Huntington Bank Credit Card [All You Need To Know]

Usually, credit cards allow you to qualify to get them. That means you must have a borrowing history.
huntington bank credit card

Huntington Bank is an American bank and holding company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. The institution is one of the most utilized banks in the US. It offers various services, which include mortgages, investing, credit cards, loans, personal and commercial financial services, plus small business solutions.

We shall look at the Qualifications for the Huntington Bank credit card shortly. Usually, credit cards allow you to qualify to get them. That means you must have a borrowing history. 

We have unsecured and secured credit cards, whereby unsecured credit cards require you to have some credit scores. The scores show your creditworthiness. More scores mean you qualify for high credit compared to those with low scores.

However, the secured cards do not require you to have any credit scores. You only need to deposit some amount of money to act as security. If you default, the issuer gets the deposit to repay your debt. 

Credit cards usually have credit limits. That is the maximum amount you can borrow with your card every month. The more your scores, the more your borrowing limit. For secured cards, your limit is determined by the deposit amount.

Above all, the cards require you to repay your debts on time. You must pay the borrowed amount of money plus the interest. Huntington Bank offers various credit cards, which include the following.

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Qualifications for Huntington Bank credit card

Every bank requires you to qualify for a credit card for you to get it. Huntington Bank credit cards require credit scores that range between 670-850. That means you should have good to excellent credit scores. 

You must submit an application to the bank online for the card you wish to use and get a decision. Every card requires a particular range of scores. The 670-850 is a general score requirement for all the credit cards from the bank.

Also, you need to provide other details such as your legal name, address, Social Security number,birth date, and annual income. The Social Security Number allows Huntington to check your credit score and determine your eligibility.

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Best 3 Huntington Bank Credit Card For their reliable customers

In the following we are talking about most useable three credit card reviews and application process.

1. Cashback Credit Card

The Huntington Cashback Credit Card allows you to earn 1.5% unlimited cash back on each purchase in-store, online, and everywhere. The cashback allows you to save money you could have spent buying items. You then save the funds to use on another day. 

The card’s cashback does not expire, and you can use it whenever the need arises. You can use the card with various wallets, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay, for fast and secure mobile payments.

Application process

You can apply for the card online by visiting the platform’s website and navigating to the Cashback Credit Card application tab. Once you hit the Apply Now tab, you can enter the necessary details. You should first select how you will redeem your rewards. i.e., either manual or automatic. 

2. 3x Rewards Credit Card

You can also opt for this credit card for your daily purchases. The Huntington Voice Rewards Credit Card allows you to earn 3X points when you spend with the card. You can pick one of the 10 categories and change them every quarter to fit your needs. The card allows you to use it on your digital wallets to fund your transactions. 

Application process

You can apply for the 3x Rewards Credit Card online. You only need to visit the Huntington bank website, tap on credit cards, and then look for the card. Next, tap the Apply Now tab and enter the necessary details. You will also need to decide how you would like to redeem your credit card once you start using it. 

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3. Lower Rate Credit Card

The bank’s Lower APR Huntington Voice Credit Card charges a lower interest rate than rewards or cashback. Therefore, you can pay less with Voice. Also, the card allows you to use it with your various digital wallets or wire transfer to fund your transactions. You can also access your card details on an app to make payments, check statements, manage your card account online and redeem rewards online 24 hours a day.

Like the other cards, you can use your card with various digital wallets to fund various transactions online. Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay are some wallets you can use with your card. 

Application process

The card also allows you to apply online. You only need to visit Huntington Bank’s website and tap on credit cards, then navigate to Lower Rate Credit Card and hit on the Apply Now tab. Enter all the necessary details and proceed with your application. The application process is easy and fast since you do not need to line up to submit your documents.

Benefits of Huntington Bank credit cards

Various advantages are associated with Huntington Bank credit cards. They include the following. 

1. Late Fee Grace

The bank gives you an extra day to pay a minimum amount without a late payment fee. That way, you can save money that you could have paid as a late payment fee. 

2. No foreign transaction fees

Most banks charge fees when you use your card overseas. However, Huntington Bank allows you to pay zero fees on purchases made outside the US. The benefit applies to the Voice cardholders. 

3. Free FICO® Credit Score

The bank allows you to check your monthly credit scores without paying fees. Remember that you must pay fees if you check your credit scores from the credit bureaus.

4. Zero annual fee

While we have many financial companies that charge annual fees on their cards, Huntington Bank allows you to enjoy zero annual fees on your credit card. 

5. Card Lock

You can lock your credit card so you cannot use it for transactions. Alternatively, you can unlock the card when you are ready to utilize it. One can lock and unlock the card on their mobile banking app. 

6. No Penalty Pricing

Your APR will not increase when you miss payments, go over your credit line, or incur other delinquency.

7. Contactless Payments

You can utilize your card for contactless payments at enabled terminals.

8. Authorized Users

It is possible to add authorized users to your credit card to simplify your finances and get rewards on your purchases.

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Limitations of Huntington Bank credit card

Despite credit cards having so many benefits, some drawbacks still accompany them. They include the following. 

  • They have no sign-up bonus.
  • The cards are limited to select states.
  • No 0% intro APR offer

Huntington Voice Credit Card Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions limit you on how you use your card. The bank has the following terms and conditions you must always adhere to. 

  • Check your FICO scores online free of charge.
  • Make a minimum payment not later than the following day after the due date listed on your monthly billing cycle to avoid late payment charges.
  • Late Fee Grace and Voice Credit Card are registered as marks of Huntington.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of card is Huntington Bank?

Debit Card Features You can use your new debit card everywhere Mastercard® is accepted. Plus, you can access cash free at more than 1,800 Huntington ATMs.

Is Huntington a good credit card?

Foreign transaction fee: None The Huntington Voice Rewards Credit Card℠ is unique in that it lets you choose what category you want to earn 3x points. With no annual fee and a 0% intro APR as well, the card has a lot to offer. You're even granted a one day grace period if you forget to make your payment.

Does Huntington have Zelle?

Answer: Zelle® is already available within the Huntington Mobile app. Just open the app, go to the Payments tab, and follow a few simple steps to enroll with Zelle® today. We recommend you enroll before someone sends you money — this will help you get your first payment faster.


Huntington Bank is an American bank holding company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. The institution is one of the most utilized banks in the United. It offers various services, which include mortgages, investing, credit cards, loans, etc. You can apply for a credit card from the bank online. When you get your credit card, you can manage it online using a mobile application.  

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