An Updated Non-VBV/MSC BINs List for 2023

Carding newcomers frequently want a list of non-VBV BINS. Today, we reveal that list, as well as an OTP Bypass technique.
updated non-vbv/msc bins list

 Carding newcomers frequently want a list of non-VBV BINS. Which is why, today we  that list, as well as an OTP Bypass technique.

Carding, or credit card fraud, has developed its ways to stay up with increased security standards. Additional mechanisms are in place in the payment industry to safeguard the security of cards used over the Internet. Some of the more prevalent techniques include sending an email OTP or a text message to the card owner's phone number on file so as to authenticate the card owner while they shop online. Unfortunately, not all cards have this level of security,  consequently, enabling a success to card fraudsters. Non-VBV or non-MSC cards are the ones to keep an eye out for and use.

What is BIN?

The Bank Identification Identifier (BIN) is a six-digit number assigned to each CC. If you don't already have this information, there are numerous websites where you can obtain it.

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In other terms, The Bank Identification Number ( BIN ) is used to identify credit and debit cards when routing within ATM networks. The BIN can be used to identify the type of card used and the card issuer (a bank). Although a BIN is internationally valid, other bank identification numbers are used for international transfers: the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and the SWIFT code . The reasons for this are obvious: transfers are always tied to accounts, but not necessarily to a card. In addition, banks usually have several BIN codes, one for each type of card offered.

The exact structure of the Bank Identification Number is described in the ISO 7812 standard. Another name for BIN codes there is Issuer Identification Number (IIN). The BIN forms the first eight (until April 2022 the first six) digits of the 16-digit credit card number. Things are a bit more difficult with EC/Maestro cards. Some banks sometimes print the BIN on the back of their cards in addition to the sort code . Otherwise, only a search on the Internet or an inquiry at the relevant bank will help.

The American Banking Association is the central registry for BIN codes. However, it does not make its list of all BINs available to the public. In the meantime, however, there are quite good alternative lists and BIN search engines. 

What is VBV

According to Wikipedia,  (VBV) is Verified by Visa, an online security system for credit card transactions.

 In other words, Verified by Visa, often known as VBV/3D, is an additional layer of online security offered by select debit and credit cards. These cards require the cardholder to directly confirm the transaction before the payment is authorized, which can be done via phone, SMS, or email. An OTP or the owner answering a question confirming their Social Security Number (SSN), parent or partner's name, DOB, or password might be included in the confirmation.

Non-VBV cards do not require the additional information that VBV demands per transfer. This is precisely why they are useful for fraudulent activity. 

What is MSC?

Mastercard CCs follow a similar process to Visa cards, which have an additional layer of security. MSC stands for Mastercard Secure Code, which provides similar security to a VBV.

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What is OTP?

A one-time password (OTP), also known as a one-time PIN, one-time authorization code (OTAC) or dynamic password, is a password that is valid for only one login session or transaction, on a computer system or other digital device. OTPs avoid several shortcomings that are associated with traditional (static) password-based authentication; a number of implementations also incorporate two-factor authentication by ensuring that the one-time password requires access to something a person has (such as a small keyring fob device with the OTP calculator built into it, or a smartcard or specific cellphone) as well as something a person knows (such as a PIN).

OTP generation algorithms typically make use of pseudorandomness or randomness to generate a shared key or seed, and cryptographic hash functions, which can be used to derive a value but are hard to reverse and therefore difficult for an attacker to obtain the data that was used for the hash. This is necessary because otherwise, it would be easy to predict future OTPs by observing previous ones.

OTPs have been discussed as a possible replacement for, as well as an enhancer to, traditional passwords. On the downside, OTPs can be intercepted or rerouted, and hard tokens can get lost, damaged, or stolen. Many systems that use OTPs do not securely implement them, and attackers can still learn the password through phishing attacks to impersonate the authorized user.

Now , if i should generalize this definition, I will say it term refers to a one-time password. The password can be a unique string of characters or numbers for each transaction.

