Open A Bank Account In Belgium [Ultimate Guide]

Opening a bank account online in Belgium is one of the simplest things to accomplish in the country, as it requires you to be a Belgian citizen.

Open A Bank Account In Belgium

 If you are considering or preparing to relocate to Belgium, keep in mind that you will want financial support, which can be obtained through a Belgian bank account or a credit card. Opening a bank account online in Belgium is one of the simplest things to accomplish in the country, as it requires you to be a Belgian citizen. Furthermore, some Belgian banks do not even require a Belgian address, which is a perfect opportunity for non-residents to open a Belgian bank account before even arriving in the country.

Some banks, on the other hand, will need you to show proof of identity, such as a Belgian ID Card or formal documentation from your native country. When you arrive in the nation, most banks will want you to visit a local branch to complete the procedure.

You want to open a bank account in Belgium, but you don't know where to start. So, in this essay, I'll teach you how to register a bank account in Belgium online, as well as what you should consider before doing so.

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Banking System in Belgium 

Belgium is a prosperous European country that is close to France. It goes without saying that being a developed country, they have a sophisticated, well-established, and digitalized financial system. Belgium was one of the first countries to embrace the concept of a cashless society, and they have been innovative in adopting automated payment systems over the years.

What Do I need to Open a Bank Account in Belgium?

Opening a bank account in Belgium is simple since, unlike in some other countries, Belgian banks do not require extensive documentation. Even though opening a bank account in Belgium is simple, keep in mind that each bank has its own set of requirements. In most situations, a passport or other government-issued identification, as well as proof of address, will suffice.

Whatever the situation may be, the following are some of the prerequisites for opening a bank account in Belgium, either online or through a branch. 

  • Proof of Address - Utility bill or rental contract
  • Government issued ID or passport 

Only a few banks offer online application processes, and most need you to visit a branch in person. After you've opened a bank account, you'll receive a debit or credit card in the mail. You can pick it up at the bank if you like.

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Am I Eligible to Open A Bank Account in Belgium?  

Regardless of your country of origin, each bank in Belgium has its own set of qualifying conditions for opening a bank account, with the most prevalent of these being age restrictions. You may be able to create a bank account in Belgium if you are 18 years old or older. Also, certain banks, but not all, will require a credit score. However, if you have legal issues, you may be unable to create a bank account in Belgium.

Some non-residents of Belgium are allowed to open a bank account provided they have an economic connection to the country, such as owning a business registered in the country or living in Belgium.

Most Belgian banks will not ask you to submit a Belgian address; in this situation, your non-Belgian address will suffice. Some banks merely require a valid email address in addition to a valid identification card. Belgian expats have the option of opening low-barrier bank accounts.

Types of Bank Accounts in Belgium

In Belgium, there are a variety of bank accounts to choose from, and a current account can be divided into different categories depending on your needs. The types of bank accounts available in Belgium are shown below.

Current Account: 

A current account is the most popular and widely used online bank account available in all nations, allowing you to make international payments in the SEPA Area and many other countries.

The following are the many types of current accounts available in Belgium:

1. Basic Current Account - The most common type of current account in Belgium, and it may have a monthly maintenance cost. You can easily undertake internet banking and branch banking with this account. However, keep in mind that with a Basic Current account, you may be charged fees for cash withdrawals, payments, and additional cards.

2. Premium Current Account - Because cash withdrawals and card replacements are free, this is one of Belgium's most popular checking accounts. However, you will be charged a monthly maintenance fee. Some of these accounts will allow you to conduct transactions in foreign countries while also allowing you to add a credit card and an additional card holder for free.

3. Bundled/Package Account - Most banks in most countries provide packaged accounts, which are a variety of banking accounts. These accounts have benefits such as insurance that are not available in regular bank accounts. The account's maintenance fees, on the other hand, may be greater.

Offshore Account 

Those who are familiar with the banking system are likely to understand what this form of bank account entails. It is a feature-rich account that is often the best option for expats looking to better manage their funds. An offshore account is the greatest sort of account for people who aren't focused on a single country, travel frequently, and frequently conduct international transactions. Your account will be located outside of your nation, and it will have significant legal and financial benefits over traditional bank accounts.

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In a word, an offshore account is a multicurrency account that makes it easier to receive and send payments using real-time exchange rates. Furthermore, this account has been allocated some comprehensive foreign exchange capabilities, such as the option to lock in current values for more than a year, which can assist alleviate the uncertainty associated with international financial management. Aside from that, there are some additional advantages, such as cheaper implied money taxes and a wider selection of cross-border services.

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Savings Account 

Savings accounts and checking accounts are linked, and for most local or conventional banks, one cannot exist without the other. They are recognized for collaborating to help account users better manage their cash, save money, and earn more interest. They come in a wide range of sizes and forms. Fixed accounts, for example, require you to lock away your savings for a few years in order to obtain immediate access to your account and withdraw cash within 24 hours.

How to Open A Bank Account in Belgium 

Before you begin the process of creating a bank account with any bank, make certain that the bank provides services that you will be glad to use. It is vital to conduct thorough research on your preferred bank, review any fees charged on each account type, and determine whether it meets your expectations and capabilities. If this is the case, you can proceed to open a bank account with them using the instructions below.

As a Belgian resident, here are some fundamental procedures to do in order to open a bank account in the nation. 

