How To Open a Bank Account Online In UAE

Currently, to make banking even more comfortable, banks has started offering an alternatives to open a bank account online instantly.

 Having a bank account has become an utmost important thing in one’s financial management. In this digital era, banking has become even easier. Previously banks were offering only internet banking services where account holders can access their accounts online and perform some functions like balance check, online transfers, etc.

Currently, to make banking even more comfortable, banks has started offering an alternatives to open a bank account online instantly. So right from opening an account to managing it further, everything can be done online.

While opening a bank account online there can be several doubts raising. And the first thing would be, how to open a bank account online!

How To Open a Bank Account Online In UAE

Open bank account online instantly

Opening a bank account can be done in several ways like can visit the bank with proper documents, can apply through phone or on the website and open it online instantly.

Online account opening is the simplest way of getting started with a bank account. Most of the well-known banks offer online account opening facility. An account applicant needs to be ready with the type of account he wants to get and some basic documents that may require to be submitted online. These can be a savings account or a current account.

Steps to open a bank account online

  • Visit the bank website you want to open an account at
  • Check the types of accounts
  • Check if there is an option to open the account instantly
  • Fill in the basic details that are asked like Name, age, occupation, phone number, type of account, etc.
  • You might require to submit some documents online
  • Once the scanned documents are submitted, your account will be opened instantly  

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Banks that offer online account opening

Some of the banks that offer instant online account opening are:

  • ADIB Smart Banking Account
  • Mashreq Neo Savings Account
  • Emirates NBD Liv. account

Apart from these, there are several other banks in the UAE that provide instant account opening facility.  

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Offers on online bank accounts

  • Free debit cards are provided
  • Exclusive discounts on entertainment, dining, shopping, etc.
  • Exclusive rewards that can be redeemed for various benefits
  • Exclusive benefits on travel, lifestyle, etc.
  • Free international/domestic transfers

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Benefits of opening an account online

Account opening online is not only a simple task but also involves several other benefits like,

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  • Can open the account at your convenience  
  • Can check each and every account and pick the right one without any hustle
  • Can open a bank account instantly and start availing services
  • No paperwork is required
  • Provides high discounts and offers compared to an offline account
  • Can maintain the account easily via the mobile app
  • Can perform functions like checking balance, transfers, pay bills, etc. very easily
  • Can earn high rewards and bonus
  • Fewer requirements to be eligible

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When you should not go with opening an account online

Opening an account online can be simple but there can be some reasons which can make you not to open an account online,

  1. If you can’t access the e-form properly
  2. If you don’t know how to access the app or not familiar with mobile applications
  3. If you don’t have a clear understanding of the product you’ve been applying for
  4. If you want to talk to the customer support often expecting help in opening the account or application usage

Points to be noted while opening an account online

  • Understand the account terms and conditions like initial deposit, minimum balance to be maintained, withdrawal limits, etc.
  • Not all the banks will ask for the same details on the e-form for account opening. So have all the details and documents in-hand
  • Before getting started with the account opening make sure you have documents scanned

Closing Remarks

There can be several reasons one maintains a bank account like to save money or get a salary transferred or anything. Banks in the UAE have made it so comfortable to their customers in not only maintaining an account but also to open it. Instant online account opening is a good facility that comes with a high range of benefits. But make sure you are aware of the terms and conditions added to the account.   

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