How To Unblock Facebook Account Without ID Proof

In order to log back in your Account before it's too late, you need to unblock Facebook accounts without ID evidence. So, check out this article.

How To Unblock Facebook Account Without ID Proof

 Your Facebook account appears to have recently been blocked, either permanently or momentarily, and you lack identification. In order to log back in before it's too late, you need to unblock Facebook accounts without ID evidence.

To unlock your account, typically go to and provide a copy of your government-issued photo ID as proof. But you want the account returned without identification verification if this ID is not readily available or if you created a fake Facebook account to remain anonymous.

Without an ID, recovering a blocked Facebook account might be challenging but not impossible. Additionally, your possibility of recovery increases if the account is yours.

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How to unblock Facebook account without ID proof

If you don't have ID when one is asked for, there aren't many ways to have your blocked Facebook account unblocked. If you need to log back into Facebook but lack identification, think about the following options:

1. Use a fake ID proof

You can upload the majority of forms of official identification to Facebook, including passports and drivers licenses. The ID must prominently display the name, photograph, and birthday that were used to open your account. Additionally, it needs to be a colorful form of identification. 

Faking it is the best option if you don't have the ID or don't want to share it with Facebook for some reason.

All you need is a fake ID. Any false ID creator, including Photoshop and Canva, can be used to create one. Since this website is not associated with any fake ID maker, we advise using any search engine to look up "fake ID maker" (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.).

What you might not know is that Facebook users can hide any personally identifiable information on their ID, including the important ones listed below:

  1. ID name
  2. Picture
  3. Birthday

When confirming your identification, Facebook is not concerned with your address, license number, or any other sensitive information on the card.

Just submit the phony ID once it has been created. It must appear convincing enough. Simply take a picture of it and upload it using the URL provided in this publication's introduction.

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2. Wait or go incognito 

If Facebook briefly blocked your account, it may have done so because the system saw strange activity either from you or someone attempting to log into your account. You could wait it out and then try to access your restricted Facebook account once more in the case of temporary blockage.

To log in again, you would need to wait at least 48 hours. In order to finish the recovery process, Facebook would have by this point issued a recovery URL to your registered email address.

Clear your browser's cache and cookies before attempting to unlock the account. You could use a different browser or switch to private browsing mode.

From the profile login page, visit the Facebook identity confirmation page. If you attempt to log in but are unsuccessful, a recovery link will be sent to your email address or page. You can get it as an SMS if you connected your Facebook account to your phone number.

Your accurate email address or mobile number connected to your Facebook account must be entered first. This establishes your ownership of the account.

You could occasionally receive a verification to use to restore access to your restricted Facebook account. Obviously, your ID is not necessary for this procedure.

3. Use your Facebook friends

When trying to unblock your restricted Facebook account without ID verification, your Facebook friends can be helpful. Your account must be temporarily locked for this approach to work. You should not use this option if you are permanently locked.

How To Unblock Facebook Account Without ID Proof

To unlock your momentarily restricted Facebook account, follow these steps:

  • Please visit Make sure to switch the website to desktop mode if you're using a mobile device. To activate desktop mode, adhere to your browser's developer's instructions.
  • Log in to your account, if you can. The security screen will appear when you enter your Facebook account login information.
  • Choose Get assistance from pals. Choose the option to solicit assistance from friends on the page for trustworthy contacts. Pick acquaintances you can reach right away.
  • When finished, click Continue. The chosen friends will receive a special security code from Facebook.
  • Make contact with the chosen pals. Contact the Facebook friends you've chosen and ask them for the code Facebook supplied to them.

Without providing identification documentation, unlock your Facebook account by collecting the codes from all of your friends.

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Reasons Facebook block your account 

As was already indicated, if you don't have identification, there aren't many techniques to unlock any closed Facebook account. You're curious as to why Facebook disables accounts in the first place once you've followed the confirmed procedures above to get your account back.

1. Algorithm changes

Facebook's algorithms manage platform operations without the need for manual oversight from staff. In other words, Facebook's algorithm handles the majority of user chores automatically.

Unfortunately, modifications to the algorithm may have an impact on Facebook's functionality as a whole. Your account could unintentionally be blocked, which would require an ID to unlock. This typically occurs following a recent, bug-filled upgrade.

2. Illegal activities

When the related account is reported, Facebook can reveal some illegal actions. Therefore, if criminal behavior was detected on your account, it will be blocked.

It's possible that you perpetrated one or more scams linked to Cash App or phishing by using your Facebook account to target other users. If you are confident that you have not done anything improper with your account, it may have been compromised, meaning that someone else is using it under your name and identity.

3. Logging in from a different location

Facebook may momentarily freeze your account when you connect in from a different location for the first time in a while. The account must be protected, obviously.

Imagine you were a US citizen. You might be prompted to verify when you connect into your Facebook account from the UK after moving there. Using a VPN is the usual fix if this keeps happening. Unfortunately, VPNs can jeopardize the security of your account. If you must use a VPN, a reputable developer's premium version is advised.

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4. Using personal profile for business

Facebook does not anticipate that you will use your personal profile for professional purposes when you create one. To conduct business and make other promotions, you need a Facebook profile. Facebook wants you to run advertisements using a page or a business account because utilizing your profile does not allow them to make any money.

If Facebook blocks your account because of this, you'll need identification to unlock it. Although creating a fake ID might be an option, utilizing a legitimate ID as confirmation of your identity will be most useful. 

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