  • Identify and print the files required by your chosen financial institution
  • You will have to make an appointment and then convey your files to a nearby bank branch 
  • Answer some few questions and then confirm your identification with the clerk 
  • Wait for the confirmation- card, PIN and various essential files to arrive your post 
  • Once you have receive them, all you need to do now is activate your account and online banking 

Best Banks to Open a Belgian Bank Account

In terms of the services you want from a bank account, the Belgian bank may differ slightly for you, therefore it is critical to check out all of them and see what they have to offer before choosing the finest bank.

The following are some of Belgium's major physical banks:

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1. BNP Paribas Fortis 

BNP Paribas Fortis Bank is a BNP Paribas affiliate with over 780 locations and 3800 ATMs. They offer investment and savings accounts as banking services. They offer current accounts with a bank card, a prepaid card, and a Visa card to those aged 18 to 27. The Visa card can be used via an app. They also offer money management tools and €3 per month Visa classic credit. 

2. ING Bank Belgium 

The ING Bank is a subsidiary of the ING Group. It has around 670 locations and offers basic financial services. A free online current account, a classic current account for €30 per year, and the option to conduct 12 transactions per year are among the services available. For individuals under the age of 18, it also provides a youth account. You can choose between MasterCard and Visa as your payment method.

3. KBC 

There are roughly 700 branches in Belgium. However, in recent years, this figure has declined. The website is accessible in three languages: English, French, and Dutch.

A free 'Lion Account' with simple access is available; a 'Green Account' costs €40 per year and includes a number of savings choices, including special accounts for saving for a home and investing for your child's future.

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Best International Banks in Belgium

As many as eight of Belgium's ten banks could be owned by foreigners. These banks cater to expats and provide similar services to other Belgian country banks. International banks are without a doubt the greatest banks for foreigners and some non-residents because they allow people to open bank accounts online or at a local branch.

The following are some of Belgium's international banks:

  1. Bank of America
  2. CitiBank 
  3. ABN-AMRO 
  4. BBVA 
  5. Santander 
  6. Rabobank 
  7. Deutche Bank 
  8. HSBC 
  9. Commerzbank

Open  a Bank Account in Belgium Online as a Non Resident or Foreigner 

To open a Belgian bank account, you must first consult the bank with whom you wish to open one in order to collect the necessary documents. You should also look into the fees associated with each account type to see whether they are acceptable to you.

So, here are the steps to opening an online Belgian bank account as a non-resident.

  • To begin, double-check that your bank allows you to open an account online.
  • Select the type of account you want to create.
  • Fill out the application form completely.
  • You must upload copies of your documents and ID after filling out the form, or the bank may commence video verification.
  • Wait for your confirmation, card, PIN, and other paperwork to arrive in the mail.
  • Register for internet banking and activate your account.

Best Banks to Open a Bank Account in Belgium as a Non Resident 

If you are a non-resident who wants to migrate to Belgium but does not have any knowledge about the country that can help you create a bank account, you will need to find some of the top online banks that offer Belgian banking solutions to others who are in the same situation as you.

The finest banks that allow you to open a bank account online in Belgium as a non-resident are listed below:

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N26 is one of Europe's most popular online banks, providing financial services to both inhabitants and non-residents of the European continent. You can carry out activities within the SEPA Area with this bank account, offering each account with them greater benefits. Furthermore, they are one of the best banks that provide an online bank account with an instant virtual debit card as well as a physical card that allows you to make free withdrawals at ATMs. N26's debit Mastercard supports mobile wallets such as Google Pay and Apple Pay, making international transactions easier. 

Because Belgium is a member of the SEPA system, the bank account you open with N26 in this country will include SEPA capabilities as well as an IBAN that may be used for international transactions without incurring costs.


Bunq features among the best online banks in Europe as it is well known for providing banking solutions for those that found it difficult to open a traditional bank account at a local bank branch. Bunq bank exerts its activities in the Belgian territory and for this reason, non residents of Belgium can make use of Bunq to open a Belgian bank account an enjoy all the features that it has to offer. 


You've probably come across this company's name when browsing for the greatest online banks or credit cards (credit and debit cards). You can open a bank account in Belgium totally online with Revolut and start managing your funds across Europe.

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How to Open a Belgian Bank Account as an Expat 

With the powerful internet system accessible today, banks may completely operate online, making it simple to open a bank account as an expat in Belgium. All you have to do is choose your bank and submit an online request, after which the bank will send you the necessary forms and information. You can also physically open a Belgian bank account by going to any bank in Belgium.

Opening a Bank Account in Belgium from Abroad 

Several Belgian banks accept non-resident bank accounts, making it reasonably simple to open a bank account before relocating to Belgium. You can create a bank account with an international bank that has branches in both your home country and Belgium (for example, Bank of America - For American Citizens, Citibank Europe - For European Citizens, and so on).

You can apply for a bank account with any bank of your choice online before you arrive in Belgium. When you arrive, you must present proof of identity (such as a passport or ID card) as well as proof of legal residence to a branch (in your home country or Belgium). Most banks may need you to show residential documentation once you have got a resident permit (address).

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Conclusion on How to Open a Bank Account in Belgium

If you are considering or preparing to relocate to Belgium, keep in mind that you will want financial support, which can be obtained through a Belgian bank account or a credit card. Opening a bank account online in Belgium is one of the simplest things to accomplish in the country, as it requires you to be a Belgian citizen. Furthermore, some Belgian banks do not even require a Belgian address, which is a perfect opportunity for non-residents to open a Belgian bank account before even arriving in the country.

Consider what a bank has to offer, each of its features, the costs it charges for maintenance, and whether or not there is a transaction fee. Also, review the papers required to open a bank account in Belgium, whether online or in a local branch, to ensure that it matches what you can give.

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