Free Credit Checks And Reports In Canada | Borrowell Review

The Canadian company Borrowell provides free credit reports, free credit scores, bill tracking, and suggestions for financial goods.

Free Credit Checks And Reports In Canada

 With its free services including credit score checks, weekly credit reports, bill tracking, financial product recommendations, and an AI-powered Credit Coach, the Canadian money management software Borrowell aims to relieve you of financial worry.

By offering a free Equifax credit score, a weekly credit report, and a $75 interest-free cash advance, Borrowell is the first firm in Canada to enable customers to better their financial situation.

You receive an AI-powered Credit Coach who can explain your credit score to you and provide tailored advice on how to raise it.

Based on your credit profile, it compares financial products from over 75 partners to offer customised product suggestions.

How to Get Started with Borrowell

You must visit the Borrowell website and click the sign up button in order to create your account. Your email address and a password must be provided. After that, Borrowell will compile some personal data to aid in confirming your identification. Your SIN or credit number are not required. To help them match you with the appropriate Equifax credit report, Borrowell will elicit information from you. You get your first free credit score and report after signing up.

Borrowell Products and Services

A one-stop shop for numerous goods and services is Borrowell. Here is a list of its primary free offerings, nevertheless.

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 Borrowell Free Credit Score and Credit Report

Monitoring your credit score and credit report on a regular basis is one of the best ways to guarantee that your credit remains in good standing. One of Borrowell's key offerings is the free credit score and report check. Every week, Borrowell updates your credit score and credit report, making it simple for you to check for any changes or irregularities. You may see in the report when a payment was missed.

The Equifax Risk Score (ERS 2.0), which has a range of 300 to 900, is the free credit score provided by Borrowell. Your complete Equifax credit report is included in the credit report. In contrast to other loan organizations that utilize hard credit inquiries that can damage your score, Borrowell uses soft credit inquiries to assess your credit score.

How to Get your Borrowell Free Credit Score and Report

It's simple to obtain a free credit score and credit report. Simply create a Borrowell account and complete the online form with your personal data, such as your name, email address, home address, birthdate, etc. Information about your banking institution must also be provided. You must next confirm your identification by responding to a few questions before receiving your free credit score.

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Is the Borrowell Credit Score Accurate?

Yes. Equifax's credit score is provided by Borrowell (the primary credit bureau score in Canada). Your Equifax credit score, however, can be distinct from your TransUnion credit score. This is because the methods used by Equifax and TransUnion to determine your credit score are marginally different. Additionally, the two credit reporting agencies use data from several issuers to determine your score. Last but not least, there can be a little discrepancy due to various reporting dates.

Borrowell Bill Tracking

Maintaining your financial stability requires timely bill payments. You may track and manage your bills with the help of Borrowell for nothing. To prevent missed payments and expensive overdraft fees, it forecasts incoming obligations and sends low balance alerts and a $75 interest-free cash advance.

Borrowell Free Credit Education

Molly, an AI-powered Credit Coach at Borrowell, offers financial guidance. When you're making wise financial decisions, Molly will let you know. She will also provide you with updates on your credit utilization and any payments you might have missed. Molly will also show you how your credit score compares to that of the rest of Canada. For those who prefer a more conventional approach to financial education, Borrowell offers financial tools, tailored suggestions, and articles in "old-school" text format.

Borrowell Financial Product Recommendations

Borrowell suggests and recommends the finest financial solutions for you that you are likely to be approved for based on your credit score profile. Products are supplied by its more than 75 partners. Some goods already have your information filled in so that you can submit the application quickly and effortlessly.

Based on your credit and financial profile, Borrowell will suggest the following financial products to you:

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Individual loans You may immediately determine your chances of approval for personal loans offered in Canada after receiving your free Equifax credit score.

Cards of credit. A gateway provided by Borrowell allows you to compare several credit card types. They consist of reward cards, balance transfer cards, low interest cards, travel cards, and cash-back cards. 

loans from Borrowell. Mortgage offers are provided by Borrowell via intermediaries. To make the process of buying a home easier, they offer mortgage calculators and a platform for comparing rates and financing choices.

Banking at Borrowell. Based on your financial profile, Borrowell provides a href="banking" rel="noopener">banking products including checking and savings accounts.

Insurance by Borrowell. Through Borrowell, you may compare prices for your insurance requirements online.

Investing at Borrowell. Borrowell suggests investing possibilities that can help you increase your investments in addition to assisting you in repairing your credit.

Borrowell Fees

A free credit score check and free credit report are offered by Borrowell. Both the Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) fee and the one-time origination cost are charged. The origination charge pays for Borrowell's administrative and customer support expenses. The amount you wish to borrow, your credit history, and your income levels all go into the interest rate you pay. The origination charge for your loan with Borrowell ranges from 1 to 5 percent. If your monthly payment to Borrowell is due and you do not have sufficient funds in your account to cover the payment, you will be charged a $25 Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) fee.

Borrowell Customer Service

The Borrowell customer care team can be reached by email at or through the contact form on their website. From Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Borrowell's customer service department is open. Unfortunately, there isn't a toll-free number available for Borrowell. There aren't many options for customer service in Borrowell.

Is Borrowell Safe?

Yes. To protect your identity and credit information, Borrowell makes significant investments in fraud detection and protection technology. With 256-bit encryption, Borrowell offers "bank-level" security. Furthermore, Borrowell won't divulge any of your personal data, credit reports, or credit ratings to outside parties without your permission.

Borrowell Alternatives

There are a number of alternatives you can look into in Canada if Borrowell does not meet your financial needs. These are a few of them:

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Final Thoughts on the Borrowell Review

The Canadian company Borrowell provides free credit reports, free credit scores, bill tracking, and suggestions for financial goods based on your financial profile. Many Canadians have been able to maintain strong credit profiles because to these cost-effective services.

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