Ecobank: USSD Codes, Mobile Banking, Contacts And More

With Internet Banking, Ecobank customers can access their bank accounts and perform all banking operations online, at their own convenience.
ecobank: ussd codes, mobile banking, contacts and more

Ecobank, founded in 1985, is one of Africa's largest financial service providers. In 1989, it expanded into Nigeria, offering wholesale and retail banking services to all classes of citizens. We've covered everything you need to know about Ecobank Nigeria in this article.

This includes Ecobank Nigeria USSD code, history of Ecobank, Ecobank internet banking, Ecobank mobile app download, Ecobank Nigeria customer care, Ecobank Nigeria head office, Ecobank Nigeria loans, and many more.

Ecobank was founded in 1985 as a bank holding company. Pan-African Bank now has over 1,000 branches, over 10,000 employees, and offices in 33 countries. Ecobank also has a banking subsidiary in Paris, as well as representatives in Johannesburg, Dubai, and London.

Ecobank Nigeria is a division of Ecobank Transnational Inc. (ETI). Ecobank Nigeria, which began operations in 1989, provides wholesale, retail, corporate, investment, and transaction banking services to customers in the Nigerian market.

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Ecobank internet banking

With Internet Banking, Ecobank customers can access their bank accounts and perform all banking operations online, at their own convenience.

Registration for Ecobank internet banking

It is quick and simple to sign up for Ecobank internet banking. Please go to the Ecobank internet banking portal and enter your debit card information. 

Log in to Ecobank internet banking

Kindly visit this webpage to log in to the Ecobank internet banking portal

Ecobank mobile banking

Ecobank Mobile offers a variety of mobile and digital device solutions that are quick, secure, and simple to use. Users can use the Ecobank Mobile App to transfer money, make payments, and request statements directly from their bank account.

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Ecobank Nigeria USSD Code

*326# is the Ecobank USSD code. This code is available from any network. Please keep in mind that you can only use the phone number associated with your Ecobank account.

Using the Ecobank USSD code, you can control your account, view your account balance, perform transactions, and do a variety of other things. 

Ecobank Mobile app

Ecobank Mobile App is one of Nigeria's top ten banking apps. It allows users to manage their accounts, send money, make payments, and get assistance from any of the 33 African countries where Ecobank operates.


You can download and install Ecobank Mobile App from the Google Play Store. It has a size of 75 MB and over 5 million downloads. It currently has a review rating of 3.4 from over 39,000 users.


If you’re using an iPhone device, you can download and install Ecobank Mobile App from the Apple App Store

Ecobank Nigeria customer care

Ecobank Nigeria is always available for questions and complaints. They have customer service representatives who will assist you.

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Ecobank Nigeria customer care numbers

  • 07005000000
  • + 23412701323
  • +2347080653700
  • Premier Number: 07007736437
  • Advantage Number: 070023268243 

Ecobank Nigeria Email address

Live chat

Alternatively, you can engage in a live chat with Ecobank Nigeria's customer service representatives. Open this link in a web browser, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on Live Chat.

Ecobank Nigeria head office address

Ecobank Nigeria has a headquarters from which they manage the banking services they provide. If you have any complaints, you can also come to the office. CCP5+3MV, Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island 106104, Lagos, Nigeria is the address.

Ecobank financial products and services

Here are products and services offered by Ecobank:


Ecobank provides cards for quick, simple, and secure transactions. Customers can apply for credit, debit, or prepaid cards.


Ecobank is a partner with many African insurance companies, and they claim to provide the best insurance services in their region to interested customers.

This includes life insurance, educational insurance, retirement, and funeral insurance, among other things.

Investment Solutions

Ecobank allows customers to invest in funds that were previously only available to large corporations.

Ecobank Fixed Income Fund, Ecobank Money Market Fund, Ecobank Securities Trading Platform, and Collective Investment Schemes are all part of this.

Pilgrimage Financial Services

This banking service is for Nigerians that are planning for the Hajj pilgrimage. Ecobank claims to understand the costs involved and can help customers prepare for the journey.


Ecobank Nigeria also provides microfinance banking services to customers that need them. This includes:

  • Micro savings
  • Micro-loans
  • Bills payments
  • Transfers and remittances
  • Mobile Banking
  • Advisory services, etc

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Ecobank loans

Here are the types of loans offered by Ecobank:

Personal Loans

The Ecobank Personal Loan is suitable for the majority of your financial requirements. It also provides customers with flexible repayment plans as well as the ability to access additional funds after repayment.

You can estimate using the loan calculator

Auto Loan and Asset Acquisition

Auto loans and asset acquisition can assist customers in purchasing a new vehicle or offer up to 90% of the asset's cost.

Advance Facility Loan

Ecobank Nigeria can assist customers who find themselves in unexpected financial need. The Advance Facility provides users with immediate access to up to 50% of their net monthly salary.

Mortgage Loan

For Ecobank customers that are buying, renovating or refinancing their home, a Mortgage Loan can help them to finance it.

Travel Loan

Travel Loan offers Ecobank users a simpler way to manage their vacation expenses, and includes discounts on ticket prices and hotel accommodation.

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Salary Advance Loan

This is a 30-day overdraft facility, offering employees of approved organizations access to up to 40% of their net monthly salary.

Cash-Backed Loan

Customers who have deposits or investments with Ecobank are eligible for this loan. A Cash Backed Loan is a pre-approved, low-interest loan that allows existing customers to access cash without having to liquidate their savings.

How to apply for Ecobank Nigeria loans

It's very straightforward. Please see the Ecobank Nigeria loan page for more information on all loan products and the application process. You can also contact Ecobank customer service or visit a physical branch.

There is a form to fill out on the website to process loan applications. 

Ecobank website

The Ecobank Nigeria website is

Ecobank Nigeria Swift Code information

A SWIFT code is a set of 8 or 11 digits that represents a bank branch. You’ll need to use one when sending money internationally.

Is the Ecobank Nigeria SWIFT code the same for all branches?

Some commercial banks use the same SWIFT code across all of their branches, whereas others assign a different SWIFT code to each branch.

If you're not sure which code to use, you can always send money using Ecobank Nigeria's head office SWIFT code. It was provided below.

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Swift code (8 characters) - ECOCNGLA

Bank name - Ecobank Nigeria Limited


City - Lagos

Country - Nigeria 

Ecobank sort code and branch locations

If you're looking for an Ecobank branch in any part of Nigeria, we've got you covered. To find the office address, email address, and phone number of any Ecobank branch, go to the branch locator.

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