How To Transfer Money From My Vanilla Card To Bank Account [Complete Guide]

Your Vanilla gift card cannot be used to transfer money directly to a bank account. However, you can complete the process using covert methods.
how to transfer money from my vanilla card to bank account

 You may put money onto Vanilla gift cards for friends and family members all around the world. This card is actually one of those that you can apply for online, eliminating the need to go to a physical branch. I'll demonstrate how to transfer money from my vanilla gift card to a bank account in this article.

There comes a time when you require cash for a number of reasons, making the transfer of the funds to a bank account necessary. Given that you can check your balance online, let's look at how you can quickly transfer money to your bank. When money is transferred from one platform to another, it is being circulated properly.

A variety of values are offered for vanilla gift cards. Therefore, pick the lowest sum that you believe will fit within your means. Additionally, all you need to finish the procedure is a reliable internet connection and a compatible device. They are reloadable, so you do not need to buy one every time you want to give anything to someone. Simply reload and inform them afterward.

What is a Vanilla Gift Card?

Prepaid Visa gift cards are offered in denominations ranging from $10 to $500, and one of them is called the Vanilla Visa Gift Card. They make the excellent presents for important occasions as well as the appropriate thank-you gifts for customers, staff, and business partners.

Due to their perpetual nature, vanilla gift cards are particularly practical. You may rest certain that using Vanilla gift cards has very little risk and is safe and secure.

Only retailers and sellers in the United States and the District of Columbia are accepted for usage with these gift cards.

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Where Can I Buy Vanilla Gift Card?

You only need to visit the Vanilla gift card website to get started because you can now order and have them sent to your real address.

If the aforementioned approach is not ideal for you, you can still choose to purchase them from a real retailer. There are a number of participating retailers where you can find them in a variety of denominations. They contain: 

  • Speedway
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • H.E.B
  • Walmart
  • 7-Eleven
  • Walgreens
  • Rite Aid Pharmacy
  • Dollar General

How Much Does a Vanilla Gift Card Cost?

A Vanilla Card doesn't have a set price because you have to choose from a range of amounts that the company offers. The many gift cards that you can purchase from the business are listed below with their denominations.

  • $50 Vanilla Visa card price $50.00
  • $75 Vanilla Visa card price $75.00
  • $100 Vanilla Visa card price $100.00
  • $150 Vanilla Visa card price $150.00

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How to Pay for a Vanilla Card

There are several ways to pay for the card. The most frequent option is to use a bank account to cover the cost. The seller's routing number and account number can be used to transfer funds. The account number distinguishes the seller's account from those of other account holders, while the routing number identifies the bank's location.

Which Banks Work With Vanilla

Vanilla collaborates with numerous banks. For instance, MetaBank®, TBBK Card Services, Inc., N.A., or Sutton Bank provide Vanilla Visa® Gift Cards according to licensing from Visa U.S.A. The FDIC insures all of the aforementioned banks. This shows that your money is secure at all times. The back of your card displays the name of the issuing bank.

Vanilla Discover® Gift Cards are produced by The Bancorp Bank, and since it is an FDIC-member institution, you can use them without worrying. In contrast, Vanilla Mastercard Gift Cards can only be issued by MetaBank, The Bancorp Bank, N.A., or Sutton Bank as they are approved by Mastercard International Incorporated.

What is the Difference Between Visa Gift card and Vanilla Gift Card?

Where Visa Gift Cards are meant to be used either by the person doing the purchasing or by another recipient, the Vanilla strain has a more specific purpose. Vanilla Visa Rewards Cards are meant to be used as viable payment methods for employees who've received them as a workplace incentive with a card balance.

Can I Transfer Money from My Vanilla Card to Bank Account?

You are not able to transfer money from Vanilla Card to Bank account directly as well as you cannot make use of your Vanilla card at an ATM. Though it is not possible to send money from Vanilla Card to Bank account directly, you can make use of indirect methods to send the money to your bank account.

