How To Cash Out Bitcoins For Real Money

It's becoming easier to cash out your Bitcoins these days. There are several feasible methods for making your transaction quick and painless.

How To Cash Out Bitcoins For Real Money

 Do you want to know how to effortlessly cash out bitcoin for fiat money and the tools you can use to do so? At the start of 2021, as more people became interested in cryptocurrencies, the volume of BTC traded in a single day skyrocketed.

You can always exchange your bitcoins for real money, whether you want to trade or invest. There are four basic ways to do so listed below.

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How to Cash out Bitcoin

Here's a step-by-step tutorial to converting your BTC to fiat currency at any time and from any location.

1. Make use of cryptocurrency exchanges 

On a crypto exchange, you can swap or trade BTC and other cryptocurrencies. It usually comes with a wallet where you may safely keep your digital valuables.

Consider which crypto-fiat exchange provider has the best liquidity. A number of trading pairs, including fiat, are available on centralized exchanges (CEX). This means that local currency withdrawals and deposits are possible. Decentralized exchanges (DEX) on the other hand, have fewer trading pairings and limited functionalities. Because they are unregulated, their capabilities may be limited.

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Make sure you have all of the necessary details before depositing your Bitcoin to an exchange. Here are some pointers to keep in mind:


If you wish to cash out your bitcoin, your chosen trading site should take both fiat and crypto. Before making any deposits, double-check to see if your nation is listed on the exchange.


The next step is to create a user account once you've decided on a platform. Depending on the type of exchange — CEX (KYC is needed) or DEX (registration/verification is optional), you will be required to go through a KYC verification.

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Hopefully, you already have some BTC in a cold storage system or a decentralized wallet. So, once you've validated your account, you'll need to put your bitcoins into your exchange wallet.


You can now cash out bitcoin for currency or request a withdrawal to your selected payment method, which could be a bank deposit, after a successful deposit.

Because most exchanges do not offer rapid bank account withdrawals, you may have to wait 1–5 days, depending on the payment method. In order to process your withdrawal request, you may be charged a transaction fee. 


To avoid losing money while converting bitcoin to your local currency, use a platform that offers superior cryptocurrency exchange rates.

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2. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) 

A peer-to-peer transaction connects you with willing bitcoin buyers, allowing you to sell directly to them and receive payment in your local currency. Some P2P systems additionally offer escrow services to assure secure and non-fraudulent transactions. Such services hold the deposit in an escrow account and release it to the buyer only if the seller confirms the buyer's payment.

How To Use A P2P Service

  • Deposit your Bitcoins on a platform that allows for peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions.
  • Access the marketplace and look for buyers who are interested.
  • Begin a transaction.
  • Enter the number of bitcoins you want to sell.
  • Include your preferred payment method, as long as it is accepted by the exchange.
  • Send your bitcoins to the escrow service (exchange).
  • After the buyer has paid you, confirm receipt of money.

There may be minor differences in how P2P transactions are carried out depending on the exchange, but these are the general stages on most P2P platforms.

3. Use a Bitcoin ATM

According to recent figures, there are over 14,000 Bitcoin ATMs worldwide, with the majority of them located in the United States. Unlike traditional ATMs, Bitcoin ATMs are still relatively new and uncommon. However, if you have one near you, they remain a viable alternative for cashing out your BTC.

Withdrawal limitations are usually set at $10,000. Furthermore, it is not ideal to travel with so much cash.

Before you withdraw money from an ATM, you may be asked to authenticate your identification or validate your phone number. The machine will generate a QR code for you to scan after you start the transaction.

Bitcoin ATMs, like exchanges, carry a processing fee, which is presently 8.4% for buying bitcoins from machines and 5.4 percent for selling bitcoins for cash.

4. Make use of a bitcoin debit card

Debit cards for cryptocurrency are likewise very new, with only a few investors and dealers utilizing them. However, they are a quick way to cash out your bitcoins.

A bitcoin debit card can be used anywhere MasterCard and Visa are accepted to make purchases and payments. In real time, the card converts BTC to local fiat currency. It has comparable features as prepaid cards (cashback, promotions, and low APRs).

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Conclusion on How to Cash Out Bitcoins For Real Money

It's becoming easier to cash out your Bitcoins these days. There are several feasible methods for making your transaction quick and painless. Reread the guide and choose the method that is most convenient for you.

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