Top 9 Useful Free Tools for Getting More Out of Steam Games

Steam has plenty of built-in capabilities that you probably aren't aware of, such as the option to play local co-op games with your friends online.

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 Steam has a number of valuable features that you may not be aware of, but third-party developers have created apps and websites that extend Steam's capabilities.

Steam is a fantastic PC gaming client with a ton of useful features, including the ability to organize your games into categories, create a wishlist, find curator suggestions, and more. However, it's also true that Steam doesn't provide everything you would require.

Third-party developers can help with this. You can use sites and plugins to improve your Steam experience, whether you're looking for a discount or want to view fascinating information about your playtime. And the best part? They're all free and can be used or installed in a matter of seconds.

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9 Useful Free Tools for Getting More Out of Steam Games

Check below the free tools for getting more out of steam games.

1. Steam Calculator

Check out Steam Calculator to see how much your Steam game collection is worth. It won't tell you exactly how much you spent, but it will figure out how much it would cost to acquire all of your games at their current, lowest market price.

It will also calculate the average cost each game as well as the cost per hour of entertainment. You may also get a comprehensive breakdown of each game. Try not to be too overwhelmed by the information; if you've had fun playing your games, why should you be remorseful about your purchases?

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2. HowLongToBeat 

Do you have a lot of games to play but don't know where to start? HowLongToBeat can assist you. It's a service that estimates how long it will take you to complete a game at various levels—for example, whether you merely want to play the tale or collect and achieve everything. The information comes from hundreds of gamers, so it's rather trustworthy.

Sync your Steam profile and import all of your games once you've signed up. You can then arrange these not only by time to finish, but also by other factors such as rating, release date, or your current progress (judged on hours played versus time to beat). You can finally finish your to-do list!

3. IsThereAnyDeal

On Steam, there's always a bargain going on, whether it's a daily offer or a full-fledged seasonal sale. It's why paying full money for a game is never a good idea. You can get a good price if you're willing to be patient.

You should use IsThereAnyDeal, a wonderful video game price alert website, to make this easier. You can connect your Steam wishlist to the service, and it will tell you when a Steam discount is available—or even if the game is available for less elsewhere. It keeps track of every game's previous price so you can evaluate if you're getting a good deal.

4. Augmented Steam

The browser extension Augmented Steam is based on the popular (and now defunct) Enhanced Steam tool. It enhances your Steam experience in so many ways that you'll wonder how you ever managed to use Steam without it.

The plugin customizes shop pages with extra facts like external review ratings, highlights your wishlist and owned games while you browse, and adds more filters to the Steam search, among other features.

These elements can be customized and toggled as needed, allowing you to use Augmented Steam to achieve the Steam experience that best suits you.

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5. Prepare Your Wallet

Your best option for getting the finest Steam deals is to wait until one of the large seasonal promotions. But how can you know when they're going to happen? Prepare Your Wallet, a website that forecasts when the sale will take place and counts down the days until it happens, is the easiest way to find out.

Because Valve doesn't normally publicize sales ahead of time, the dates are guesses based on previous sales or dates gleaned from leaked data. There will be some unanticipated mass sales, perhaps from a publisher, but the main Steam sales tend to occur over the summer and winter seasons.

6. SteamTrade Matcher

While Steam trade cards can be enjoyable collectibles, it can be inconvenient when your collection is cluttered with duplicates. If you're looking for a whole set, you may have to sift through the Steam Marketplace to find the best deal.

Use SteamTrade Matcher to avoid the trouble. It analyzes your duplicate cards to discover what you're missing to complete your set, then connects you with people who have the cards you're missing and arranges a trade. It can also change emoticons and profile backgrounds in the same way.

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7. Depressurizer

You know how difficult it is to arrange a large collection of Steam games if you have a lot of them. While Steam has a useful classification option, manually setting it up is a hassle. Depressurizer is ideal for this reason.

It organizes your Steam collection by genre, Steam tags, developer, release year, and other factors. You can also label a large number of games as hidden. Depressurizer is the free software to use if you want to keep your game collection organized. 

8. Steam Library Filters

While the Steam shop allows you to search for games to buy, what about the titles you already have? Let's imagine you're looking for a single-player 3D platformer in your Steam collection with a high review score. What's the best way to go about it? Steam Library Filters can help with that.

After you enter your username, the site will scan your game library. You may then sort and filter your collection based on factors such as play time and average user review. There's no need to sift through your Steam collection to figure out what to play next.

While non-Steam games can be added to your library, this site only scans for games purchased through Steam.

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9. Steam Game Gauntlet 

There is such a thing as choice paralysis. With thousands of video games available, deciding which one to play next might be difficult. This is especially true if you've amassed a significant amount of shame. Take a look at the Steam Game Gauntlet for some assistance.

This website connects to your Steam account and then allows you to spin a wheel to select a game from your library at random. You'll play the next game based on where it lands.

Steam Has Many Fun Features to Find

While these wonderful websites and add-ons can surely improve your Steam experience, don't forget that Steam has plenty of built-in capabilities that you probably aren't aware of, such as the option to play local co-op games with your friends online.

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