Best Credit Union In Texas [For Online Banking]

When talking of credit unions with online banking, we refer to the ones that allow you to manage your credit union account online.
best credit union in texas

A credit union is a category of a financial institution formed by members of a common bond. People with a common bond could be employees of the same company, people living within the same area, members of the same religion, same gender, or even the same business, among other types of bonds. There are many credits union companies all over the country. Some are localized in some states, while others are present nationwide. Today, I will take you through the best credit union of Texas online banking.

When talking of credit unions with online banking, we refer to the ones that allow you to manage your credit union account online. That means you can access your funds online for various transactions. Online banks and credit unions allow you to send and receive money online, buy goods and services online, view your account balance, see your transaction history, as well as generate your monthly statement.

One exciting thing about online banking is that it is convenient. You do not have to line up at the nearest branch to withdraw or send money. Moreover, when you open a credit union checking account, you can get a free debit card that allows you to withdraw money at an ATM. Furthermore, a debit card can help you pay for goods and services at a physical store or online.

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Best Credit Unions In Texas For Online Banking

I promised to take you through the best credit unions you can get in Texas. Well, there are many credit unions you can find in Texas. They include the following:

1. Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union

The credit union headquarters are in Live Oak, TX. The institution has assets worth $13.25 Billion. In Texas, Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union has 62 locations.

You can get various services such as FHA loans, Medicare, trust services, insurance, and investment. Above all, you can get a savings account to keep your money for your future. If you plan to join a college in the near future, then the credit union can help you save for your education.

2. Security Service Federal Credit Union

The headquarters of the Union are in San Antonio, TX. With assets worth $9.83 billion, the union can be a better option than the Security Service Federal credit union members, especially if there is a branch nearby. The union has a total of 67 Locations throughout Texas. Since 1956, the union has been improving people’s lives as far as financial stability is concerned.

3. American Airlines Federal Credit Union

American Airlines Federal Credit Union headquarters are at Fort Worth, TX. The union has assets total of $8.84 Billion. You can get the union in 45 locations throughout Texas. The credit union has impressive features. You can get APYs as high as 0.50% for the Priority Checking account.

If you opt for a saving account, you can get APYs of 0.40%. You can also get Auto & Vehicle Loans, Home Loans, Visa Credit Cards, Business Banking, and Visa Business Credit. In fact, the union is among the best credit unions for small businesses and can help you grow significantly.


With headquarters in Lake Jackson, TX, TDECU has helped transform people’s lives in Texas in a great way.  Its assets of about $4.1 billion is a clear indication that the union has been doing wonders. It has 36 locations throughout Texas. You can get various services such as auto loans, home loans, RV loans, and checking accounts.

Apart from the above services, the union allows you to earn when you invite friends to join the union. You can earn up to $500 per year in Visa® Rewards cards. The union also allows you to transfer money between accounts, pay bills, deposit checks, and manage your cards.

5. Navy Army Community Credit Union

The credit union headquarters are in Corpus Christi, Texas. The Navy Army Community Credit Union has Assets worth $3.66 billion. It has 19 locations throughout Texas. It is one of the credit unions with high-interest checking accounts whereby you can get APYs of up to 3.01% when you open the Liberty Checking accounts and 0.15%APY when you open the Basic Savings account. The union has been serving Americans for 65 years now, and no doubt that it is a beautiful institution.

6. Credit Human Federal Credit Union

Credit Human Federal Credit Union was formerly known as SACU. The credit union has its headquarters in San Antonio, TX. it has assets worth $3.58 billion. It has 22 locations throughout Texas. It has excellent mobile banking services, and you can get its application from the relevant sites depending on your operating system.

You can get a free checking account and a money market account (requires a $1,000 minimum deposit). The Spurs Rewards Mastercard® is all that you need for your various transactions online and at physical stores.

How To Open A Credit Union Account

Opening a credit union account is a straightforward activity and especially when opening an online account. You can finish the application process within five minutes and start your banking process. You must be 18 years and above to open a credit union account.

The same applies to when opening a bank account. There are other requirements for opening a credit union account which include the following.

  • Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number.
  • Your physical address.
  • A valid identification doc such as a passport, driver’s license, or other government-issued ID
  • A phone number.
  • Email address.

The Social Security Number (SSN) or Tax Identification Number plus an identification document helps identify you and prevent criminals from opening credit union accounts for their malicious activities. One of the most dangerous criminal activities is terrorism, and it thrives with funding. If such people can open accounts with financial activities without any identification requirement, the world will become a dangerous place.

Once you have all the required things, you can then start your application process. You can begin by researching the available credit unions to see which one suits you. The National Credit Union Administration credit union search tool can help you to see the nearest credit union.

The body is a government agency responsible for overseeing credit unions’ operations. As you will see later, many credit unions in Texas are easy to join with small deposits. You can get the best credit unions for personal loans or businesses and start transforming your financial status.

In Texas and any other state, you can join a credit union in three easy steps which include the following.

  • Meet the eligibility requirement.
  • Open and make a small deposit to become a member-owner. Deposits for most credit unions are usually from $5 to $25.
  • Start using your credit union account.

1. Meet the eligibility requirement

Before joining any credit union, you must ask yourself whether you share a common bond. If the credit union is for the police, are you police? Does the credit union allow non-police members to join? Some of the factors that can allow you eligible to be a credit union member include the following.

  • Your employer has arranged to register a credit union for employers to join or has established a relationship with a particular credit union.
  • A family member has joined a credit union and you, being a close relative, can join.
  • You live in a particular area, and there is a community-based credit union. Eg a state, county, and so on.
  • Your occupation such as teaching, policing, driving, farming, etc.

You can even find credit unions that are open to just anybody.

2. Open an account and make a small deposit to become a member-owner

The next thing is now opening an account online. Once you choose a credit union of your choice, you can visit their website and get started. Navigate to the account opening page and fill in the necessary details. Usually, the online account opening takes a very short time, five minutes or slightly longer. You can open your account with a smartphone or computer so long as you have a secure internet connection.

After the credit union approves your account, you can then deposit a certain amount of money. As I mentioned earlier, deposits for most credit unions are usually from $5 to $25.

3. Start using your credit union account

After successfully opening and registering your credit union account, You can start contributing as per the credit union’s guidelines. You can get a debit card to access your funds in times of need. As time goes on, you can apply for personal loans to better yourself.

You can even get a credit card to help you borrow from your credit union. Credit unions usually report account usage of members to credit bureaus. Other things you can do with your credit union include bill pay, setting up direct deposits, sending money, and so on.

Final Words

A credit union refers to a financial institution that members with a common bond own. These include people working together, living together or worshipping together, and so on. The online account opening requires you to visit the union’s website. Credit unions have checking and savings accounts. Like banks, the unions’ accounts allow you to pay bills and send money to others.

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