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How to Transfer Money from My Vanilla Card to Bank Account

Your Vanilla gift card cannot be used to transfer money directly to a bank account. However, you can complete the process using covert methods. You can employ a few of the techniques listed below.

1. Add the Card to PayPal

To help you fund your transactions, PayPal enables you to link your Vanilla card to your account. From there, you can withdraw money from your account for a PayPal to bank transfer, which will transport the funds to your bank account even if a fee of 3% of the total transaction amount may apply.

The instructions listed below should help you connect your gift card to PayPal: 

  • Log into your PayPal account.
  • Select “Wallet” at the top of the page
  • Tap “Link a card or bank” under any existing cards or banks linked to your PayPal account. Click to follow prompts.
  • Add its details and click “Link Card.”

Once you've connected your Vanilla card to PayPal, you may now transfer money to a bank account by following the steps listed below:

  • Open your PayPal app to log into your account.
  • Tap your PayPal balance.
  • Hit on “Transfer,”
  • Tap “Transfer Money.”
  • Select the bank account to transfer funds to.
  • Enter the amount to transfer.
  • Confirm the transaction to complete the transfer.

Since PayPal also accepts debit cards, you can utilize the aforementioned procedure to transfer funds from a debit card to a bank account.

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2. Sell Out to Others

You can obtain money to deposit into your account by selling your Vanilla gift card to others. Many of them lack P.I.N.s, but if they do, you can share them with the buyer and you'll be set to go. In addition, it's one of the simplest ways to transfer money, and you'll probably obtain the full value of your gift card.

3. Buy a Money Order With Your Card

Using your Vanilla gift card, you can get a money order and deposit it into your bank account. Money orders are available in stores like Walmart, but it's important to remember that you must first pay in order to get them.

4. Add Your Gift Card to a Venmo Account

In the same way as you have done with PayPal, you can also add your Vanilla Gift card to Venmo and then use it to fund your bank account. You can follow the steps below in order to transfer money from Venmo to Bank account:

  1. Log into your Venmo account.
  2. Tap the menu icon in the top left corner.
  3. Choose the option “Transfer to Bank.”
  4. Choose the amount to transfer.
  5. Hit on the Transfer button.
  6. Select the “Confirm Transfer to Bank” button.

5. Use Your Gift Card to Pay Bills

You transfer money to a merchant's bank account while paying bills. So, that is one method of transferring money to a bank account. Gift cards are regarded like credit cards, therefore you could have to pay transaction costs.

6. Trade-in a Gift Card Exchange Kiosk

You can trade it in at the Gift Card Swap Kiosks for cash. These yellow kiosks are typically located in supermarkets and shopping malls. Your card's worth will be decreased for you because you have to pay some fees. You can deposit the funds into a bank account as soon as you receive them.

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7. Sell Your Gift Card Through an App

Several apps for iOS and Android are available to help you sell your Vanilla gift cards, and the proceeds will be deposited into your bank account. Despite the fact that the programs charge a high commission, you eventually receive the money in your bank account.

Before they can make you an offer, you must first let them know what kind of card you have—Visa, Mastercard, Discover, etc. They can buy it and deposit the money in your bank account within five business days if you permit them to do so.

Prepaid2Cash is one such program that enables the transfer of funds from a gift card to a bank account.

8. Sell Your Gift Card on a Website

You may sell your Vanilla gift card on a number of websites, and electronic gift cards are processed more quickly than physical ones. The processing of digital gift cards is instant. When selling anything tangible, you just need to send it to the buyer's address.

Can You Send Money from Vanilla Gift Card to Another User?

Unfortunately, unlike debit and prepaid cards that make it simple to send money online to other people, gift cards cannot be used to transfer money from one to another.

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Final Thoughts on How to Transfer Money from My Vanilla Card to Bank Account

Vanilla gift cards enable you to buy goods and services locally. Because you can add funds to your account rather than purchasing a new one each time you run out of money, they are reloadable. There are several places where you may buy and top off your Vanilla gift card. pharmacies at Rite Aid, Walmart, Walgreens, and 7-Eleven.

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