Does Cash App Work In Canada?

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does cash app work in canada?

 Cash App, which was created to make transactions easier, is used by over 7 million people. This mobile payment service is also supported by a variety of mobile operating systems (Android and iOS). However, does Cash App work in Canada? Let us investigate.

Cash App isn’t available in Canada for now because Canada isn’t yet listed among the cash app supported countries. However, there are many other apps that are used instead of Cash App for sending and receiving money, like the FOOi app and TransferWise.

Cash App is not intended for international use; it is only available in a few countries, specifically the United States and the United Kingdom. We understand the importance of Cash App for quick and secure transactions. Unfortunately, Cash App is not authorized in Canada and cannot be used for convenient transactions. "Does Cash App work in Canada?" you may wonder. is quite difficult, but we will provide the correct answer in this article. You'll also learn why Cash App does not support Canada and when Cash App might start supporting Canada.

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Does Cash App Work in Canada?

Unfortunately, Cash App does not currently operate in Canada. As a result, if you need to transact quickly, you should consider using an unofficial Canada-supported platform. Meanwhile, the question of whether Cash App can be used in Canada should not be raised. Instead, the question should be whether Cash App allows you to send and receive money as a Canadian resident.

Why? You can still use Cash App to transact if you are a US or UK citizen visiting Canada (send and receive from the UK and the US). Of course, your US or UK debit/credit card is still linked to the app, allowing for mobile transactions. However, you cannot use Cash App to transact with Canadian residents because Canadian credit/debit cards cannot be linked to Cash App.

Furthermore, Cash App cannot be used to conduct formal transactions with other mobile payment services. Square, Inc., the Cash App developer, has made no official announcements regarding the ease of use of Cash App with third-party mobile payment services.

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Why Is There No Cash App in Canada? 

Okay, we now know that Cash App is not supported in Canada. But why is there no Cash App in Canada? Why are the developers targeting the US and the UK only?

First, Cash App debut in 2015 as Square Cash, and it is possible that Cash App is still a work in progress. Business-wise, if Cash App decides to extend its mobile payment services to other American countries or go fully international, it will require lots of procedures and expenses.

It's also worth noting that mobile payment services are already available in a number of other countries. Cash App may be forced to go out of business due to increased competition.

Furthermore, Cash App's initial target markets are the United States and the United Kingdom. As a result, we will not condemn the company for not currently supporting Canada.

Canada is a country that borders the United States. Why should Canada, despite being a neighboring country, be excluded from the list of supported countries? It's strictly business, and for reasons known only to the company. We won't be able to reach a decision until we receive an official statement from Cash App.

In addition, while Cash App works in the UK, the features are limited in comparison to Cash App for the US. Furthermore, Cash App does not allow UK users to send money to US users and vice versa.

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When Will Cash App Work in Canada?

Cash App is unlikely to work in Canada anytime soon; instead, the company is focusing on going fully international. But we remain optimistic because the company is growing every day.

The company added support for the Bitcoin currency in January 2018. Also, on April 3, 2018, Cash App arrived in the United Kingdom, and UK residents became eligible to use it. As a result, we can predict that Cash App will continue to expand its presence in other countries, including Canada, over time. We anticipate that Cash App will attempt to add support for Canada by 2030.

For the time being, there has been no official statement from Cash App regarding their potential support for Canada. Furthermore, even if Cash App eventually supports Canada, it is unlikely that Cash App users in the United States or the United Kingdom will send or receive money from Cash App users in Canada. This limitation can currently be seen in the inability of US users to send and receive money from Cash App users in the UK and vice versa.

What Is the Unofficial Way of Using Cash App in Canada?

Our answer to the question, “does Cash App work in Canada?” is “No,” right? But guess what? You can conveniently send/receive money using Cash App in Canada unofficially.

Though unofficial, residents in Canada use this method to transact using Cash App, but it requires faking some details.

It is possible to use Cash App in Canada, and you require Cash App and TransferWise. Since you do not reside in the UK or the US, you will be unable to download Cash App from the Google play store or Apple app store. So, you will get the app from app stores like Aptoide, Uptodown, and Malavida. 

TransferWise is supported in Canada, so you will be able to download the app from the play store or Apple app store. In essence, the unofficial way to use Cash App in Canada is linking Cash App with your TransferWise account.

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How to Use Cash App in Canada

To obtain a credit/debit card in Canada, you may need to first register. After that, activate a VPN service and select the United States or the United Kingdom as your destination (your preference). Now, open Cash App and register with your email address. If you came from the United States or the United Kingdom, you could sign up using your US or UK phone number. However, you must ensure that you receive the SMS that will be sent to the phone number.

When you sign up via email, you will receive a verification code, which you must copy into Cash App to proceed. After you've verified Cash App with the code, skip the field that asks for debit card information and instead create a Cashtag.

Second, download the TransferWise app or go to the website to sign up. Set your account to personal or business and enter the required information. Because TransferWise supports Canada, choose it from the list, verify your email, and choose your currency. Set the currency to Dollar if you want to transact with the US, and to Pound if you want to transact with the UK. To change the currency, go to the dashboard, select Balances Open a Balance, and then choose the desired currency.

Add Funds 

Now, go to Balances with Local Bank Details and choose your preferred currency from US Dollar or British Pound. Return to the balance page after opening the balance to add funds and activate it. Select the balance to fund (US Dollar or British Pound) and click Add USD or Add GBP. When the form appears, enter the desired amount and click Next.

Select Payment Option

When TransferWise presents the payment options, select the debit card option, and provide the debit card information. Your transaction should now be processed but if you encounter a problem, contact the bank for assistance.

Link Cash App with TransferWise Account

Re-enable the VPN, launch Cash App, navigate to Balance tab, and select Add a Bank. A new form should come up requesting your debit card number. Select No Card and Cash App will present a new form requesting bank details. Copy out the bank details you have on TransferWise, and you should be able to transact with Cash App while in Canada.

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Conclusion on if Cash App works in Canada

We were able to provide detailed responses to the question, "Does Cash App work in Canada?" For the time being, be aware that Cash App does not officially provide mobile payment services in Canada.

We can only wait and hope for an official statement from the developers, Square, Inc., regarding the eventual availability of Cash App in Canada.

In the meantime, alternative mobile payment services in Canada include FOOi and TransferWise.

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