Our selection is limited to 2D or non-VBV cards. These BINs pass through VBV windows without requiring an OTP. 


BIN Provider Issuer Type Subtype Issuing Country

430023 VISA World’s Foremost Bank Credit Classic USA

438948 VISA Commerce Bancshares Credit Platinum USA

488893 VISA Fia Card Services Credit Platinum USA

426429 VISA Bank of America Credit Platinum USA

480012 VISA Fia Card Services Credit Gold Premium USA

486236 VISA Capital One Bank Credit Platinum USA

441297 VISA First National Bank of Omaha Credit Platinum USA

401398 VISA U.S. Bank National Association Credit Platinum USA

431307 VISA Fia Card Services. Credit Signature USA

426428 VISA Fia Card Services Credit Platinum USA

416621 VISA World Financial Network Credit Classic USA

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EU non-VBV bins.

401805 = ITALY = DEBIT​

402360 = ITALY = DEBIT​

409015 = SPAIN = CREDIT​

413585 = GERMANY = CREDIT​

416029 = ITALY = CREDIT​


425723 = GERMANY = CREDIT​

435659 = SPAIN = CREDIT​

450608 = SPAIN = CREDIT​

450625 = SPAIN = CREDIT​

450663 = BELGIUM = CREDIT​

453243 = GERMANY = CREDIT​

454108 = SWEDEN = DEBIT​

454617 = GERMANY = CREDIT​

454618 = GERMANY = CREDIT​

455218 = BELGIUM = CREDIT​

455221 = SPAIN = CREDIT​

455262 = SWEDEN = DEBIT​

456140 = FRANCE = CREDIT​


456542 = ITALY = CREDIT​

456997 = NORWAY = DEBIT​

457101 = DENMARK = DEBIT​

457109 = DENMARK = DEBIT​

457119 = DENMARK = DEBIT​

457136 = DENMARK = DEBIT​

459996 = SPAIN = CREDIT​

461668 = JORDAN = CREDIT​

467293 = ITALY = CREDIT​

477547 = SPAIN = CREDIT​

486447 = NORWAY = CREDIT​

490744 = GERMANY = CREDIT​

490829 = GERMANY = CREDIT​

490943 = SPAIN = CREDIT​

491889 = SWEDEN = DEBIT​

492044 = GERMANY = CREDIT​

492057 = FINLAND = DEBIT​

492119 = SPAIN = CREDIT​

492121 = SPAIN = CREDIT​

492520 = NORWAY = DEBIT​


493846 = TURKEY = CREDIT​

494028 = SPAIN = CREDIT​

496626 = SPAIN = CREDIT​

497301 = FRANCE = DEBIT​

497306 = FRANCE = CREDIT​

523224 = GERMANY = CREDIT​

523252 = GERMANY = CREDIT​

523276 = GERMANY = CREDIT​

523298 = GERMANY = CREDIT​

535329 = FINLAND = CREDIT​

541256 = SWEDEN = CREDIT​

541327 = BELGIUM = CREDIT​

541869 = ITALY = CREDIT​

543012 = FINLAND = CREDIT​

546899 = BELGIUM = CREDIT​

549003 = GERMANY = CREDIT​

549713 = GERMANY = CREDIT​

552143 = TURKEY = CREDIT​


475129 446281

489396 465921

525302 518675

426393 476372

446278 475139

454313 465923

492182 492181

476230 546811

498824 446242

476367 455572

492942 377130

465904 476248

529930 475124

552068 465935

512687 557349

542502 465946

379004 475141

454742 475130

550129 465911

531307 404970

459654 465903

528166 557361

379007 492914

540758 379008

539123 492945

550129 379009

37900 379001

485738 475139

Conclusion on Updated Non-VBV/MSC BINs List 

I will continue to update this list with the new latest non-VBV/MSC Bins I will find. So remember to stick around and frequently check this post for new updates. 

That said, follow or rather join our Telegram Channel for more updates on other reliable topics as well.

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