JPay Send Money To Inmate [Best Methods Ever]

JPay has a service they call “Send Money” that enables friends and family of an inmate to transfer money into their inmate trust account.
jpay send money to inmate

 JPay is a private information technology and financial services provider that focuses on serving the United States prison system. The company started its services in 2002, and its headquarters are in Miramar, Florida, United States. Its parent company is Securus Technologies, a technology communications firm that serves the department of corrections facilities and incarcerated persons across the country. You will learn how to use JPay send money to inmate later.

Usually, JPay contracts with the county, state, and federal prisons and jails to offer technologies and the necessary services to the facilities, including email, video visitation, money transfer, and parole & probation payments to about 1.5 million inmates in 35 states. However, the primary activity contacted by the company is to offer a secure platform for family members to send finances to their jailed or imprisoned relatives. That way, the life of the prisoners can be made a little bit easy.

Interestingly, the company supports donation services to help prisoners’ families. JPay has been among the corporate supporters of the nonprofit Creative Corrections Education Foundation, started by a former Texas warden. The NGO collects contributions from inmates and corporate sponsors to fund the educational needs of the children of prison inmates. The organization has seen success in its operations, offering help to thousands of children belonging to inmates across the country. 

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How To Send Money To Inmate Using JPay

If you are looking at how you can send funds to someone in prison using JPay, then you have come to the right place. JPay has a service they call “Send Money” that enables friends and family of an inmate to transfer funds into their inmate trust account. Again, the service allows parolees, offenders, and probationers to make their payments for the community corrections.

JPay’s Send Money service is among the fastest and most reliable ways to transfer funds and make payments to corrections facilities in more than 30 states. To send money through JPay, you should;

  1. Open a free account at
  2. After registering, click on the “Money” tab
  3. Choose the inmate you would like to send funds to
  4. Choose the card you would like JPay to charge you from
  5. Confirm your details and send

After sending, you will have nothing else to do but to leave the rest to JPay.

Alternatively, you can call a live agent to help you through the money transfer process. However, the fees for sending money over the phone are higher than those for sending money online. To send money by phone, you only need to talk to a JPay representative at 1 800 574 JPay (5729), and you will get the necessary assistance.

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JPay Transfer Categories

Transfer categories simply refers to different accounts to which you can send money to an inmate. They are only available in some states whereby you can find accounts for “spendable” funds for various uses by the prisoner and “dedicated” funds for specific purposes such as Medical, Dental, and Travel. Therefore, you can choose which account to send funds to when sending money to an inmate.

Again, various states enables you to send money to several prisoners. You can visit the website of the appropriate Department of Corrections to know if you can send money to two or more inmates.

Does JPay Issue A Transaction ID

A transaction ID is a reference number that allows you to track payments. The number is also essential to follow up on any lost money. JPay provides you with a unique Transaction ID/Confirmation number after processing your transaction. You should make sure you write it down for further reference.

You need to note that your credit card and JPay payment processor may have trouble communicating. In such a scenario, the system must wait and try to process your payment later. If you see a message that your payments will process later, you should not attempt to make a second payment. If you do, your card may be charged twice. You will need to keep your transaction ID as well.

Arrival Time Of Funds For Inmates

JPay’s money transfer service provides a fast and reliable means of sending funds. However, the time frame can vary from one county or state as there may be other channels to investigate the source of funds. To know when the funds will be available to the inmate, you can visit jpay website and tap “Prison Search.”

After that, you can select the applicable state where the inmate resides and check how long it will take for the money to reach them. The payment availability is subject to depositor validation per federal and state regulations.

Process To Check The Status Of Your JPay Payments

Suppose you want to check the status of your JPay payments. In that case, you have to log on to your JPay account and check the status of your transaction by clicking on “Send Money” and then tapping “Transfer History.” The status will show to the right of the transaction.

You may find that your payment is in a “Pending” status, yet your payment card has been approved. That is the case as the funds await to be deposited into the inmate’s account. Afterward, the payment status will change to “Sent” after the funds have been confirmed as transferred to the facility.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

How do you send money on the JPay app?

To send money to an incarcerated individual, you first need to open a free account with Once you've registered, click on the “Money” tab, select the incarcerated individual you would like to send money to, select the card you would like us to charge, and confirm your information. We'll take it from there!

How much does it cost to send a message on JPay?

How much does it cost to send an electronic message? You must purchase electronic JPay stamps to send electronic messages. Each electronic message requires one stamp to send, and each stamp costs $0.40. You can purchase stamp packages on or the mobile app.

How do I add money to my inmate in PA?

Family and friends must deposit money into an inmate's account through JPayOpens In A New Window, either online or through lobby kiosks at each individual state prison. This service allows the funds to be posted to inmate accounts electronically and results in quicker access to the deposited funds.

Does JPay accept prepaid cards?

Yes, we accept debit cards, gift cards, check cards and pre paid cards as long as they have the Visa, MasterCard or Discover logo on them and they are registered to a valid US or international address.

What is the best card to use for JPAY?

Generally, you can use any Visa or MasterCard branded debit or credit card to send money to an incarcerated individual. Using a debit card is usually the best and cheapest option. Anonymous prepaid cards and gift cards are not accepted.

Conclusion on How to Send Money from JPay To Inmate

JPay is a private information technology and financial services provider that focuses on serving the United States prison system. The company began its services in 2002, and its headquarters are in Miramar, Florida, the United States. You can use the service to send money to inmates in various states. You must create an account to send money using the platform. You can send money to the inmates in various types of accounts.

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