Chase Wire Routing Number [Complete Guide]

There are various services you can get from Chase bank. Among the major ones is wire transfer. You can send wires both domestically and international.

chase wire routing number

Chase Bank, often referred to as Chase, is an American financial company headquartered in New York City. It constitutes the banking subsidiary of the US multinational banking and financial services company JPMorgan Chase. The institution was known as Chase Manhattan Bank before it merged with J.P. Morgan & Co. in 2000. Chase Manhattan Bank resulted from the 1955 merger of the Chase National Bank and the Manhattan Company. In 2004, the bank merged with Bank One Corporation. There are various services you can get from the institution.  You will learn about the Chase wire transfer routing number shortly. 

Wire transfer is a money transfer method that allows you to move money from your bank to another. Usually, the money transfer method allows you to send large amounts of money within a short period. Transactions are complete within 24 hours. The money transfer option allows you to send both domestic and international money transfers. The only problem is that it attracts a lot of fees for sending and receiving finances. 

Most people confuse wire transfers with Automated Clearing House (ACH). Even though the two money transfer methods require routing and account numbers of the receiving account, the two money transfer methods differ a bit. ACH takes longer to complete compared to wire transfers. Also, ACH is free with most financial institutions. Moreover, ACH transfers are limited to small transactions. 

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Best ways to Find Your Chase Wire Transfer Routing Number

If you want to receive money in your account, you must be able to find your routing number. If you wonder how you can get the number, then you are in the right place where you will know how to get your routing number. 

1. From the Chase Mobile App

You can find your routing number from your mobile banking app. You can do the operation by signing into your Chase Mobile® app, selecting your account title, and then choosing the ‘Show details’ tab. Your account and routing number will display on your screen. This method is the easiest and most convenient way of getting your routing number. 

2. Online

You can find your routing plus account number when you sign in to and choose the last four digits of the account number above your account information. After that, you can choose ‘See full account number’ next to your account name. A box will open to show your account and routing number. 

3. On a check

A check is a document that allows you to write and authorize the withdrawal of money from your account to make a payment for goods and services, charity, or any other. The check has your account routing and account number, which you can find at the bottom of your checks. Usually, a check has three sets of numbers. The first set is the nine-digit routing number, while the second set is your account number. The last set of four numbers is your check number. 

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Routing Numbers for Wire Transfers

The routing number is a necessity to make wire transfers. You must use it together with the account number of the receiving account. You can send a wire transfer either online or at a branch. When transferring online, you can use your mobile app or visit so as to complete the transaction. 

A routing number also helps to identify a particular financial institution. We have hundreds of financial companies, and thus it could be challenging to know the institution one is sending money if it were not for a routing number. When sending a wire, you only need to log into your account online and navigate to the wire transfer section. You then enter the necessary details, and you are good to go.  

Chase Wire Transfer Fees

You can do wire transfers either domestically or internationally. When doing international transfers from another country to a US account, you must pay some fees. The fess appy for the sender and the recipient.

Wires sent using the bank’s  mobile app or to a financial company outside the U.S. in foreign currency (FX) pay no Chase wire fee for $5,000 USD or more. You only ned to pay only $5 for Chase wire fee for transfers less than $5,000 USD. generally, fees range between $0-$50. 

For Domestic Transfers

Domestic transfers involve transferring money within the country. Chase incoming domestic wire transfer charges are $15 per transaction while the outgoing domestic wire transfer charges are $25 per transaction.

There are numerous steps you should follow when making your transfers. They include the following.

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Tap “Pay & Transfer”
  3. Hit on the “Wires & global transfers.”
  4. Choose or add your recipient
  5. Indicate the account you want to wire funds from
  6. Enter the amount and date, and tap “Next.”
  7. Review details and hit “Schedule Wire” then “Close.”

For International Transfer

An international wire transfer requires more fees. You can pay up to $50.00 transaction fee for international wires. There is a 2.00%-7.00% exchange rate margin. Again, you must part with up to $10-$100 in correspondent bank fees. You can follow the steps below to send your funds internationally. 

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Tap “Pay & Transfer “
  3. Hit on “Wires & global transfers.”
  4. Tap the arrow to expand the current foreign exchange rate calculator
  5. Indicate if your recipient is a business or individual 
  6. Select the Pay from account and country
  7. Input the amount of money in US dollars (USD) 
  8. Tap “Send money.”
  9. Choose or add your recipient 
  10. Indicate the date you want to send your wire
  11. Enter any additional details and tap “Next.”
  12. Review the details and tap “Schedule Wire.”

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List of Chase Routing Number You Should Use

So far, you have learned how to find a Chase routing number from your account. But since you are here, you can get it directly from us. The bank has several routing numbers that differ by region. They include the following. 

Region Routing/Transit Number

  • Alabama 065400137
  • Arizona 122100024
  • Arkansas 065400137
  • California 322271627
  • Colorado 102001017
  • Connecticut 021100361
  • District of Columbia 044000037
  • Delaware 083000137
  • Georgia 061092387
  • Idaho 123271978
  • Illinois 071000013
  • Indiana 074000010
  • Iowa 075000019
  • Florida 267084131
  • Kentucky 083000137
  • Louisiana 065400137
  • Massachusetts 021000021
  • Maryland 044000037
  • Kansas 103000648
  • Maine 083000137
  • Michigan 072000326
  • Minnesota 075000019
  • Mississippi 065400137
  • Missouri 103000648
  • Nevada 322271627
  • Montana 102001017
  • New Jersey 021202337
  • New York – Downstate 021000021
  • New York – Upstate 022300173
  • Nebraska 103000648
  • New Hampshire 083000137
  • New Mexico 102001017
  • North Carolina 072000326
  • North Dakota 103000648
  • Ohio 044000037
  • Oklahoma 103000648
  • Oregon 325070760
  • Pennsylvania 083000137
  • Rhode Island 083000137
  • South Carolina 072000326
  • South Dakota 103000648
  • Texas 111000614
  • Tennessee 065400137
  • Utah 124001545
  • Virginia 044000037
  • Vermont 083000137
  • Washington 325070760
  • West Virginia 051900366
  • Wisconsin 075000019
  • Wyoming 102001017

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List of financial transactions that require Chase bank routing number

You can use your routing number in three types of transactions. These include the following.

  1.  Wire transfer
  2. ACH transfer
  3. Check transfer

You might wonder why you need a routing number when writing a check. That is, for processing to take place, the payee’s bank or credit union must know the account details of the drawer. Therefore, the check must have the routing and account numbers of the payor. 

What Information is Needed For a Wire Transfer at Chase?

Several details are necessary for wire transfer. Chase bank requires the following details to complete your transfer.

  1. The sender’s full name 
  2. Sender’s contact information
  3. The sender’s bank account and transit number
  4. Recipient’s full name and contact information. 
  5. The recipient’s bank account details and transit number.

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Conclusion on Chase Wire Routing Number

Chase Bank, often referred to as Chase, is an American financial company headquartered in New York City. It constitutes the banking subsidiary of the US multinational banking and financial services company JPMorgan Chase. There are numerous services you can get from Chase bank. Among the major ones is wire transfer. You can send wires both domestically and internationally. Money transfer services requiring a routing number include Wire or ACH transfers, and check transfers. 

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