a branch, although you interact one-on-one with the bank officials. 

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How to get started with credit unions

The Credit Union National Association argues that 99% of Americans can join at least one credit union. However, only some credit unions can work for everyone since each credit union has limitations on how people can join them. It is crucial to understand how you can join credit unions so that you will find things easy in case you want to join one. The following are ways you can join a credit union.

Join as an employee of an organization/ group of organizations.

We have credit unions that allow only people working with certain companies and organizations to join them. You may not join them if you work elsewhere. An example of such a credit union is the U.S. Senate Federal Credit Union for the staff of the U.S. Senate and more than 100 employee groups. 

People who work in a certain industry or field

We have credit unions that accept people who work in particular fields. For example, there are credit unions that accept only people working as teachers to join the unions. Others can only accept members of the military, and so on. An example of such a credit union is the Schools First Federal Credit Union which serves school employees plus their families in California. 

People who live, work or worship in a community.

You can join some credit unions if you only work, worship, or live in a particular community. For example, GreenState Credit Union allows persons who reside or work in Iowa or a county in Illinois, Nebraska, Wisconsin, or South Dakota to join.

People with a common background

There are credit unions that accept memberships for people from specific backgrounds. For example, the Navy Federal Credit Union only registers active and retired U.S. military and Defense Department officers and their families. 

Relative of members of a union

If you have a close relative of a certain credit union, you have a high chance of joining a credit union. Most credit unions accept close relatives of existing members to join the unions.

Best Credit Unions in Washington

There are numerous credit unions in Washington State. They include the following. 


The credit union’s headquarters are in Tukwila, WA, and it has 59 Locations. You can join the credit union if you live in WA, work for BECU, Boeing, or a Credit Union, or are associated with the UW, WSU, KEXP, NW Credit Union Foundation, or Sea Hawkers. You can also join if you are a family member of an account owner. These include parent, child, grandparent, grandchild, sibling, aunt, uncle, cousin, spouse, a person in a committed intimate relationship, in-law, or domestic partner. 

Account application

You can apply to become a member online. 

2. Washington State Employees Credit Union (WSECU) 

WSECU’s headquarters are in Olympia, WA, and has 22 locations. You can join the union if you are a close family member with an account. Additionally, you can join if you live, worship, or work in Washington or are a student at Evergreen, CWU, UW, or WSU.

Account application

You can apply online and deposit at least $5 to your savings account.

3. Numerica Credit Union 

 The headquarters of Numerica Credit Union is in Spokane Valley, WA. The credit union has 23 locations. You can become a member by opening an account online using your phone or another suitable device. 

Account application

You can apply online if you have your Social Security Number and other necessary documents. You can also call 800.433. 1837 to apply by phone. 

4. TwinStar Credit Union 

You can find the union’s headquarters in Lacey, WA. The credit union has 21 locations. To open an account with them, you only need your Social Security number and ID card (driver’s license, passport, state ID, or military ID). You may also need an account and routing number from your bank or credit union to add money to your account.

You can apply for an account by calling 1.800. 258.3115 to talk to the union’s local Member Services staff, visiting the online Contact Center or one of their 20 branches to open in person.

5. America’s Credit Union 

 The union headquarters are in Dupont, WA. It has 13 locations, and you can join if you or any of your relatives live or work in Collin, Dallas, or Rockwall Counties or if you or a relative works at any of their SEG companies.

Account application

You only need to visit the union’s website to apply online for an account if you have the necessary documents.

Reasons to choose Washington State credit unions

There are various reasons why you should join credit unions. They include the following.

Credit unions are member-owned

Unlike banks controlled by a few people, all credit union members own the institution. Therefore, they have the right to make decisions about the institution. That way, they can get the services they feel are better. 

Credit unions are not profit oriented.

Unlike banks, when you bank with a credit union, you will avoid high fees for loans, payment processing, or withdrawals. The unions aim to help members to grow financially. 

Adequate financial information

Members of a credit union get free financial information from the financial officers working in the credit union. That makes them stay informed on various financial matters.

High rates on saving accounts

Credit unions offer higher rates on savings compared to banks. Therefore, if you want to save money for your plans, saving with a credit union is advantageous as you will get a lot of interest. 

Easy to get a loan

As long as you are a member, you can quickly get a loan if you have favorable credit scores. You may still get a low-interest loan even with bad credit due to credit unions’ more forgiving qualification standards.


Washington state is found in the Pacific Northwest area of the Western United States. It was named after George Washington, the first U.S. president. The state has numerous financial institutions, including credit unions, that you can use for your banking activities. Credit unions are member-owned financial institutions whose main aim is to uplift members financially.
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