Free Youtube Proxy Sites: Unblock YouTube

They are some of the top YouTube Proxy sites for unblocking YouTube. All of these websites provide free access to YouTube.
unblock youtube

Nothing seems to beat YouTube when it comes to free video streaming sites. YouTube has long been a popular place to watch and share videos. Almost everyone now uses a video streaming website.

YouTube is also a platform where content creators can demonstrate their creative abilities and earn money. While the site is really quick and has a ton of free videos, it is not available everywhere in the world. 

Millions of users are unable to access YouTube due to ISP restrictions and geographical restrictions. Furthermore, the site is restricted in schools because it is a major source of diversion for teenagers.

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How to Unblock YouTube?

There are numerous ways to circumvent the restrictions and unblock the YouTube website.

To unblock YouTube in your region, you can use a VPN, change your DNS server, or use web proxies. In addition to these options, you can use the Tor browser to unblock YouTube on your computer.

While all ways for unblocking YouTube still function today, using Proxy Sites is the simplest approach to access the prohibited website.

Unlike VPNs and Proxies, which require human configuration, proxy sites do not. These are just websites that can unlock restricted websites in your area.

How Proxy Sites Works?

Proxy sites are simple websites that redirect traffic through proxy servers. The technique functions similarly to a proxy server, except that the webmaster runs the proxy server.

Assume you type into a proxy website. The website will translate the traffic, unblock it, and serve you the webpage using a proxy server. This method may result in slower YouTube viewing speeds, but it will unblock the site.

When you access a website through a proxy site, it first passes through the proxy server before proceeding to its destination. In the case of YouTube, a proxy website's job is to unblock the site.

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Best Free YouTube Proxy Sites – Unblock YouTube

Now that you're familiar with proxy services, you might be curious about the best proxy sites for unblocking YouTube. The following are the top YouTube proxy sites for unblocking the site.

1. KProxy

KProxy is one of the top free proxy sites available today for unblocking YouTube. It's a free proxy site that can unblock nearly all major websites and services.

KProxy is a good option for individuals who do not like to pay for a premium VPN service. It efficiently masks your IP address and allows you to access the website you are supposed to visit.

The main disadvantage of using KProxy to unblock YouTube is its poor speed. Because it is a free proxy site for YouTube, you may have video buffering issues.

2. HMA Proxy

HMA is one of the internet's oldest proxy sites. HMA now offers a VPN service with subscription tiers, although the proxy site is free to use.

HMA Proxy can help you unblock YouTube because it hides your IP address and encrypts your online traffic. However, as HMA Proxy is very popular, the proxy servers were always overloaded, leading to connection drop and sluggish speed.

On the plus side, HMA Proxy allows you to unblock YouTube and connect via a variety of proxy servers. Overall, HMA Proxy is a fantastic YouTube proxy service that you can use right now.

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3. Anonymouse

Although Anonymouse is not the most user-friendly proxy site, it is one of the best in the proxy segment. Since its inception in 1997, the site has been encrypting users' internet traffic.

Anonymouse's proxy server can unblock practically all major streaming sites, including YouTube. The free edition of Anonymouse, on the other hand, does not support encrypted connections.

Because the free version does not unblock sites that begin with HTTPS, you must acquire Anonymouse's premium subscription to unblock YouTube.

4. YouTube Unblocked

If you're looking for a specialized proxy site for YouTube, YouTube Unblocked might be your best bet. You can use YouTube Unblocked to unblock YouTube and watch videos for free.

The good news is that YouTube Unblocked is a 100% free service with no registration or paywalls.

There is also a premium version of YouTube Unblocked that removes adverts and allows you to choose the quickest server. Aside from that, there is no file size restriction when uploading videos to YouTube using YouTube Unblocked.

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5. Genmirror

Genmirror is the best YouTube proxy site available right now. While we have included Genmirror in our list of the top free proxy sites for YouTube, it can also be used to access Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Wikipedia, and other popular websites.

Genmirror's user interface is simple and well-organized. The proxy site offers quicker speeds and may unblock YouTube in a matter of seconds. 

Genmirror YouTube proxy outperforms every other proxy site on the list and includes a search box for searching YouTube video.

These are some of the top free YouTube proxy sites available right now. There are other proxy sites for unblocking YouTube on the internet, but we have listed the finest one.

Other Ways to Unblock YouTube?

VPNs and Tor are two alternative methods for unblocking YouTube. You can unblock YouTube and watch videos by using a VPN or Tor.

VPN and Tor, on the other hand, require manual configuration. We already shared a list of the best VPN for Windows. You can read that post to learn about the best VPN for YouTube.

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To unblock YouTube, download and install Tor Browser on your computer. Few web browsers now include VPN capability and can unblock streaming sites. Alternatively, you can use the Tor-enabled Brave browser on PC.

So, they are some of the top YouTube Proxy sites for unblocking YouTube. All of these websites provide free access to YouTube. Please let us know if you know of any additional YouTube proxies in the comments section below. 

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